Peter Max is an American artist known for using bright colors. [12] It was the first time that African-American soldiers played a leading role in an assault. Baton Rouge, Louisiana.". after he created earthenware for England's Queen Charlotte. Want to know more? McPherson and Oliver’s photograph of Gordon’s face in quiet, unashamed profile, immediately struck a chord with the American public. It was a staunch reminder that the war to end the institution of slavery was necessary. [10], The Atlantic's editor-in-chief James Bennet in 2011 noted, "Part of the incredible power of this image I think is the dignity of that man. I tried to shoot everybody. Learn more. Gordon, or "Whipped Peter", was an enslaved African American who escaped from a Louisiana plantation in March 1863, gaining freedom when he reached the Union camp near Baton Rouge. You are welcome to use content from the Getty Images site on a complimentary basis for test or sample (composite or comp) use only, for up to 30 days following download. Gordon and the tens of thousands of men who enlisted in the regiments of the United States Colored Troops fought bravely. This card-photograph should be multiplied by the hundred thousand, and scattered over the states. For 200 years, black Americans had been treated as chattel property, that is, they were regarded legally as the complete property of other human beings. [Baton Rouge, La. Ceramics, glassware, metal and paper were the primary ways to mass produce any sort of messaging about a social movement. Newly-Found Sketches Reveal The Statue Of Liberty Had A Last-Minute Design Change, How Harvesting Horseshoe Crab Blood Became The Multimillion-Dollar Industry You Never Heard Of, What Stephen Hawking Thinks Threatens Humankind The Most, 27 Raw Images Of When Punk Ruled New York, Join The All That's Interesting Weekly Dispatch, “There has lately come to us, from Baton Rouge, the photograph of a former slave — now, thanks to the Union army, a freeman.” From. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! In the 1960s, the major civil rights groups at the time used pins to promote their messaging. The photo that secured Gordon the slave’s place in history. With Market-freeze, you can rest easy knowing we'll remove this image from our site for as long as you need it, with custom durations and total buyouts available. —Dr. There are 16 whipped peter for sale on Etsy, and they cost €25.41 on average. And that gives us all something to gather round without it being an essay or a book," she said. You guessed it: white. After crossing each creek or swamp, he rubbed his body with the onions to throw the dogs off his scent. But Peter had already determined to escape. Siegler said that there are images and symbols representing social change that stand out for her. If you know of any one who talks about the humane manner in which the slaves are treated, please show them this picture. My master come after I was whipped; saw me in bed; he discharged the overseer. The very words of poor Peter, taken as he sat for his picture.' Slaves, on the other hand, through their victimization and punishment, viewed the whip as the physical manifestation of their oppression under slavery.”. Surgeon 47th Massachusetts Volunteers, report to Colonel L.B. Can only be used for the specific purposes listed. 9GAG Shuffle Get App Shop 3am Chat; My Workplace; Confession; Chat; Cosplay; ಠ_ಠ; Hey , please verify your email address. The widely circulated image of Peter's wounds helped turn white Northerners against slavery. I was two months in bed sore from the whipping and salt brine Overseer put on my back. Slogans, symbols and emblems have proven to have the power to fuel social progress and advance the fight for equality. By clicking the Download button, you accept the responsibility for using unreleased content (including obtaining any clearances required for your use) and agree to abide by any restrictions. This account has reached the download cap, additional downloads subject to agreement overage terms. Unlike other forms of slavery in which slaves had a chance at gaining their freedom, those enslaved in the American South could never truly hope to be free. But though Peter’s experience was shared by thousands of enslaved people, it was foreign to many Northerners who had never witnessed slavery and its brutality with their own eyes. Peter and three other enslaved people escaped by cover of night, but one of their companions was murdered by slave hunters who came in pursuit of Lyons’ property. On one expedition, he was taken prisoner by the Confederates; they tied him up, beat him, and left him for dead. He survived and once more escaped to Union lines. Not much is known about Peter aside from the testimony he gave the medical examiners at the camp and the image of his back and the keloid scars he suffered from his beating. READ MORE: How Many Presidents Owned Enslaved People? He became known as the subject of photographs documenting the extensive scarring of his back from whippings received in slavery. A WEEPING woman breaks down as she is brutally whipped 100 times in public for having pre-marital sex in Indonesia. His artistry in crafting intricate ceramics had earned him the title of "Potter to Her Majesty," in 1766 after he created earthenware for England's Queen Charlotte. They felt it was their duty, then, to join in the fight to end this inhumane practice. How Sally Hemings and Other Enslaved People Secured Precious Pockets of Freedom, The Last Slave Ship Survivor Gave an Interview in the 1930s. It’s unclear what Peter did during the rest of the