Then, I will send you my “30 dirty little secrets about the Aquarius man” special report (a kind of roadmap to gain clarity and guidance about your relationship), Plus – I will personally respond to your comment (so make sure to enter your correct email when posting a comment about your challenge). Shocker!! Anyways long story short I think it’s that I’m too emotionally dependent that he is concerned for me but that’s because he doesn’t see anything else but that side but I literally have changed and the frustration that he won’t give me a chance is driving me to write texts on here because I’m ok if he doesn’t like me but I think he does he just doesn’t want to babysit me but I’ve changed Hallelujah . it could be so different with him tho he really is a man of his word unless he forgets lol. then after the sorry message, he send message every day, i was confused, i reply sometimes and sometimes did not, 2 days ago he said he still love me. But hes so different. What boundaries specifically should be discussed?? What do I do? I sd I don’t feel like going home don’t know why, he immediately replied don’t fall in love with me, I sd why would I, though my heart said man I am already into you. I got a hint and immediately asked where are you? We met an other time and it was really nice he bought me some stuff that he knew I liked and I did the same , and he was really interested to know me more . We are passionate and open to lasting love with a best friend, life partner. We do meet up quite frequently.. He will want to take you along with him for his curious explorations. He does take time to come out and see me. The chances of getting an Aquarius man to make the first move towards a romantic relationship are pretty slim, so go for it and hope for the best. They love to try to stump you with their high levels of intellect either overall or in a particular area whether it be music, science, politics etc. But now I feel romantic towards him. Drove me insane like why am I being ignored . HEllo It’s an insane bond…weird things happen between us to where it almost seems it was done purposeful. I am in a similar situation only I’ve been dating this man off and on for 7 years. He wants me to get an apartment, I don’t want to be a booty call for him. I was a basket case after what he put me through. Me myself I’m confused and he’s confusing me even more . The couple of times that I tried to walk away from him, he’s chased me down. He lives a few hours from me, so I would go up to visit him about a weekend a month. Sorry! When Aquarius man has a crush on you for a while, give him something back. A lot of women desire him and he’s wealthy which makes it hard for him to focus on love but he focuses on me and ONLY me and I can appreciate that. The secrets Anna reveals are very powerful and should be used ethically. Don’t settle because it feels nice. After the first Aquarius i was with broke up, it seemed I specifically looked for Aquarius men after. Your Aquarius man will make sure to tell you romantic and loving things. That’s the way Aquarius likes it anyway. He is commited to a girl. He will make sure your ideas are propped up and taken seriously by your friend group. When the Aquarius man has a crush on you he will be infatuated by every facet of your personality. I like an aquarius man. Ask! I catch him looking at me at work and I saw him looking in my direction and thought he was looking at a fellow coworker. We were just a bit drunk. Hey girls. Doing this can result in him feeling like he’s being used, and nobody likes that feeling. I have a crush on Aquarius but currently right now the status is being friend….. first time we meet he told that he is not looking a relationship and at the same time he is show me mix feeling which is confusing at time.. at time he would spend the whole day with me and at time he would call and say one or two words to me like he does not want to talk to me..this one day he just kiss me but after that it just gone back to normal.. and currently it is getting so annoying to me…can i get some advise please. I am a cancer sign therefore I can be insecure, emotional and a bit moody at times. I’m Cancer too. What’s ur story ? I also believe that it take a mature Scorpio woman and aquarius man to make a relationship work between them…I’m a scorpio woman and I’m talking to an Aquarius man and while he confuses the heck out of me at times…things are slowly progressing. I’ve ended things on numerous occasions but he takes me back because he loves me. You are blessed if you are with an Aquarius man! Sometimes his hot other times his cold… My birthday is August 31,1985, Wow I am in the same situation as you, my birthday is 8/19/1974 and his is 2/7/1985. Its a long distance Im 22 He is 32. Our meeting was just an acquaintance. Get to know each other and be happy. If their loyal to their partner what will make them cheat? Patience. His reply was “ you just want to hear me, you don’t wanna see me?” As soon as he sd when are you going back to Ddun? He will take you on a date to the movies. While you’re having your one-on-one time, do something fun and exciting. We are working on it….but meanwhile I am dreaming of my Aquarius…and how we could go on such amazing adventures. If an Aquarius man fancies you, he will make sure to invite you on all of his excursions. He’d rather spend all his time with me. I do like him but don’t know where he thinks this is going. As a Pisces, that can be dangerous…as it brings out EVERY emotion. Neither of us are big on phone communication which makes us pretty distant in that aspect, because