After a punishing round of testing only one emerges to be crowned the Forged in Fire Champion. 19-year old Jacob has been making knives for 5-years and forged a Kukri / Bowie hybrid and also quickly completes the course. 42:07. After a punishing round of testing only one emerges to be crowned the Forged in Fire Champion. © 2020, A&E Television Networks, LLC. Jose is a career soldier and martial artist bringing a Chopper with a Tanto tip, but can't get through the fish in "Lifeline". Braulio, a Filipino martial artist brings a 100-year old Barong, but doesn't cut through the pipe in "Lifeline". Cast, judges, and producers. Forged in Fire - S07E06 - October 30, 2019 || Forged in Fire (30/10/2019) PLAY TV. Chris, Wayne, Jon and Jacob all completed the course. The course consists of five obstacles: The second round, "Dead Run," is a course intended to test the two remaining contestants' speed, timing, accuracy, and precision in wielding their blades against both stationary and moving targets. Chris teaches combat for stage & film and brings a Bowie knife forged by a friend, but does not cut through the fish in "Lifeline". 6 competitors, Jo, Jason, Michael, Dwayne,Jacob and a Wildcard. Jo, a bladesmith and blade sports competitor is the 2017 Amateur Points National Champion from Texas, forged a Competition Chopper, but again doesn't cut the fish in "Lifeline". Jo's time was the fastest at 1:37, Rodrigo was 2:02 and Carl's 3:28 eliminating him. Casey is a combat veteran that uses a Competition Chopper to complete the course. Sarah a martial artist and combat veteran presents a Japanese Katana sword, but fails to cut the fish in "Lifeline". Chris is a butcher and chooses a Butchers knife, but does not cut through the chicken in "Lifeline". David came in second on 'Forged in Fire' and forged a custom Bolo knife, but breaks the blade in half on the crate in "Stick And Move". She wields her Competition Chopper that was made for her, but doesn't get through the chicken in "Lifeline". Ben, a former chef, forged a modernized Viking Norse Seax, but does not cut the fish in "Lifeline". Join Next Episode Sign In ? [3], Knife or Death premiered April 17, 2018 on History and is produced by Outpost Entertainment.[4]. These shows include Forged in Fire: Knife or Death . Teile diese Veranstaltung mit deinen Freunden. Get the latest on new episodes… Chris is a martial artist, presenting an 80-year old antique Barong and completes the course. Pat, a part-time bladesmith and high school shop teacher, always competes in a kilt due to his families Irish heritage and made a brush knife with bamboo and rubber handle, but doesn't cut through the chicken in "Lifeline". The contestant who finishes the course in the shorter time advances to the season finale. A 25-second penalty is added to a contestant's time for each failure to complete an obstacle properly, and a catastrophic weapon failure (defined as damage that renders a weapon unsafe or ineffective for further use) results in disqualification. He brings his Celtiberian Ring Pommel War knife and completes the course, the first to do so without incurring a single penalty. Nobody completed the course, so the two competitors that made it to the fish in the fastest time will move on to the second round. Three is the magic number as our blade smiths are asked to forge three or more metals into a blade of their signature style. 42:04. 41:51. The judges J. Neilson, Dave Baker, and Doug Marcaida were in the "hot seat" as fans asked them questions about the show, their personal lives, and bladesmithing techniques. Matthew is a martial artist and dressed in a kilt, presents a Seax made for him, but didn't cut through the chicken in "Lifeline". Get the latest on new episodes, bonus content, exclusive articles and more. Lists the series featuring Travis Wuertz.

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