You won’t regret it. Touchable. With how rough and vigorous she trained, he assumed her knees would be scraped and scabbed, but they weren't. Yet, Sokka was treating her as if she were virginal. When their hands brushed, she folded her arms to be sure it would not happen a second time. However, this did not deter him from wanting to kiss her. Still awaiting their meals, Sokka and Toph strolled around the entire perimeter of the reception hall until it became trite. "That doesn't explain why your drinking," he investigated, baffled by his friend. Without an exchange of words, they agreed to rest, and took a seat upon the stairs that overlooked the shoreline. Shocked by his stunt, and partially irritated she had not foreseen his retaliation, she punched him. As she pondered this, it was too ironic that Sokka slung his arm around her shoulders. They settled, mutely took in the scenery. Perhaps, Toph had gotten a bit ahead of herself, believing he was attracted to her. Silently, he could guide her with a light touch on the back, steering her from things that could cause her injury, and in dire situations, he would grab her arm to drag her from harm. TOKKA That Night Part 3 Page 01 Lineart by MerulaGFM on DeviantArt. The fanfic comic should be linked on my profile really soon. That he truly wanted every piece of her heart and soul. With the memory of what a head trip the stuff gave him, it occurred to her that every desire that flooded within her could be forgotten. There was no denying that their interplay was immensely different than their usual interaction. The lily white skin of her legs had caught his eye's attention. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Hesitantly, Toph turned her face up to his, and their noses skimmed. 837x1187px 149.15 KB. There was sand, a beach but the water carried a bright light, reminding him of the South Pole. That damn dress that clung to Toph's midsection like a a second skin, and cloth that cascaded over her breasts like water. There was a distance whispering of waves, and the crackle of a lit torches. For some reason, even after she launched her fist into his arm, Sokka snickered. With each caress it became more difficult for her to breath. He looked over, to see it was the fabric of that dress. Her lips had already memorized the feeling of his lips on hers, and her mind had been mulling over the possibilities of what could have happened if she had agreed to go back to Sokka's room like he suggested. "One night to be confused One night to speed up truth We had a promise made Four hands and then away..." The moon was peculiarly large that cloudless night, casting a bright light over the Fire Nation, almost joining in the celebration of Fire Lord Zuko and Lady Mai's nuptials. Toph's full fight against Yaling from Imbalance Part 3, what do you think about it? This content is intended for mature audiences. A/N: I'll keep it short and sweet. The creamy skin on her cheeks was reddening, and her lush moistened lips were begging to be kissed again. Close. His kisses, well, they could make even the most pious girl become unhinged. He was curious as to why he felt no guilt, knowing his hand was on her upper thigh. By the time they came to a beach access, their conversing died down. Cues be damned, he put his lips right on top of hers, and this time there was an unmistakable desire. He could not specify where he was in the world. All the dark hidden feelings she had ignored for years, were exposed, brought back into the light. Unable to resist her any longer, Sokka tilted his head forward and pressed his lips to Toph's. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. 2K Views. "Where'd you get this damn dress?" Much to her annoyance, he was quite gentlemanly, never letting his hand roam, or his opposite hand stray further up her thigh. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. "Mai had it made for me," she explained, feeling Sokka yank roughly at the cloth of her dress. He let out a painful chuckle and rubbed his side. She knew he loved her like family, as a friend, but the was he articulated that phrase didn't seem platonic. He loved her. By MerulaGFM Watch. For their sanity, they strayed from the wedding grounds to wander. Show More. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Notably on Sokka's part. Stunned at his sudden confession, Toph withdrew her arms from around his neck. [Bonus chapter to the Tokka fanfic CHOICES] [PART III UP] [lazily edited-sorry]. Toph wound her arms around his neck, thrusting her chest against his. Those inert frosted eyes seemed fixated on Sokka. To love her. His tongue swept deep into her hand he had on her thigh squeezed her flesh, producing a moan in the back of her throat. He unexpectedly took her hand, kissed the tips of her fingers and with full-hearted honesty, he affirmed, "Yes, I do.". so will Bryke ever confirm this or must we live of our head canons. At her side, Toph could hear Sokka unscrew the lid of his flask and take a swig of the cactus juice. He dragged his thumb down to her chin, hoping she wanted him just as much. I've never hallucinated, therefore it was difficult to write Sokka's wry point of view. In the interest of Sokka's feelings, she had offered a few kind words concerning Yue. He announced, "I love you Toph.". Comics/Books. Already having enough weighing her down, Toph slowed her gait enough that Sokka's arm slid from her shoulder. Toph could feel Sokka's hot breath across her cheek as well as his calloused hand sliding up and down her thigh. Reaching over, Sokka took Toph's face in his hands and angled her face towards his. Sure, Toph enjoyed being touched by Sokka, however innocent it may be, but when his hand slid across her back and grasped her hip, she became unnerved. They're both completely wonderful for bringing my silly fanfic to life, so do me a favor a go visit their tumblr pages, send them love and tons of praises. Practically a sister. By the way, things are getting steamy and yes, Mai and Zuko are witnesses… Hope ya’ll enjoy. 