Many of these barriers are rated to reject over 55% of the total solar energy and 99% of UV rays. Copyright © PHAND Corporation Whether you think you will need less or more heat. *If you sleep in (because you can or because you work nights), you’ll want your bedroom windows facing west, or you’ll want to install blackout curtains. All Rights Reserved. Support for community journalism is more important than ever. After all, the sunlight will heat your backyard office whilst you lie-in and have a leisurely breakfast, then you can go into a warm office later on without worrying about sun glare! I had never even though of this until now and it definitely wasn't a huge consideration when we chose our lot. But unfortunately, rain and wind need to be considered, especially stormy weather. This is probably a perfect option for a night owl who hates mornings! Tint your windows or regulate the amount of light with other shading strategies. Adding colour can be achieved by using trees, shrubs or perennials with interesting foliage, bark,  persistent fruiting, while others provide flowering for additional interest. This not only keeps your house cool, but ensures that your furniture, rugs, and knick-knacks aren’t subject to fading from the harsh rays. This causes unwelcome brightness! West facing house Vastu: Pooja room Placement with plan, West facing house Vastu: Kitchen placement, certain planetary combinations in their astrological chart, West Facing House: Vastu Shastra Placement Plan for Septic Tank & Toilets, attract money and unprecedented growth as per Vastu. A lot of it depends on the area you live in, to be honest. the North and East sides should be lower than South and West. *If you want to wake up with the sunrise, you’d want your bedroom window facing east. That involved some extra consideration on my part when researching listings. *** There is no association between this website and any builder. Cons of a West facing house as per Vastu In places where the climate is generally hot, West facing houses tend to get the maximum amount of heat after noon because of the sun’s path from South to West. Planning on selling your home? Equally a backyard that faces north will struggle to get sunlight (especially since the house will also cast shade onto the backyard since the sunlight is mainly hitting the front of the house). is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Once you have an idea of your colour scheme and how much spacing  , you can also incorporate other perennials and even annuals depending on how much colour and maintenance you wish to have. Who should buy a West facing house as per Vastu ? But what if you don’t have something to hang curtains on? I want Captain Patio to become the best place on the internet to find, share, and learn about all things patio-related. Its Great to know the opinion of others. Hence before you put up the walls of your dream office, we would always suggest you do two things: We have spoken a lot about the sun, and it would be great if we had 365 days a year of the sun from dusk until dawn! good year round bark display, Elders (black beauty or golden variety such as golden madonna), For a blue colour have a look at the globe blue spruce, or fat albert) ….. also mounded form, Potentilla (long flowering shrub … check urseries), Hydrangeas (such as; Pinky Winky,  Limelight, Pee Gee,  Incredibal, etc. ) - Building your community! Naturally, the window film won’t have an effect on your actual patio. This site uses cookies. Rainmaker 1,599,788 Sandy Padula and Norm Padula, JD, GRI. Send a private message to Katherine&Chris, If you have any further questions, please Contact SubhaVastu. A western or eastern frontage can be a good idea, but only for wide blocks, with no overshadowing. Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. The reason I think is that houses with the family room facing south would be exposed to sun for most of the day, something that most people like in winter time and saves you energy. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. Vastu for Bedroom: 9 Ideas Nobody Told You About ! The second was a large historic home in upper Westchester, and my current residence is in a high-rise building in the same town in which I have lived for more than 40 years. The flow of waste water should never be from North to South direction. South Facing House Vastu: Attracting Wealth or Debts in [2020], Vastu for Factory : Powerful Tips to Maximize Production With Highest Quality Standards. We haven't been able to find a good north facing property & have been looking for a year. If you simply place this over a window or glass door, many of your energy efficiency concerns will be solved. *Others prefer the opposite, having the house face west so the backyard is facing east and benefits from the shade on a hot summer afternoon. East & West Facing Florida Homes. In other words, when deciding where to place your backyard office, both the sun and wind/rain needs considerating: meaning that the decision can be tricky! However, you will also need to factor in where you live and whether it is generally warm or cold. This is an important point to note: if you live in Australia or New Zealand, please go back and read the article again, but replace the word “south” for “north” (and vice versa)! You can unsubscribe at any time by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email. What this all means is that the sun is pretty constantly shining on south-facing objects throughout the day, whilst north-facing objects do not get as much sunlight. My home buying history involves three purchases. You are already living in a warm place, so cranking up the AC to keep cool might get costly. I love to populate my front porch with a lush array of potted plants. If you’re on a budget (like I am), you’re probably interested in the cheapest shade options for patios with western exposure. West being the direction of lord Varun, the controller of the universe can be an extremely auspicious direction to bring in wealth and prosperity. This could lead to heavy losses. Our current featured article is '12 Amazing Amateur Houses: Inspirational Tiny Home Round-up', an inspirational look at 12 amazing amateurs who have created their own dream tiny house. By: I’ve listened to suggestions and compiled the best ways to deal with a west facing patio. This is a distinct disadvantage of West facing houses as per Vastu. The Tangkula sun shade is both an elegant and practical way to block the sun’s unwelcome rays. A tiny bit of South America (only around 10%). All rights reserved. Besides “avoiding your patio in the evenings”, the next cheapest depends on the problem you’re trying to solve. Just call (914)522-2076. Still many people fear taking West facing plots, why? I prefer house facing westward and having the backyard facing east. Which facing house is good for me as per Vastu? If you are a sun lover or want to put in a pool this is not ideal and was one of the reasons we decided to move. And, at the risk of repeating ourselves: the reverse is also true for a west-facing backyard office! East facing houses.. It might seem like a west facing patio dooms you to sweltering, squinting evenings outdoors. As you can see, there are many different options, each with varying levels of relative cost. At the same time, a well designed home will decrease its energy costs by using as much natural light as possible, in other words using Mother Nature to her full advantages!

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