As it turns out, it's not as skilless as previously thought of before. I'm going to guess we will begin seeing these after Rank 7 Aircraft are announced with Patch 2.01 or, well actually i don't know if i can make that prediction anymore since the whole global movement restrictions thing. Agreed, and we also have to have tier 6 fleshed out first as I said in the OP. As far as Soviets go, first production series of MiG-29, the MiG-29A seems like nice choice since it would be somewhat comparable to F-16A though MiG-29A would have possibility of carrying SARH missiles, the R73. The former came true but the latter has yet to be fulfilled. Gorgeous looking mig. I think, by the time they come, all of our top tier 6 jets (the upcoming ones, I imagine we'll have the MiG-21bis, MiG-23ML or MLA, F-4J or S, etc) will be feasible enough to counter gen 4 fighters in case they get matched up with them. Soon, this top performing and highly anticipated jet fighter will make its way into the aerial battlefields of War Thunder with the release of the upcoming update “New Power”! Hungary's MiG-29s have been described as MiG-29Ss by some sources, but are actually standard 'Fulcrum-As'. Also im sure the U.S F4 eventually got AIM-9L ... Because War thunder is a pretty arcade game, I don't think the electronic advantage of the Rafale over the Su 27 would playa role Unlike preceding variants, the MiG-21bis managed to strike a balance between performance and endurance. the performance gap between the 2 is pretty insane, MLG_Soviet, when the next top tire comes then they should get folded which is why the su-7's and IL-28's are still back to back cause there's not a different plane after. 1 fuel tank, though different sources disagree as to the size of the increase (75, 130, 175 or 240 litres/20, 34, 46 or 63 US gal, according to Mikoyan documents). A couple more years of aviation development, plus adding more maps and regular enduring confrontation, with a good filled out rank supersonic era of jets is gonna be so cool. It´s not like it´s not a lot to research already. EpicBlitzkrieg87, March 24 in Aircraft Discussion. Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29S (9-13S) "Fulcrum-C", First flight: 5th of May, 1984 (9-13 deriative), January 1989 (9-13S deriative), Status: Production, canceled (1986 - 1991), Loaded weight (clean): 14,300 kg (31,526 lbs), Loaded weight (2 x R-27R1, 4 x R-60): 15,600 kg (34,392 lbs), Max. It's neither a 4th gen jet, it's in between. Starting with the MiG-29M the Fulcrum became a multirole jet. The multistage upgrade of the 9-13 subverstion in the second half of the 1980s brought the more capable 9-13S deriative to life; and that's when it received the designation "MiG-29S". Thanks for tuning in. With the ASA you could also mount the Selenia Aspide. Well, i'm going mainly based on a post that was released awhile ago that predicted the release of a new tech tree (sweden), and the introduction of a new rank of aircraft. All of them were easily prone to notching and ground clutter. Gorbunov. Its maiden flight took place in January 1989, and later remedied its predecessor's lack of range by introducing a provision for two 1,150 litre underwing tanks, making it possible to increase the total fuel capacity to 8,420 litres and giving it a maximum flight range of 2,900 km. The MiG-21bis is the most advanced massively produced version of the renowned Soviet Cold War era jet fighter. Dozer15, USA is fine. Planes like the ones I mentioned in addition to the Mirage F.1 and maybe even the Rafale would be awesome, given the points I used to argue for the possibility of tier 7, Well, I think that CCCP/RUS and US will (IMO) be first to break GenIV barrier, And by that time if SARH missile are not introduced then we likely may see what I would call "castrated" jets (lacking some armament options and system operations), I made this statcard recently of early Block F-16A (Block 1/5/10 but not 15, simply for reason that Block 15 received possibility of having more advanced systems and larger horizontal stabilizers), According to SAC, F-16A Blocks 1/5/10 could have carried AIM-9J since by the time of introduction, AIM-9L was not yet used (I'm not sure), So in beginning we may end up with what essentially may be better climbing, turning and accelerating F-4E, As far as Soviets go, first production series of MiG-29, the MiG-29A seems like nice choice since it would be somewhat comparable to F-16A though MiG-29A would have possibility of carrying SARH missiles, the R73. Anyway, read this v since I'm sure you didn't bother. Published by Gaijin Network Ltd. under the exclusive license. Rafales , Mirages , Chinese jet fighters ( ree make china worth playing again ) Some SARH missiles were underwhelming like the AIM-7C, D and possibly the E variant. BALANCE, Grinding Ace Crew for every vehicle in the French Tech Tree - Gaijin pls sell me NC.900 plox plox, Gaming, War Thunder, politics, history, technology, military stuff. Compression at high speeds is an issue for this aircraft. They have the Mitsubishi F-2A and other US aircraft modified for Japan to be added. Hmm, I guess I'll wait for that, or the Su-25/27 if it would ever appear. Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-301 autocannon (150 rds), 2 - 6 x R-60M infrared-homing / heat-seeking air-to-air missiles, 2 - 6 x R-73 infrared-homing / heat-seeking air-to-air missiles, 2 - 6 x R-27R1 semi-active radar-homing air-to-air missiles, 2 - 6 x R-27ER1 semi-active radar-homing air-to-air missiles, 2 - 6 x R-27T1 infrared-homing / heat-seeking air-to-air missiles, 2 - 6 x R-27TE1 infrared-homing / heat-seeking air-to-air missiles, 4 x B-8M1 rocketpods (18 x 57mm S-5K rockets each), Flares: 20SP flares dispenser, 2 x BVP-30-26 blocks (30 PPI-26 flares per block, 60 total), Radar: NO19M Topaz-M search & tracking pulse-doppler radar, fighter-sized target detection up to 100 km, capable of tracking 10 targets simultaneously, Radar Warning Receiver (RWR): SPO-15LM Beryoza / L005 Sorbitsiya radar-warning-receiver (RWR), 360°, IRST (Infrared Search & Track): OEPS-27 IRST; detection range up to 50 km against a receding target (tail-on), 90-100 km @ high altitude against a target with afterburner(s) activated, Other: such as flight navigation systems, etc, Thanks for tuning in.

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