If she isn't paid the money, she'll later demand $50,000 and will threaten to sue if not given the cash. Once all the metal is collected, the Shadow will hijack a message, claiming to be part of "the Conclave," a secret organization that the research has upset. On a more positive note, he says that the now freed US commanders have pledged to help the presidente fight the Conclave. Install on your home Xbox One console plus have access when you’re connected to your Microsoft account. As soon as the mission starts, Sunny says that Donald Pynch's newspaper claims that Tropico's fishing industry is leaving whales with nothing to eat. As it turns out, the theft was committed by Penultimo himself, turning out to be a second clone. Once trained, she'll manage to sneak into the facility, follow an important-looking man in a lab coat, and steal some blueprints for a Space Program. In February Dr. Steinschneider will arrive on the island and ask for $40,000 to set up a secret lair lab in one of the island's volcanoes. If you pay him Dr. Steinschneider will reveal that Nick Richards is a clone and that he ran away with the money. In order to disrupt them, the presidente will need to get close to the general. All Rights Reserved. Although he specifies high school teachers, grade school teachers count too, allowing you to build a single high school and two grade schools to meet the requirement. A couple months later, Penulitmo deciphers this to mean that the US just wants $100,000. Penultimo will also tell you to build 50 shanties to protect the important buildings, and you will get free shanties and $10,000 in your Swiss Bank Account. Whatever money was being siphoned off by our overseas oppressors hasn’t showed up in our savings – it’s been more than gobbled up by the ongoing cost of providing to a nation which isn’t producing very much. Knowing this, he says that Tropico must build three High Schools that give students military educations to ground down the populace's ideals and imagination. To end the crime wave, all criminals on the island need to be either arrested or eliminated. Dr. Steinschneider will discover that microwave radiation has shown some promise in disinfecting diseased buildings and suggests that building each radar dish built will disinfect one nearby building. Later, Antonio Lopez will ask to capitalize on the panic by selling tinfoil hats, which will increase the panic meter but put $20,000 in both the treasury and the presidente's Swiss bank account. First, he says the island will need 10 teachers to give it an educational edge. The clone is captured and the doctor administers the cure to the island's water supply, stopping the spread of the plague.

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