war, or what his life was like after the Civil War came to an end. And now we've been able to reduce it to just three words. I was two months in bed sore from the whipping. That man was known only as Gordon, or “Whipped Peter,” a slave from St. Landry Parish who had escaped his owners John and Bridget Lyons who held roughly 40 other human beings in bondage. Mercer, a Union Army surgeon in Louisiana, wrote on the back of the card. It was a hideous constellation of scars: visual proof of the brutality of slavery. READ MORE: How Sally Hemings and Other Enslaved People Secured Precious Pockets of Freedom. According to Deadline, Smith will be starring in Emancipation, an action-thriller chronicling the escape of enslaved man Peter Gordon, who is “forced to outwit cold-blooded hunters and the unforgiving swamps of Louisiana on a tortuous journey North.”The film will be directed by Antoine Fuqua and Willam N. Collage has penned the script. “What began as a very local — even private — image ultimately achieved something much grander because it circulated so widely,” historian Bruce Laurie told the Boston Globe. The surgeon of the First Louisiana regiment, (colored,) writing to his brother in the city, encloses this photograph, with these words: I send you the picture of a slave as he appears after a whipping. Reprint: "The Scourged Back". The Story Behind The Haunting Photo That Captured The Horrors Of American Slavery. You have view only access under this Premium Access agreement.   Greece   |   English (US)   |   € (EUR), remembering account, browser, and regional preferences, remembering privacy and security settings, personalized search, content, and recommendations, helping sellers understand their audience, showing relevant, targeted ads on and off Etsy, remember your login, general, and regional preferences, personalize content, search, recommendations, and offers, to ensure that sellers understand their audience and can provide relevant ads. [9], Gordon soon afterwards enlisted in a U.S. *, {{ t('save_amount', { amount_saved: formatPrice(pack.amountYouSave) }) }}, {{ t('pack_count_lowercase', { total: pack.packCount }) }}, {{t('compared_with_single_price', {price: formatPrice(selectedSize.price) }) }}, *Packs never expire as long as you sign in at least once a year. “Suiting the action to the word, he pulled down the pile of dirty rags that half concealed his back,” said a witness. Mass media was still relatively new, and though escaped slaves and other eyewitnesses brought stories of whippings and other punishments north, few had seen the evidence of the oppression of slaves. However, unless a license is purchased, content cannot be used in any final materials or any publicly available materials. [5], Gordon joined the Union Army as a guide three months after the Emancipation Proclamation allowed for the enrollment of freed slaves into the military forces. Gordon, also known as "Whipped Peter", a former enslaved African American man, shows his scarred back at a medical examination, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 2nd April 1863. Slogans, emblems and symbols help reduce justice movements to "its most basic part," said Bonnie Siegler, a New York-based graphic designer and author of "Signs of Resistance: A Visual History of Protest in America.". I have seen, during the period I have been inspecting men for my own and other regiments, hundreds of such sights—so they are not new to me; but it may be new to you. All Royalty-Free licenses include global use rights, comprehensive protection, simple pricing with volume discounts available, Newspapers and magazines (except for covers), editorial broadcasts, documentaries, non-commercial websites, blogs and social media posts illustrating matters of public interest, Book or magazine covers, commercial, promotional, advertorial, endorsement, advertising, or merchandising purposes in any media (e.g. FACT CHECK: We strive for accuracy and fairness. READ MORE: The Last Slave Ship Survivor Gave an Interview in the 1930s. print, commercial broadcast, film, digital), Anyone in your organization can use it an unlimited number of times for up to 15 years, worldwide, with uncapped indemnification, {{formatPrice(size.discountPrice || size.price)}}. This photograph was shocking evidence of a uniquely cruel institution. © 2020 Getty Images. The haunting picture of Gordon’s abused back contrasted with his quiet dignity has become one of the defining images of the American Civil War and one of the most visceral reminders of how grotesque slavery was. One of the frustrations often faced by historians of the period is the difficulty in finding reliable biographical information on slaves because slaveholders weren’t required to keep much more than the bare minimum on them for the U.S. census. "'I Am a Man' -- from the Memphis sanitation march [in 1968] -- that was essentially saying Black lives matter," said Siegler. Whipped two months before Christmas. Wikimedia Commons“There has lately come to us, from Baton Rouge, the photograph of a former slave — now, thanks to the Union army, a freeman.” From The Liberator. "Feminism and Empire: Women Activists in Imperial Britain, 1790–1865. Great! Boston, Massachusetts. Boards are the best place to save images and video clips. Your Easy-access (EZA) account allows those in your organization to download content for the following uses: It overrides the standard online composite license for still images and video on the Getty Images website. Approvals and clearances are based on the intended use.

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