They might weigh between 11-15 pounds or more and range in height anywhere from about 8"- 10" inches tall. In addition, you'll probably want to keep their claws trimmed short. Many Ukrainian Levkoy cats have light, downy fur instead of completely hairless skin. Moreover, it should not be just a lop-eared Donchak, or naked scottish fold. The ears should be fairly large, and should fold inward, but should not be so tightly folded that they touch the head. H. Your email address will not be published. This cat originated in Siberia but is now found all over the country. Any hair that is present should be fine and downy. I’m from Russia. We’ve drawn from Russian cities, landmarks, foods and more. These sweet sayings also make fun names for your darling kitten. The backbone of the middle. She was successful, ultimately treating the world of cat fancy to a brand-new breed. She enjoys finding cool new cat names, researching the best products, learning more about cat breeds and sharing tips with other pet parents. In 2008, in a variety of feline organizations of Ukraine and Russia are more than 200 individuals of this breed of cats, many of them Ukrainian wallflowers in the fourth generation. Work on the breed was started in 2000. These rank among the top names for women in Russia and make excellent Russian cat names for your new kitten. These kitties really do not like to be left alone for long periods of time, and can become anxious and stressed without company. The first recorded breeding commission ICFA RUI Cat Ukrainian Levkoy, nicknamed «Levkoy Primero» was born January 21, 2004. It's very important to keep this kitty indoors, out of the elements. For the laying of the first blood line breed cats Ukrainian Levkoy were attracted Scottish Fold (Fold) (natural dominant mutant gene lop-eared Fd, is responsible for the bending of the ears) and Sphynx ( naked) (the dominant natural mutant hairless gene Hrbd, is responsible for hairlessness). We recommend offering a high-quality commercial brand if you're not able to feed fresh food. Below is a list of the most popular male names in Russia today along with their traditional meaning. To date, the Ukrainian Levkoy cat breed has yet to be recognized by the world's largest feline registries. As a new and relatively rare breed, the Ukrainian Levkoy remains very difficult to find. Cross-breeding was carried out with a twofold purpose. Ukrainian Levkoy cats are so rare that no genetic issues have been identified; unfortunately, this does not mean that there are no breed-specific risks. Your email address will not be published. Anatoly: Sunrise. The first goal – to destabilize the genome. Many Ukrainian Levkoy cats have light, downy fur instead of completely hairless skin. It's the best way to avoid stressful struggles once they reach adulthood. For more information on Russian cats, including the Ural Rex, the Peterbald and the Donskoy cat, check this out. Chekov: Playwright; character in Star Trek. The feet should be oval-shaped, with long, prominent toes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. How adorable is this face? The Average lifespan for Ukrainian Levkoy is years. Here are some pretty cool ideas for Russian cat names for felines of any kind. Ukrainian Levkoy cats are generally healthy, however they have delicate skin that is prone to sunburn, frostbite, and irritation. Not as the sum of the two species, as discussed above, and get a soft, plastic “lump of clay”, is easily treatable. Developed by. Another popular Russian cat breed is the Siberian. The Ukrainian Levkoy cat is named for the Levkoy plant, which has folded leaves that resemble the cat's ears. Even if you have no young children in your home, you might find yourself purchasing child-proofing latches. With a little bit of interaction from you and participation from other friends, the Ukrainian Levkoy will enjoy all the activity required for a long, healthy life.

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