There, he continued to aid the Slayer in his new quest to save Earth and what's left of the human race from the Hell invasion. VEGA is powered by unrefined Argent plasma, and maintains a core of the energy which exceeds the temperature of the surface of the Sun. She also tells you what to do, VEGA shouldn't. Remained on Urdak (became the Father again) VEGA's back-up was taken and implemented as the AI of the Fortress of Doom. VEGA would continue to valiantly aid the Slayer, until the Khan Maykr's final attack. Vega as nothing more than Slayer's personal Bitching Betty might not require quite as much power and cooling....really, there are only two more things I want from Doom Eternal now - Vega integrated into Slayer's suit, and Hayden's head on a pike at the end of the game. Fate Was the past true and this "reveal" a lie? VEGA is stated to be the first fully autonomous artificial intelligence. VEGA is last seen while opening the portal and asking Hayden if he was "The Father", who once created and maintained the mechanized paradise. As of how the Slayer got it: It seems to me that the broken moon has something to do with it. Why do I not remember that?? Extracts various assets from the game “Doom Eternal”. [2], VEGA was subjected to the Turing Test by having Computer Science students asking the AI questions, using a volunteering professor to fact check the answers. There, he continued to aid the Slayer in his new quest to save Earth and what's left of the human race from the Hell invasion. Models as [SEModel, OBJ, XNALara, SMD, CoD XModel, Maya (Legacy), Kaydara FBX, Cast]. Doom (2016) reinforces that VEGA was left on Mars for a long time to teach lessons in conjunction with managing the personnel on the station. I take time out of my day to make this happen. VEGA is obviously an incredibly complex AI that is constantly learning, evolving, and retaining memories. This transformation allowed the Father to remain hidden from the Nameless One, who endlessly seeks to absorb his creator's powers. VEGA remarks about how it is a problem when first in the suit; did the problem ever go away? I'm non sure about Vega. NEXT: 10 Games To Play If You Love Doom Eternal. Hmmm...! He is a manipulative bastard but surely not the bad guy. VEGA has done this before this game. At VEGA Central Processing, players, through the eyes of the Slayer, are treated to a speech that boasts of VEGA's power consumption. The system is largely self-taught, and was given free roam over all UAC computer systems to gather initial information for its learning process. Attributes So where is that amount of power coming from? It is possible (and indeed VEGA himself openly asks if this is the case as his voice noticeably changes) that VEGA may have always been the Father, or built from his missing essence (the truth is not made clear). In the VEGA chapter, when he destroys it's core, It pulls out a VEGA backup at the end. It's not that trying to trick a bunch of humans is something about Doom Eternal that makes no sense, but it is surprising that nobody stops and asks why VEGA ran its own Turing Test to see if others could be fooled. Weirdly enough there's been zero mention of him in any of the trailers or press release interviews. It is unclear if Samuel Hayden is aware of the backup's existence, as he states in the end that VEGA has been lost. VEGA might be an AI (or it might not be), but it has its very own story arc. that is why he backup the AI before killing it. Something which Hayden was not at all comfortable with and voiced his strong opposition against such a course of action. VEGA is an artificial intelligence which is responsible for operation of the UAC Mars Base in the 2016 Doom. He's also the only character really chill with Doomguy, everyone else is either afraid of him or trying to screw him over. Then again, it has apparently selected a side to assist in the war. Also I'm not sure about Hayden as well. In a robotic sense, does VEGA retain these files that are corrupted due to incomplete hardware? Doom slayer is mad but he is not a ♥♥♥♥. Teased briefly in Doom Eternal ("Am I The Father, Dr. He'll be Doomguy's translator. VEGA was an incredibly intelligent AI that specifcally told the Doom Marine how to destroy its own system despite even showing some form of emotion when telling him, he most likely thought it was worth saving a backup of him for some benefit of mankind maybe. Veterans of the game are still finding out new things the Slayer can do in Doom Eternal. is "vaguer"?) - Vega mentions that he may have been the Father. And that is about as much as can be said without any spoilers (spoilers incoming, by the way). Slurred speech at first and an increase in cognitive function as the game progresses. Samuel thanks the doom slayer when he makes a backup but then doesn't take it. It also incorporates proprietary, top-secret UAC technologies, and is additionally rumored to contain a component of arcane technology found near the Argent Fracture. Wait, did doom guy really back VEGA up on a chip or something? It is also notable that during the final conversation with Dr. Hayden during the backup process, VEGA states that he has "many regrets," in a low distorted voice that is nearly unintelligible. "), most players dismissed this as a computational error. He just wanted to resolve the energy crisis but he never wanted the demons to take over. Then comes the big reveal/controversy at the end of The Ancient Gods: Part 1. With their combined facilities, the now digitized Hayden, working in tandem with his former creation, were able to locate the final Hell Priest who had sequestered himself upon Sentinel Prime. During the process of the UAC invasion, the Argent Energy Tower is disabled with the shutdown of the Well. © Valve Corporation. 1.01 - Fixed FBX/XNALara files. Jokes aside, we will only know what will that backup file involve the future plot when the. Searching through the hidden details of Doom Eternal yields the explanation of Argent plasma supplying the fuel, but not how the resulting heat is exhausted. Set some time after the events of the 2016 game, the story follows the Doom Slayeronce again, on a mission to end Hell's consumption of Earth and foil th… By the end of the test, nearly 90% of the students were convinced that they were not talking to an AI, but an actual person. On 9/22/2018 at 4:27 PM, PvtHudson206 said. Before VEGA is destroyed, however, the Doom Slayer opts to make a backup of the AI's systems, which he stores on a Praetor chip and keeps with him. Given the impending energy crisis and the pressing need to create another temporary rift into Hell to transport the Doom Slayer into Argent D'Nur, Samuel and VEGA determine that the best course of action is to destroy VEGA. Where are these people and why haven't any of them had the answers to any of the questions on this list?

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