I love my space and he loves his so it works for us. I felt so good with him, just in the second meeting as if we know each other since long time and I end up asking him “will you be my bf”, don’t know how he might have felt, but said why not, but let’s know each other first. I work at the same company where Mr. Aquarious works. The Truth Unveiled, Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility: Weathering the Storm, 5 Signs An Aquarius Man Likes You: Know If He’s Interested. What shall i do? After that day he didn’t talk or call and the phone no. When Aquarius man has a crush on you for a while, give him something back. He contacted me my problem with this is I am 19 years older than him.He is not some young kid he is 57 but never been married. One way he will find his way into your heart is by developing an amazing friendship with you first. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My advice for anyone trying to date or dating an Aquarius give them all the space they need, reassure them that you are there for them. He was cool as a friend – smart, interesting to listen to, corky af, and would talk about deep and personal things with me. But he continues to watch my Instagram story ? You’re a Leo with an Aquarius but the relationship has become purely sexual? I’m a 28 yr old Capricorn women dating a 48 yr old Aquarius man. he’s very comfortable around me, and i just love everything about him so far. You need to tell him to crap or get off the pot. My name is Anna Kovach, and I’m a Relationship Astrologer. But he says I’m different and special. I think I’d ask him why no contact to see if he answers. Him and I met through mutual friends and hit it off last summer, talked constantly, then we just stopped talking. By the way I’m a cancer. He calls me on his way back to his house from work. Tell him so that he knows he could lose you if he doesn’t pick up the slack. Omg Pisces in love with an aqua for 13 years just recently he’s been around more and my bestfriend met him after 10 years she’s convinced he’saddly in love with me but won’t commit. Remember that this is just one of the other signs Aquarius man likes you. Child like charm and vuneralabily really works well with aquarians to open up. Leave! Self value. Ha. I recently met aquarian man, I’m pisces..first month moved so fast, great chat, flirty and talked for hours on phone and now I feel hes went cold tho I havent pressured him…maybe I was just a wee pastime for him….I miss the way it was at the beginning…. There is no real need to hurry. He is exciting and spontaneous we share our deepest secrets and fantasies personal business and we are extremely open with one another. Now no he is not saying I’m at my girlfriend house or anything like that but I went from I’m at a friend house to you know where I’m at (level up) now you might not see that as a big deal but when dealing with an aqua male this is his way of showing you have some form of how can I put it , building , your foundation is becoming firm. He doesnt have ans for it. Aquarians love to gain knowledge on the people they’re surrounded by, but if he asks these questions while it’s just you two in a room, you know he’s smitten. After a week he replied me through Whatsapp that I am so happy to see ur msgs, and I am ok. Never thought someone, who hasn’t met me yet can be this concerned. After 2 weeks in the evening he msged saying I am so embarrassed that you msged me so many times but I didn’t reply. A lot of people will be like red flag LOL I am very particular and I am a Lister. Aquarius: Aquarius usually has a great sense of humor. He will want to have intellectual conversations with you, 10. IF HE TRULY LOVES YOU HE DEFINITELY COME BACK….. We’ve been together for 4, nearly five months and when I show my affection by giving him stuff he snays he feels bad because of it and He’s quite shy too. Give and take is very important in any relationship and even more so when a relationship involves an Aquarius. MAKE SMART CHOICES TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR MENTAL HEALTH. I’m a Leo (Female) dating an Aquarius (Male) and my GOD it is difficult. I felt like he was over thinking everything, but I had to think of being “friends” with someone I just started dating would be a good choice. It’s when they start talking to you about meaningful stuff that matters. I felt pressured into marriage. Hi, I met this acquarius man during my work ( we work in the same field ) we spent lots of time together talking about everything , and we both felt like talking with a friend as we felt comfortable. The chances of getting an Aquarius man to make the first move towards a romantic relationship are pretty slim, so go for it and hope for the best. Know your worth and accept nothing less! You can’t just go off of a person’s sun sign…you have to take their moon sign into consideration too. He would glare at me if he was upset, but say nothing. I'm a Sex and Relationships Editor for Cosmo's Snapchat Discover, which you should definitely subscribe to :). I’m still so confused. Than the Air Strike happened, and I got really scared, I started messaging him if he is alright, just wanted him to be safe. After few months later I went back home for wedding and he proposed my best friend but she didn’t said a word to me. Haha yes, he sounds pretty typical. He doesn’t want a relationship but doesn’t want me dealing with anybody. Good morning. If you always have an issue or something wrong even if it is not your fault they will run for the hills!!!!

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