It is also the home of Icecrown Citadel, the seat of the malevolent Lich King. Klasyfikacja istnieje  Goblin The continent is featured in the World of Warcraft expansion, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. Satisfied that Northrend was his, Ner'zhul began consolidating his forces for the corruption of Lordaeron. [36], Loading screen during Wrath of the Lich King, Northrend map on the floor in Warsong Hold, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. The first to rush into battle was the tribe known as the Drakkari tribe, heading into the frozen wastes. Roślinność It is here that Tyr sacrificed himself fighting off the C'Thrax, Kith'ix and Zakajz the Corruptor, who had been sent by the corrupted Loken to retrieve the Discs.  N'raqi 60-80 saronitobiekty archeologicznepaleotechnologia Tytanówolej, kościmagia Plagi The tol'vir who acted as watchers and servitors of the keepers. [5], Following his defeat at the hands of Tyr, Kith'ix laid dormant under the ground and healing in the area that would eventually become Zandalar. The Aspects were empowered despite his objections, and so Odyn took a section of Ulduar and raised it into the sky, creating the Halls of Valor, and in doing so relinquished his position of Prime Designate. Ostatnimi, którzy próbowali sprzeciwić się jego woli byli zakonnicy ze Szkarłatnej Krucjaty. After the sundering, the Highborne of Shandaral had seen the blue dragonflight crystallizing creatures and drawing magic out of them. The continent is featured in the World of Warcraft expansion, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. They cast off their overlords, the Old Gods, becoming their own people that built a subterranean empire that spanned the continent, Azjol-Nerub. The blue dragonflight, led by the enigmatic Malygos, watched over the Dragonblight to ensure that the remains are undisturbed. The first victims of the, Northrend's name was originally concepted as. Northrend jest areną drugiego rozszerzenia World of Warcraft. The nerubians were eventually defeated by the Lich King's endless supply of undead warriors and aid from the Legion's nathrezim. World of Warcraft - The Northrend continent (primarily from. Status kontynent  Human Remnants of the aqir had survived the near destruction of the world and their ancient war with the trolls, having burrowed underground. Contents[show] To starting zones Note: This is a generic section stub. Northrend is the northern, icy continent of the world of Azeroth, and the source of the evil Scourge. [26], While the mortals fought on the surface of Northrend, they ignored that Illidan's quakes and tremors had awaken ancient, horrid things...[27], The Lich King now holds complete domination over Northrend, and the living dare not tread on the frozen continent—especially after a disastrous invasion attempt of the Scarlet Crusade which ended in the expeditionary force being decimated.

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