Before Sam Claflin was cast as the character, For unknown reasons, in the official Disney. When he got up, he found the mermaid and stabbed her in the tail fin as he believed he was being attacked, an act he later regretted deeply. As he splashes the water, Syrena returned and appeared in front of him. But something stirred inside Philip's heart, as well as his soul, when he encountered a mermaid he named Syrena, feelings which proved that the path to real deliverance may lie beyond the Good Book he carried with him. YouTube Stars. [3] His further fate is unknown. Phil Swift is the titular protagonist of the Flex Seal commericals. Knowing that he would rebel, Blackbeard ordered his men to tie Philip's hands and he was forced to go with them to find the Fountain of Youth. It was that moment when Philip realised that she saved him at Whitecap Bay. But the mermaid denied that claim as she saw Philip as different from other men, saying that he protects. Philip disagreed, saying he sees it when in times of hardship and tragedy, kindness and compassion are shown to those in need. This thread is archived. when doubling his offers. He is the co-creator of Flex Seal Products and the creator of the product Flex Tape. As the Quartermaster pulled back his sword, Philip quickly shoved his Bible in its place. Phil Swift Fans Also Viewed . 7 comments. Years later he created a company with his brother and used it to sell his super weapons to the whole wide world. When Salaman said that Philip will be either with them or against them, he refused to join either sides of the fight. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Blackbeard had Philip, Scrum, Ezekiel, the Cabin Boy, Derrick, Purser and Gunner, were grouped together in a longboat. He is known as one of the strongest Gods in the Milky Way universe. Blackbeard waited for Philip to tell it. Mutiny on the Queen Anne's RevengeBattle at Whitecap BayBattle for the Fountain of Youth, Church of EnglandCrew of the Queen Anne's Revenge. Did Phil Swift die in the snap? share. Blackbeard ordered the mermaid to walk. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [3], Philip accompanied the crew arrived to the Jungle Pools, where mermaids had been bound and left to die. Philip would have been slain long ago, but Angelica believed he held the key to taming Blackbeard. Philip told Blackbeard that his soul couldn't be saved and that Syrena was worth more than a hundred of him. Syrena then told Philip that she could save him from dying. Reunited and free from Blackbeard and his crew, the two profess their love once more. The missionary then noticed that the mermaid was dying because of lack of oxygen. Despite this painful ordeal, the missionary still managed to cling onto his most precious effect—his holy Bible. Pisces. Philip then takes the Quartermaster's sword and breaks the lock on the tank, showing what he said to be true as the mermaid immediately gasped for air. A man of simple faith and few possessions, Philip Swift was a lonely voice of reason in a world of madness. Close. Syrena was seemingly left to die while Philip's body was dumped nearby. To save her from being killed by the Quartermaster, Philip offered to carry her through the journey. 59 Year Olds. Alone and mortally wounded, Philip drags himself to the nearest pool to get some water to drink and use to try and heal his wounds. [3], Philip would later travel with the crew to the island in their search for the Fountain of Youth. According to the Pirate Code, Philip had to die for refusing to serve Blackbeard,[2] but when the pirate tried to kill the missionary, his beloved daughter Angelica stopped him, because she feared for Blackbeard's soul if he committed such an act. But something stirred inside of his heart as well as his soul when he encountered the mermaid—feelings which proved that the path to real deliverance may lie beyond the Good Book he carried with him. Is this how Phil swift will die? While wearing plain clothes, revealing a humble missionary lifestyle, Philip carried a cracked and weathered Bible, which he used in his position. Philip regretfully took credit for the mermaid's capture. YouTube Star. 59 Year Old #10. A Pirate's Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas, Pirates of the Caribbean Official Website, Official Pirates of the Caribbean Facebook, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game Wiki, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: The Visual Guide, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (junior novelization), The Art of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’ New Stills Feature Queen Anne’s Revenge, Character Descriptions, Max Irons or Sam Claflin Could Replace Orlando Bloom in 'Pirates of the Caribbean 4' -, Sam Claflin interview: Snow White and the Huntsman, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Hammer Horror, Pirates of the Caribbean DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES Screenplay by Terry Rossio, Characters | On Stranger Tides | Pirates of the Caribbean, Philip Swift was a young stalwart and soulful missionary.A man of simple faith and few possessions, Philip Swift was a lonely voice of reason in a world of madness. However, Syrena would not yield. Born on March 3 #11. But before Blackbeard could taste the water from