Can I go faster? Our test loop included asphalt roads, compact gravel roads, soft forest ground, and trail sections – uphill and downhill. However, the Riddler was a tad too big for what I need, by no means a bad tire though! The version with tan sidewalls is a bit lighter which is why we choose it over the version with black sidewalls. Last day to enter our AUTMNL ADVNTR photo competition today! ⁠ WTB promote the Resolute as a four seasons, any conditions, gravel tyre. They lasted the life of the Gary Fisher they came on. The intermediate knobs have more real estate between them to better flick away mud. You and your bike must be able to survive sand and desert rock. I felt the Nano was almost the ideal gravel tyre but it was beginning to look a little long in the tooth. Best commuter bike | What’s the best bike for commuting in 2020? How stable and secure does it feel on the trail? ⁠ The test was carried out on the well mannered Mason Bokeh. It is near 29 Palms, the USMC training grounds where Marines prepare for the world’s toughest desert conditions. Very excited to announce our partnership with komoot as our official route planning and navigation partner at ⁠ In the practical test, we considered a number of important factors. First time out, I noticed that I was faster on the WTB Resolutes. So a bit more drag in there. My average road speed increased to 18s or 19s from the more pedestrian 16s or 17s on the Riddler. We punctured both the central tread (next to the studs, i.e. Dirt I got plenty of. The Resolute gets rave reviews around here, but apparently runs a bit larger than its nominal 42mm width -- which will push the limit in my frame's rear triangle. 27.5″ tires have an inner diameter of 584 mm and are identical to the old French size 650B. So far, so good. With the new Huntsman Ti Prototype just about wrapped up… it was perfect timing. I must admit, I am bit of a WTB fanboy. The WTB Resolute builds on the success of the popular Horizon and Byway tires with a more aggressive tread pattern. To test factors such as the rolling resistance and puncture protection of each tire without riding hundreds of thousands of test kilometres, we accelerated the process somewhat and met with Schwalbe’s engineers in its tire laboratory. The test criteria. The sweet spot for me was 34 psi front and 36 psi rear. Mountain bikes it was the same thing. | Off The Beaten Path. ⁠ Those sidewalls stand more vertically with a slightly larger internal rim width, adding to the cornering sure footed feel as opposed to that “light bulb” effect of large volume tires on more traditional sized road rims. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. $67.95 a piece. The square knobs grab and bite when hammering rocky climbs out of the saddle. A lot of our riding takes in road sections as we travel from one forest or fire road to another. Recommended, Tubolito inner tube rolling resistance tests, Rolling resistance of tubeless Vs latex and butyl inner tubes, Overview page with all CX/Gravel bike tires that have been tested, Measured Total Thickness Center (excluding knobs). The Resolute is available in the 700c size tested here as well as a 650b version. Using a sealant injector, add appropriate amount of sealant. Please upgrade today. The Resolute was, by all accounts, an ambitious WTB project. On my rims were WTB’s latest gravel tire: The Resolute in 42mm with the hip and attractive tan sidewalls. P: (603) 654.2005 Ramblers for climbing and speed. Hi, and thanks (in advance) for any opinions you can offer. Manufacturers usually recommend a pressure range for their tires, but that only puts you in the ballpark. Super fast rolling. The Resolute is a pure gravel tire, not an all-road tire. In order to do the comparison I mounted some WTB Riddler 45mm tires to the Otso Cycles Warakin on test here. More volume means less punishment, provided its matched with proper psi. Even very minimal treads such as the diamond-file pattern on the Compass Barlow Pass are able to generate more grip than one would expect from looking at it. I think if mud were a greater part of the equation, the Resolutes would never come off. I needed to try some more modern rubber so I … The gum walls help to give this tire a bit less appearance of their true girth, and that endless debate can be had over a few frosty beverages which is more appealing: Gum Walls or Black Walls! Do you rate them? Surprisingly