Much later, Towa heads back in time to Hell with Shroom in order to locate the five-star Dark Dragon Ball, and also to rescue her brother Dabura from Xeno Majin Buu. She gave one of the eggs to Navel a Combatant in order to sneak it onboard Frieza's Spaceship. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, she is capable of delivering rapid attacks from her staff and kicks, while moving around the battlefield with speed and grace. She sends Fu away where he travels through a rift in time just as the tower collapses with Towa and Mira seemingly going down with it. In order to create a new body for Mira's core, Towa uses her magic to empower various common enemies giving them evil ki and a crimson aura (that even effects robotic enemies). Afterwards Towa summons a new enemy Super Villainous Prince Vegeta as he appeared during the Saiyan Saga. Towa is shocked that her creation would betray her, and says he is nothing but a failure, as she and the egg are absorbed. During Gohan's attempt to abandon his training under Piccolo and return home, he meets Puar for the first time who was collecting ingredients to prepare a special meal for Yamcha. She also admitted her strongly held belief that through Mira's power they will ultimately achieve their goals and their revenge; as she views Mira as her greatest creation. Another possibility is that Towa intentionally created the rifts to keep the rest of the Time Patrol occupied by forcing them to send Time Patrollers to investigate the cause of the rifts, reducing the number of Time Patrollers who could potentially interfere with her plans. Also, she displays the ability to transform characters into giants; she first attempts this ability on Cui, but had not perfected it and causes him to shrink instead. Despite being defeated, Towa's hatred allowed her to return as "Dark Towa". In order to fuse both Towa and Gine must be recruited, both have reached Level 40, and Sub-Event: "Saiyan Saga: Fantastic Fusions" must be completed. She and Mira are first encountered by the Future Warrior on Namek after the Warrior successfully helped defeat Captain Ginyu and the Ginyu Force and recovered the Namekian Dragon Balls. Humorously and understandably, Towa is outraged by recieving a seemingly perverted gift (a bikini swimsuit) from an enemy and attacks Goku who flees from the angry Towa rather than fighting her telling the Future Warrior the enraged Towa was really scary and he barely escaped her fury when recounting what happened. In Dragon Ball Fusions, she is an A-Rank character putting her on par with fighters like Bardock, Bulpan, Cooler/Meta-Cooler, Future Trunks (Base, SSJ, and SSJ3), Adult Gohan/Great Saiyaman, and Piccolo. She was also genuinely surprised by both Mira's change in personality following his battle with Xeno Bardock, as well as his subsequent betrayal causing her to curse him as she is absorbed by calling him a failure. He is joined by Super Villainous Raditz and Super Villainous Raditz forcing the Dragon Team to deal with three Super Villainous Saiyans. She also gained control over Broly and Janemba, and had them interfere in the battles against Majin Buu, while having the Masked Saiyan collect energy from their battles. In Xenoverse, she is shown shocked that the Future Warrior was powerful enough to both defeat and destroy Mira's body in Age 774; upon discovering Mira's core had survived the destruction, however, she took it as a somewhat minor setback to their plans and proclaimed they would have their revenge once Mira was restored and further strengthened with more energy. Towale is EX-Fusion of Towa and Arale Norimaki introduced in Dragon Ball Fusions. Despite this, Towa plans on collecting enough energy to break the seal on the Demon Realm, and additionally seeks to eradicate the Saiyan bloodline because she considers it a threat.

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