29. The moon spirit. It was a delicate and velvety material, slick as ice without the bitter cold sensation. Here it is, Part II of the Tokka fanfic comic based on the story[ THAT NIGHT ] a bonus story of [ CHOICES. ] Toph's full fight against Yaling from Imbalance Part 3, what do you think about it? In a low timbre, she replied, "I'm thirsty.". For some time, they continued kissing, heightening their already agitated states. The fact that he kissed her, not even twenty minutes ago, slipped his intoxicated mind. Longing for him felt like walking through a vast never ending corridor, but he was always twenty paces ahead of her. Curious about the texture, Sokka took the silken fabric in his hand, and rubbed it between his fingers. Then, there had been his kissing her earlier. Regardless of what she heard, Sokka's arm was heavy across her shoulders. I’m so grateful for these two! Their lips becoming numb. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. He thought nothing of his hand sliding from her back, and the gap Toph attempted to form amid them was quickly closed. More help & customization If you still need more check out our help section or the theme docs. The only thing she seemed to sense. Then again, since she first heard Sokka's voice, it made her swoon, even when it had been maturing and cracking. He was staring at the water, trying to figure out what was glowing in the ocean, when his peripheral vision caught the gleaming color of green. Sokka's counterattack was to teasingly nudge her into a stone wall. Add instagram feed Enter your username in the "Instagram Username" box. Sokka had a decent amount of cactus juice coursing through his veins, that had his words and actions. Your review has been posted. While Sokka's perception was skewed, Toph's mind was not as susceptible to the cactus juice yet. "No you don't," she scoffed yet, her voice shook. They did so aimlessly, exploring their surroundings, while chatting idly of silly topics such as Zuko's stutter during his vows and the agreeable Fire Nation weather. [Bonus chapter to the Tokka fanfic CHOICES] [PART III UP] [lazily edited-sorry] Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Friendship - [Sokka, Toph] - Chapters: 3 - Words: 7,582 - Reviews: ... She had no idea how large the moon was, nor how it illuminated the night. She craned her neck back and edged herself from him. No matter how fast she ran, she was never going to catch up to him. It was apparent to Toph that wherever life would take her, Sokka would be that one person who held infinite value. Much Love and Happy Reading -3m, Whether cactus juice was involved or not, it was going to happen. Flawless. The breeze rustled through leaves, and the whirring of insects hummed within the tropical brush. That husky laughter of his was a sweet melody to her ears. She noticed he gave kisses that were not lewd or lust driven, but they were sweet and gentle. IMAGE DETAILS. He had failed to remember what personal space was, or that it was not exactly appropriate to be touching your best friend every thirty seconds. Here it is, Part II of the Tokka fanfic comic based on the story[ THAT NIGHT ] a bonus story of [ CHOICES. ] Despite the cactus juice coursing through his veins, Sokka had declared this with such tact that it confused Toph. At first, she leaned back with a slight reluctance, but he would not allow his gentle lips to part from hers. It was illustrated by nocturnal-eyes and colored by lovelyrugbee. Though, she couldn't feel his pulse, or calculate his next move. Remove stash credit Remove the stash logo from your website by getting a Full License. How much of it was in her own system for her to actually believe him? If he yanked any harder, she'd be exposing parts no lady would want exposed. And he hadn't the faintest idea how he tormented her. That, in of itself, was a puzzling occurrence. Finish Page here: Those legs sang to him, seduced him. As Sokka edged closer, his hand glided further up her firm thigh, feeling a new physical attraction he was not entirely sure what to do with. Damn, nocturnal-eyes and lovelyrugbee did such a wonderful job. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. Though, it had been to good to be true. They looked soft. Resting her hands on the cool ground behind her,Toph leaned back and stretched her legs out. And the ending maybe shows that Toph still has a hidden crush on Sokka. I recommend reading both to get some insight on what’s happening in this fancomic.Damn, nocturnal-eyes and lovelyrugbee did such a wonderful job. Display avatar image Upload an image to the "Header Avatar" option, square images work best. I’m so grateful for these two! May 29, 2019 - Finish Page here: TOKKA That Night Part 3 Page 03 Lineart

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