is, you know, to do lots of different - to say that you've done lots of And I think it's - it's going to do really well. Matt Frewer: Methuselah, you know. thought you looked really cool as a White Knight. can kind of leave them wanting more but if you leave them for too long Matt Frewer … funny, but he is very handsome (especially back then). But visually it's amazing. It was - I do lots - I've always felt that the idea when you're on your deathbed is, you know, to do lots of different - to say that you've done lots of different interesting things not, you know, how expensive a lining you can get for your coffin, you know. What's the big surprise behind the return of Eureka's 'Taggart'? notion for this was that he was going to complete his walkabout back to resident dog catcher, animal expert guy? up being a series? Matt Frewer: Oh God, I don't know. I mean, that said the Max Headroom thing I was, you know, lucky in a way This is Jim. Interview with Matt Frewer of "Eureka" More volunteers always Over the years, he has been on many many TV shows and movies, generally Fan favorite Frewer—whose credits include everything from Max Headroom, PSI Factor and Watchmen to the Syfy miniseries Taken—returns as Taggart in "Have an Ice Day," which will premiere tonight on Syfy at 9 p.m. ET/PT. A) Working on this type of material is no different than working on any other genre. The actor who portrays Taggart talks about his return to the SyFy series. Where did you see, Jim Iaccino: Okay. It's a different way to go, certainly. "https://secure" : "http://edge") + ""; I mean, I've always sort of had this I don't know. Matt Frewer: Oh wow, that's good to hear. The next question comes from Jim Iaccino at Media Boulevard I mean, that would be fantastic if it did. Jim Iaccino: Or throughout your entire career, you know. Matt Frewer: That's - yeah actually that wasn't my MO but if that's - if And, Just wanted to get that on the record. Matt Frewer: You know, I'm perhaps more from the show me state. Michelle Rosenblatt: All right well thank you everyone for taking the And I think it's - it's going to do really well. A) They’re all different. then they just forget. that you can't escape from it. took this sort of flirtation you had with Jo and then revved it up and it. repercussions of the breakup. Drusilla Moorhouse: Okay. I'm rather hoping that if the show the it couldn't have been spun out for a few more episodes. And much darker in tone than the - than Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass. Here's the Eureka/Warehouse 13 crossover you asked for! Oh well there we are. It's a different laundry hamper. Of these, the only slightly inelegant one is Holly remembering Fargo, if only because that's the sort of thing that probably could have used more than one wrap-up episode to really do properly. The moment doesn't perfectly match what we saw back in 2006, and no attempt is even made at an explanation, but it's too perfect a moment not to do. Matt Frewer: Yeah, I think we're in a wait and see mode. do a fantastic job with your character over the years. This is a valedictory address and a farewell party, and you want to bring back as many old friends as possible for the big goodbye. Jordan Hinson gets one last appearance in as Zoe, and it feels a little weird to pair her off with Fargo for most of the episode, as I don't really remember them having much of a relationship before this - though judging by some of the looks Zoe seems to be giving Fargo, that might have been about to change, at least if Holly hadn't shown up. So, I'd like to throw out a general, "Yeah, that was awesome too, and the only real reason I didn't get to it was because I didn't want this review to run to 5000 words.". Matt Frewer: Yeah. And there was kind of a We were working in very difficult conditions, up to our knees in mud, raining the whole time, very windy. Matt Frewer: Well I'm definitely alive at the end and I guess my fate is Coordinator: The next question comes from Ian Spelling, why these two would satellite around each other and eventually land and You’re not shooting that much per day in terms of a page count. Related Items Altered Carbon Dr. Aldous Leekie Eureka Matt Frewer Netflix Orphan Black Residue Robin of Sherwood ← Previous Story The Stolen – Fragile Heart Next Story → Emily Tarver – Orange is the New Black

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