the Fountain, Hector Barbossa and his crew appeared to arrest Blackbeard. Is this how Phil swift will die? As time went on however, Philip grew to believe that Blackbeard was entirely evil and didn't think he was capable of redeeming himself. He told the Quartermaster to open the coffin, but he refused. As Philip got up, he was suddenly run through the stomach by one of the British soldiers. Idealistic, courageous and fearless, this missionary defied even the legendary Blackbeard in an attempt to rescue the terrible pirate's eternal soul, although Philip knew since the beginning that Blackbeard's soul would not be saved anyway. Before Blackbeard could decide whether or not to torture her, Philip stepped in to try and stop Blackbeard. Phil's brother, Alan Swift, was never seen anywhere in the Flex Seal commercials or any promotional material. YouTube Star. Did he get salvation too? 4 comments. Phil Swift Is A Member Of . He is known as one of the strongest Gods in the Milky Way universe. Though she was shocked at first in seeing that he was alive, Philip's deed of freeing her and having told her that she is kind and compassionate, caused Syrena to cry a tear of joy. While the debris fell, a mermaid saved Philip by pulling him out of the way. [3], The Queen Anne's Revenge soon made sail to the Whitecap Bay, to capture a mermaid for the Profane Ritual. [4] The missionary Philip, who found himself embroiled in the quest for the Fountain of Youth, would have been slain long ago, but Angelica believed he held the key to redeeming Blackbeard. Fearlessly honest, Philip was the only man aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge who dares call Blackbeard a coward. During the quest for the Fountain of Youth, Philip was on a mission completely unlike the pirates, scalawags, kings and sailors all in pursuit of the Fountain; he was on a mission of salvation. When the Quartermaster killed one of the British soldiers, Philip tried to use the dead soldier's sword to cut free of his bonds. Posted by. Even when he was taken prisoner and ruthlessly tortured aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, Philip's spirit remained unbroken. Phil once swallowed 14.8 lbs of flextape. Phil Swift is the titular protagonist of the Flex Seal commericals. Blackbeard then suggested Philip prayed the Cook to remain unharmed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Phil has been arrested multiple times for killing people with his Flex Seal products. Larry Lawton. Syrena kissed Philip, confirming the legend that a mermaid's kiss prevents drowning by giving him the ability to breathe underwater, and pulls him into the pool. With Blackbeard not wanting to go down without a fight, a battle ensued between the pirates and the British. Not much is known about Philip's early life. He then created a super strong seal out of his godly blood, five diamonds and a transmog crystal and then called it “Flex Seal”. Did Phil Swift die in the snap? Philip once again tries to change Blackbeard's mind, but was once again unsuccessful as Blackbeard had the cannons fired again. He believed the pirate was afraid to walk the path of righteousness. As they made way, the crew dropped the tank and the mermaid spilled out of it and, because of no water, transforming into her human form. share. Philip tried to change Blackbeard's mind on this matter and spare the Cook's life, but was too late as the Cook was burning alive. [3], Philip regained consciousness, not knowing how or why, and immediately ran to free Syrena. Syrena regained consciousness and swiftly disappeared under water leaving Philip wounded and alone.[3]. [4] Philip was a strong religious man and a believer in God. This young missionary resided on a remote island in the Caribbean until he found himself a captive aboard Blackbeard's ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, against his will. Countless media sources have confirmed that Phil is indeed a god. By the end of the search for the Fountain of Youth, Philip had shown love and care for Syrena, and she returned the feelings. During the mutiny on the Queen Anne's Revenge, Jack and Salaman went to save Philip. Philip was taken by Syrena as they swim through the pools to freedom. Clair Scent Decor Website by LMB web design, Google Drive Percy Jackson The Last Olympian, Peekapoo Puppies For Sale In Fayetteville Nc, When A Guy Calls You Friend Does That Mean, 3 Ingredient Steak Marinade Without Balsamic Vinegar, Ashley Furniture Ceo Todd Wanek Email Address. As he got up, the bay's lighthouse exploded. Philip then begged Syrena for forgiveness for all the trouble he brought to her, as she would never have been captured had it not been for him. It is possible that Phil Swift is the reincarnation of Billy Mays, having many similarities, and sharing a similar quote to his "But wait, there's more!" He also once defeated a man named Kaiser Wilhelm in gladiatorial combat. This changed history forever. When Tamara and other mermaids appeared, Scrum started to get close to her to kiss, despite warnings from Philip and the other crewmen to not. Angered by Philip's courage to insult him, Blackbeard attempted to shoot Philip, but was stopped once again by Angelica, as she wanted to save her father's soul.

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