Good Luck. Is she into me or not? Any ideas?? Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / The Word "Dear" Does It Mean Anything Special (60134 Views), Is The Word "Dear" A Code For Green Light By Ladies? Hey,can u tell me some good excuses to text a girl or even go to her house to meet her.She is from my school but a year junior,so I just can't talk anythng about studies or homework..Any gud excuses?? do you want to start a relationship with her? A girl sometimes look at me and smile she even find ways to touch or makes me jealous when I'm at school she doesn't talk to me but when I'm on the phone she talks to me and ask a lot of times if I'm alright what do u think this means. just forget the past & do not worry about it too much. Is it a deal breaker if a man straight up admits that he doesn't expect you to remain faithful... What do you do if your partner overindulges in smoking or drinking? that will open up lot of opportunities for both of you to get to know each other better & perhaps it may lead to a great relationship. I gave her my number agin but this time on her phone she was all smiles and even got really close to me like body to body as I was putting my cell phone number in but now it's about 3 hours after work and I still didn't receive a text or call what should I do? I really like her. Does she ask what activities you like? Bestlife (author) from Colombo on February 23, 2014: Yes, it's a positive sign that she likes you very much. im sure that was in her mother's advices too. Again, some women are just friendly. Bestlife (author) from Colombo on September 05, 2014: that's a very good news from you...! Once I was drunk and I told her I wanted to kiss her. In my office I worked with a married girl and she was came to my desk and always talk to me in long time over phone and it seems to me that she like me. Voted up. The first time I saw her, she looked right at me. The day after I walked into work she looked at me and said "oh no not you" jokingly and for the rest of the night anytime she was around me she touched me like on the back when walking by or just bumping into me and telling me to move. Appreciate your input to analysis it further. In body language, a smile means "welcome.” That is why shop owners and retailers will welcome you into their store with a smile. 3 of the 5 days of the week I go to the library to do Calculus homework before my other classes and I keep seeing the same girl sitting in the same place. And now for the most recent. That’s because it’s a text sent from one friend to another. After that she again come to my room and talk long time over phone . Don't be afraid to talk to a girl or even ask her out. Nice hub. We could talk about serious topics, feelings etc. Facebook. What does it mean when a girl starts calling you "boo" over text? go for it bro. Be aware that some women are just friendly. If this is happening, you can freely express how you miss her. plan how to be with her , around her as much as possible. have a blessed day ahead....! Sometimes when they know you for a long & they trust you, will open up there minds freely. if she's interested in outdoor activity like hiking, arrange a one with friends & invite her too. I recently talked to the girl and she said she did like me. Good Luck. I still believe it depends on who uses it though. Here are some of the most reliable signs that can help you decide whether a woman is interested in you. Bestlife (author) from Colombo on March 08, 2014: @Alan; try to find what she's interested of ,her hobbies... ect. i still went there. I want to ask (to the ladies) does this have a special meaning or do you say it to just anyone. as far as i know she is not too shy nor too open. If she asks what you get up to, this could be a way that she is asking to be invited along. What's our relationship? It's a casual word. Be careful when you are judging people based on their body language signs, and always make sure to listen to their words as well. If she touches herself, especially at the upper chest, neck, lips or hair, this could also mean that she wants to seduce you. There are girls who like to call you daddy because they feel as if you are their protector. Ok so this female co worker looks at me from time to time most of the time she's smiling at me I gave her my number on a piece of paper and she lost it. For example, if you went out of town to attend some important commitment. If she smiles at you when you go, or she smiles a lot when you talk to her, it’s a very good sign. By looking at your words , it seems you also like her a lot. "My dear" is now outdated in terms of romance it seems more like a casual word now. you can assess the relationship strength & look forward. All rights reserved. When a woman is truly interested in you, you will notice that the number of calls/texts/little notes you receive will increase with time. She asks you questions about activities. By itself, it would not mean much other than that she naturally calls people honey. i don't know what to do. She knows that I like her a lot. always be positive & world is yours...! Follow. i like this girl and shes so cute but i dont know if she likes me but i really like her i asked her out 2 times and she rejected them but im not giving up but the problem is her dads strong and overprotective and he says she cant have a boyfreind until shes 43 like damm also another problem is that shes 10 and im 12, I'm not sure if my neighbor likes me she often brings up the future and talks about if I ever want to have sex and other stuff like that but sometimes if we have plans it will be like 10 min before the time we set and I still won't get a response she constantly says she wants to hangout but I'm not sure but she compliments my looks and laughs at my jokes and I haven't picked up signals that I'm in the friend zone but I have been confused for the past year and really hope someone can help me. then you will feel which is the correct time to get in to the subject of a relationship. I have forgotten about that word though because i hardly use it. If she raises many questions about a particular activity, that may be her way of saying that you should invite her along. Try inviting her to go dancing with a friend(s) and see her reaction. spent more time with her; visit her favorite place /cinema/ ect. Many times I use it for people that share common interests with me!!! hi I am neha my boy friend younger then me but he don't know my age he will accept me? Women have very little practice complimenting men. Still, a certain level of skepticism is healthy. pls dial her number just to say hello...! This hot girl who cuts my hair keeps stretching up to show her bum and she keeps lifting her shirt up (she changes her top infront of me) to show her flat stomach, told me yesterday "ur looking good" do u think she wants me? She loves your jokes (or often laughs). does she really like me? may be a personnel issue... Just be calm. Twitter. this happens a lot when we're group drinking but not when we're pls.. Afterwards we started talking and she's pretty much given me almost 80-90% of what's listed here everytime we meet. This is a very strong sign that you've won her favor! A helpful tactic is to observe how she interacts with other people when you are together.

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