so. Growing up, all you could get for a long time for BMX bikes was skin walls. I think you could probably draw a similar conclusion on forest access and ‘gravel’ roads. Thanks to fomtaz at thewoodscyclery for the A testing string of bridleways, forest tracks, byways, field crossings and linking lanes born out of lockdown exploring; we were invited to the Brother Cycles HQ in Kent to recce a new event for 2021. Fast descent with loose gravel I wasn’t worried. WTB says its tubeless tires will go on any rim, it’s just a matter of how hard you will have to work. We've tested the 40-622 "TCS Light/Fast Rolling" Nano with tan sidewalls. Rated 3 out of 5 as we think this can be a decent tire if you're riding somewhere where punctures and cuts are not that common. Young talent Ben Chilton (ben.chilton2003) will be balancing racing with his A-Levels, while rider-manager Bruce Dalton (brucedaltoncx) rounds off the team.⁠ Several times I came flying around corners to find another rider climbing and taking up too much trail. After a disappointing spell on the Schwalbe G One Bite   I returned to the WTB fold and tried the Riddler 700×45. WTB Riddler TCS Light/Fast Rolling 700 x 37C. Both tyres inflated with a track pump. ... WTB Nano 40c TCS Light tire review. Finding the correct tire pressure is important here. WTB Resolute TCS Light/Fast Rolling: 42-622: 41.8: 39.7: 63.7: 457 g: € 45.50: WTB Riddler TCS Light/Fast Rolling: 37-622: 35.9: 33.4: 57.4: 431 g: € 45.50: 1 measured dimensions @2,5 Bar, in mm 2 tire height + test rim (24 mm), in mm. I error on the side of more than too little… (My go to sealant has been Orange Seal for it’s ability to not dry out as quickly as other brands.) To ensure consistent performance, we recommend checking your air pressure at least once a month. Wish us luck! We found a flattish piece of road and rode side by side, then stopped pedalling on a given signal. ⁠, Thinking about a mudguard addition to your gravel bike? Officially WTB says a TCS tire (like UST) meets ETRTO-European Tire and Rim Technical Orginazation-standards. Curiously, tires with an inner diameter of 630 mm, on the other hand, are labelled 27″. I have been using the WTB WTB Resolute tyre in a 650bx42mm over the summer with the new Reynolds ATR2 wheels.When I was sent the WTB Resolutes to review and test I’ll be honest my expectations were low because my last foray into WTB tyres was the Nano’s and I just kept cutting and puncturing them on rougher gravel tracks. What we do have is a lot of loose over hard. The surface of the earth in this section of California is harsh, unforgiving. Because of their size and the location of the outer “turning” nobs, I did have to focus on cornering. Both have a claimed width of 42mm. Trans Iowa was the inspiration. Every now and again I need to get out a bucket, lay the wheel on it’s side on top of the bucket and use my Airshot to get a pesky bead to pop into place. Any remaining bead that is stubborn, I’ll use Simple Green or a soapy water mixture in a spray bottle to get that section to seat with a bit more air. But tubeless has become a generic term for “without tubes,” and instead what we have are several different takes on how sans tube is achieved. The Bike for Bender is on an out and back course so headed for home you knew what to expect. To help you navigate the jargon, the following diagram illustrates the basic components of a bicycle tire. To determine the rolling resistance on compact surfaces, we mounted the tires on the same rim with the same pressure and tested them at 20 km/h on the test bench, one after the other. To rail a turn, I found myself consciously digging in the edge of this tire. Set up was really easy as is true with just about every darn WTB tire I’ve set up tubeless. The Resolute is an outstanding all-condition gravel tire. And that tubeless belch came after they had been sitting a while. 100% free! They do roll great on the road I ride to get to the trails and then bite in as well. They are noticeably slower on road than the G Ones but still a very good fit and forget tyre. – 10 models in comparison […]. Size can also save the day. Loose dirt hovering over hard pack, followed by rock hard hard pack, follow by some chunky washed out water boarded sections is what followed. The path pictched up, the surface was loose and the rocks were plentiful.

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