Check with state and local agencies to ensure all laws are current. Had lots of good to report for my first year trapping, lot's of good luck thrown my way" and info thx guys". All Rights Reserved. Crayfish in Wisconsin including Photos & Video. u Must possess a valid fishing license or small game license, except persons under the age of 16 do not need a license. [Last viewed 10 December 2009], Nova Scotia: No relevant laws found at Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources. When to Monitor In Wisconsin, crayfish are most active from late June through mid-August, so this is the best time to trap crayfish. Also, what are you all using for tags on your traps? [Last viewed 10 December 2009], Quebec: Crayfish are only allowed to be transported to areas where live fish bait is allowed (approximate translation). USERS are RESPONSIBLE for "Their Own Content" not its; owners, affiliates or advertisers! [ Also Checkout Types of Wisconsin Fish] Details . [Last viewed 10 December 2009], Prince Edward Island: No relevant laws found at Prince Edward Island Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Rural Development. Traps must bear the name and address of the owner and must be raised and emptied at least once each day following the day set. This page is intended to help current and potential pet owners of Marmorkrebs and other crayfish to determine if purchasing crayfish is legal in their location. [Last viewed 4 February 2009], Nevada: No relevant laws found at Nevada Dept. Only sample your lake one time/summer. [Last viewed 4 February 2009], New Hampshire: “Crayfish are often used by schools for observation and experimentation. - Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations 2016 (PDF), Alberta Environment and Natural Resources, [Last viewed 3 November 2016], British Columbia: No relevant laws found at Ministry of Wildlife Fish and Wildlife Branch. Frozen tails and poles in boat are. Crayfish are noted as a potential nuisance species, however: "Other nonnative, non-game species of concern include aquatic reptiles or amphibians (such Worked 3 days with a lot caught the first 2 days, but the 3rd day caught only a few in each trap. Currently, a bill (HB 467) is under consideration that would determine how species are designated invasive. New York Dept. [Last viewed 28 January 2009], Michigan: No relevant laws found at Michigan Dept. Crayfish (or Crawfish) have become the species of the day for many folks in Washington. [Last viewed 8 April 2009], Alberta: "Crayfish cannot be used as bait. Are like mini freshwater Lobster which are edible and are used as bait by some anglers (check locate fishing regulations… Crayfish traps placed in trout streams shall conform to the dimensions of minnow traps. The problem with minnow traps is that they have smaller holes in them. [Last viewed 4 April 2018], Regulations Relating To Game, Fish and Fur-Bearing Animals, Exemptions from Special License Requirements for Restricted Live Wildlife, Regulations governing take, sale or transport of crayfish for commercial purposes, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources, Kentucky Dept. None taste better or live longer! May not be transported overland. [Last viewed 27 January 2009], Illinois: No relevant laws found at Department of Natureal Resources. Parts of fish and fish by-products including fish meal or prepared parts of such fish may not be used for bait unless: the fish were caught from the water being trapped, were obtained from a bait dealer, or were used with written authorization from the WDNR. [Last viewed 10 December 2009], Saskatchewan: “(L)ive... crayfish may not be imported into Saskatchewan.” - “2018 ANgler's guide,” Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment. I set earlier than usual also by a campground (lots of eye's watching) and they were swiped by morning. Made my floats cut out of an old styrofoam container lid. I've finally given up fishing crawdads in the lake where our cabin is. - “Les écrevisses du Québec,” Ressources naturelles et Faune. See Nets and Traps for Minnows (page 14) 17 Spearing and Netting Regulations 2012-2013 Crayfish scoops may be used in the Wisconsin/Minnesota boundary waters provided the scoops do not exceed 4 feet in length, 3 feet in width and 18 inches in depth attached to a handle not to exceed 4 feet in length. Crayfish Fishing and Crayfish Trapping in Wisconsin. [Last checked 3 November 2016], Ontario: “Must be used in same water body where caught. [Last viewed 28 January 2009], Kansas: No relevant laws found at Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks. It is illegal to bring any... crayfish... into Ontario for use as bait.” - “Bait for personal use,” Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. of Environmental Conservation, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, North Dakota’s Aquatic Nuisance Species List, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Main Site, Bureau of Natural Resources Division of Fish & Wildlife, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Tennessee Aquatic Nuisance Species Management Plan, Nongame Fish, Reptile, Amphibian and Aquatic Invertebrate Regulations, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations 2016, Ministry of Wildlife Fish and Wildlife Branch, New Brunswick Natural Resources Department, Stop the introduction of invasive alien species, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, Prince Edward Island Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Rural Development. - Oregon’s Ten Most Unwanted Invaders, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife [Last viewed 24 February 2009], Pennsylvania: No relevant laws found at Pennsylvania Game Commission [Last viewed 24 February 2009], Rhode Island: No relevant laws found at Bureau of Natural Resources Division of Fish & Wildlife [Last viewed 12 March 2009], South Carolina: “Preventing the introduction and spread of non-native, invasive species is the responsibility of all outdoor enthusiasts. [Last viewed 28 January 2009], Kentucky: No relevant laws found at Kentucky Dept. [Last viewed 27 January 2009], Hawaii: No relevant laws found at Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources. PM me if you have any leads in the central WI area as to where to get some. Made 3 out of 10' X 3' of material.

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