(Or Maybe Insane. You are expected to be as much a part of the management process as your manager, you are expected to drive the development of the product/service you work for as well as the team doing the work - everyone owns the responsibility to make things better. Personally my only experience with Amazon is several interviews. Belief in those principles is deeply meaningful. Check your inbox shortly for your very first Out for Delivery email. Amazon didn't get to be what it is by hiring people afraid of what that means - you have to research, invent, design, plan, code, test, publish constantly; working here is a lesson in self-improvement; "but where I'm from we did it X way" is only valuable if you're bringing help, complaining gets you nowhere but the door. I had my 6 months review and my manager told me well done. Still employing but sending staff home? People who succeed at Amazon have something in common—they are customer … Lots of travelling. I really only have enough time to make it to the parking lot to sleep before I go back inside. Those guys have no labour laws! Much cooler to work for Amazon than some place like ABC Space Tech, Inc. or whatever other ridiculous name some new company is calling themselves. It’s alright, don’t have any horror stories, just fast paced constant work. Had a very nice time working there but unfortunately had to stop for family matters would easy recommend amazon. Management are friendly and i felt very comfortable working there. tl;dr Work at Amazon if you want to test your personal limits and the limits of technology. Yeah, it's really not fun being in the Dublin office, pitted against the Seattle office. Free coffee free water not bad pay when recieved. The weirdest was a fake ass. Feel free to ask … Stories like yours makes me question if automation will really make our lives easier as promised. HR/Benefits You Don't Just Get Fired at Amazon. Hopefully that will lower the prices of prime membership though. I have an interview with AWS coming up, but I have my reservations about working for them, because of all the bad press regarding their work culture. I think this is a wise way of looking at the amount of work you will be asked to participate in, because obviously in reality you can't contribute more than 100%. Amazon Aylesford is challenging in a positive way, Can’t think of any, but do not think of this role unless you want to bring your A game and a good attitude to work. What are the steps along the way? The company mission statement is "Work hard, make history." If you run into a blocker doing your job, 9/10 times it's related to security. Better know ospf really well. And they’re serious about not being in the robot’s space. I've known 2 people who went to work there, and both left in less than a year because they worked them to death. Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews. I worked at AWG. Press J to jump to the feed. AWS is a huge organization - I work in a small part of it, so my experience probably doesn't relate to a large percentage of the other groups inside AWS, but if I had to guess then I think a lot of the other groups will be similar to mine in at least some respects. Are you guys union? Seattle area seems to be like that for software development (mostly because of the saturation up here), but most of the other areas pay competitively. Throw away account because amazon doesn't allow us to talk about working at amazon on social media. Everyone successful at Amazon does that. What questions did they ask during your interview at Amazon.com? Some staff friendly. This is probably true in your area; I see quite a bit of rotation in the people who work out east, and your description of the hiring conditions sheds some light on that. Great pay but do not expect runs all the time. They have specific personality traits they're looking for - read the Amazon Leadership Principles that are published on the hiring site, they are not a joke, and they are referred to in casual conversation a lot. Part time shouldn't be too bad but as a full time picker I can tell you it blows.

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