Otto Von Bismarck (1815-1898). glass factory where one have a liquor factory, regular/Luxury clothes where one have built a fabric factory, etc. Comments thread. Other rivals could include the United Kingdom should they decide to make Asia their main area of expansion. One can leave leave them with only enough money to eat so that they have enough strength to keep working and breed. Use your NF to promote intellectuals in your most populous states (up to 4% they increase the literacy gain rate). Aim for big industrial expansion in 1870–1880. Japan has cores in the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin, which they might try to contest. Otherwise if financial problems persists, Freedom of Trade or Practical Steam Engine will benefit a lot of POPs and permit Russia extra income. Russian industry sprouts very quickly, provided it has the right factory techs, literacy, and resources. It does not even require that big of an investment to do so, so it might be a place to spare some money. I recently completed an HPM Russia run. Japan can potentially grow very powerful, so one might consider hitting them early on to beat them down. As the other poster said, avoid wars. The other choices include Westerniser (Laissez Faire, Free trade) and Panslavic (Protectionist, State Capitalism). The techs which raise research points, literacy, national focus and plurality. Like with Africa, Russia needs a foothold in South East Asia. Tabriz region in Persia, if one decides not to sphere it can easily help the Russian economy and is easily achievable with even a fraction of the army. I am really not sure how the Crimean war event works I have never managed to get an ally to join me. It is considered a good choice for new players since Russia's size means it is possible to recover from mistakes. The decision gives prestige pr. It does however have a bad literacy but with investment in education and the right prioritizing it is possible. Ideological Thought is a good choice for Russia's first tech, to boost plurality and give another national focus. Rapidly enlarging your army up to around 100-110 brigades can allow you to seize rich states such as Manchu Manchuria from. With its enormous land mass in both Europe and Asia, great manpower base and large number of states, Russia can easily become the strongest power in the game. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about Paradox Interactive games and of the company proper. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Fortunately, there are several possibilities when looking for allies against these threats. It is therefore advised to stay away from Laissez Faire in the early game. The Russian Empire is already one of the most powerful nations at the start of the game. The worst thing that could happen to Russia is the formation Greater Germany. Russia will get the event The Alaska Purchase?, where they can decide to sell Alaska or keep it. Avoid wars in Europe until the later game, when your population is humongous and your armies have been upgraded. Author: Comwars. I thought 2% intellectuals was the optimal ratio, or is it different in hpm? as it is cheap to build and should make a profit. One does however need to give up on other research in order to be ready in 1870. Press J to jump to the feed. Russia has a large starting navy, but it does not have much need for one, at least early on. So, ensure that one have vertical integration between the states/factories as much as possible. Russia starts off with Slavophile (Protectionism, Interventionism) as the government party. Every year change your government and raise taxes and tarrifs through the roof. Russia will not have much liberal support for decades, so there will be little possibility for any political or social reforms for a long time.¨. The main thing holding me back I feel is pop literacy, is there a way to get some of the social reforms relatively early? Arguably the Russia's biggest issue is it's Literacy rating. I recently completed an HPM Russia run. Alternatively you might increase Bureaucrats a bit first. In simple English, Cultural techs have a 5% bonus along with a 5% penalty on industry and 25% penalty on navy techs. Instead, focus on beating up uncivs in the east and in places like Africa. It may have been the most powerful I've ever ended in V2, and I play a lot. It is adviseble to start off with a cement factory in the high population states (Moscow, Kursk, Kiev etc.) Ofc you can still beat up uncivs and takeover places like Korea etc. Forcing them away from Great power status opens the possibility for the decision Defender of the Eastern Christendom.

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