I think I’ll just suck it up and do it. Good luck with your studies :). Unfortunately i don't think any of those routes would work for me because they seem pretty unconventional and not really how the book was intended to work (it seems to want to teach in a very proggressive and linear fashion according to the intro). Eh, I think people overhype the jump to Tobira. Alternatively, find out what’s trending across all of Reddit on r/popular. I went through the Genki 2 -> Tobira jump as well. 2 years ago. I've use that and Tobira and personally prefer Tobira. And with both Chinese and a Genki II foundation, you’ll probably even find it easy. In terms of actually learning Japanese, you should not be wasting any more time reading textbooks. With Kanzen Master our Sou Matome as supplemental material. We wish all books were free! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This question may have been already asked, but even after trying to figure out during litteraly 30 minutes and looking everywhere on the net, i am still struggling to understand what's the best way to use tobira. If you're lucky enough to have a friend our tutor to check your work, it's the better option. Welcome to r/LearnJapanese, *the* hub on Reddit for learners of the Japanese Language. Also there tends to be a few grammar points that don't get covered by the textbook that are assumed to be on the test. Tobira had more interesting reading topics than Sou Matome dokkai, but SM dokkai gives you more than just articles/essays (like reading letters, signs, emails, etc.). Having also done some research, I've seen that people recommend Shin Kanzen Master N2. Welcome to r/LearnJapanese, *the* hub on Reddit for learners of the Japanese Language. It was fine. Would you be willing to share it with me as well? Furthermore I can't find answers for the worksheets provided on the Tobira Website. Since you can self-study at your own pace, the biggest question is whether it's too big of an obstacle for you to stay motivated. Thank you for the encouragement. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. It's really not that bad, you might find the first chapter a bit daunting since it's completely in Japanese but once the first chapter is down, the rest are a piece of cake. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I've only used n2 and n1 books as well but from my experience the grammar books from shin Kanzen master books explain the grammar points very well! The chapters were challenging but nothing felt out of place. authentic japanese + rapid reading japanese is the next (and almost last) step. I tried 新标准日语 as well but i find the lack of furigana can be discouraging for me. In the end, what matters is your motivation and seriousness when studying. I've never seen a Tobira book in my life so I can't give an opinion on which is better. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the LearnJapanese community. Press J to jump to the feed. Integrated is more modern and better presented in a style that will be familiar to you if you went through Genki. They have a lot of overlaps and I actually did Tobira first strangely enough. Some of the books are PDF files, others are viewable online as e-books, or some are simply web sites containing course or multimedia content. Tobira looks more interesting on the surface but I need a grammar/kanji/everything refresh before I get stuck in. I'm using it after finishing genki 2 and it feels … Press J to jump to the feed. I tried to work with Shin Kanzen Master, too, but that didn't go well. I recall the last couple chapters were tough with some native material but it's a good thing to keep stretching your comfort zone. ... A Google Drive folder, for those who would like offline access to the document via a .pdf. If you feel guilty, just buy a physical edition too. After going to Kinokuniya and looking through the popular choices (Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese, Tobira, Sou Matome N3, Kanzen Master N3) I've narrowed it down to Tobira and Kanzen Master since I like how Tobira seems more indepth than IAtAJ and has an online component. Do you really think that's the best choice for me to continue or is there in your opinion a better to textbook for this level? Exactly, and the next thing I knew i started thinking 手紙 is toilet papers. I'm trying to get back into studying after a break and I have both books, and I'm unsure about which one to start and stick with. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Just that with the actual JLPT test some grammar that didn't show up on the book might show up on the test...( December's N1 test ><). The hard part might be to force yourself not to gloss over the Japanese reading of Kanji (because you know the meaning already from Chinese). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I doubt it is, given how much you've done already, but you should try it yourself. Here's a post I made a while ago on this topic. In retrospect, do you wish you'd done IATIJ first, or are you happy with having done Tobira first? (And, I suppose, being Korean.). Is it based on experience? It's not necessary to get both. I'll poke around and see what I can find. Hello, I think there is no need to worry, you will see for yourself what suits you the best. Maybe try the first chapter yourself and gauge how long you need to thoroughly understand it. Any links to a digital storefront where its offered would be appreciated. Also, i'm not sure when to learn all the grammar, like before or after the reading and cross referencing ? All in all, you don't learn a language very well, just well enough in order to have a nice score. Which of these routes did you use for the book ? The first is to go through the book, chapter by chapter, and read all of the vocabulary lists and grammar lists and try to remember them. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Reading manga or light novels is fantastic for reading practise. It is all through Mega, so you do not have to torrent anything at all. : ) In my JPN classes we did some diff textbooks after the first two years, but I didn't find that they contributed to making Tobira easier for me. :). I came up with this plan, thell me what you think : 3: reading the passage and make cross reference with grammar, 4 : learning all the vocabulary of dialog, 5 : reading the dialog and cross referencing with grammar. There aren't too many exercises in the book itself but it had a workbook. Besides, yes integrated approach seems to be a little easier to me, but it is also quite boring, whereas Tobira includes quite interesting articles and it is not just learning, they will introduce you to new culture as well. I'm using both. I'm working with a tutor and she's left it to me to choose my study material which I actually prefer. it's the book you need to finally dive into native material and stop worrying about textbook learning (even though doing kanzen master n1 wouldn't hurt), i recommend you to take the audio course too to level up your listening level the same way and rapid reading to be able to read like a japanese, yes because apparently, foreigners and japanese people don't read the same way (we read word per word which is supposedly a terrible and inefficient way of reading japanese while japanese read more "globally" and, i think, form gradually a picture in their head, kinda weird to explain). User account menu. What you said isn't wrong. Don't give up on textbook learning yet, tobira is not enough to jump into the native material world while authentic japanese is.Tobira teaches you how to understand japanese for real in specific situations but you get lost easily when rules are broken, Authentic japanese teaches you how to understand japanese for real even when the japanese used stray away from what you've learned. I finished this year with Tobira and participated in the N3 exams having prepared with Sou Matome N3(which I don't really recommend as a preparatory book). I plan on doing it much like Genki; chapter by chapter, one chapter at a time. What I like about Tobira is that its a weekly style book like Genki in that I can do a chapter a week and it has many culture notes and practice examples available online so this would be a fairly natural transition from Genki II. ... *the* hub on Reddit for learners of the Japanese Language. What other advantages could one have as a Japanese learner, short of having Japanese parents? Also, there seems to be exercises however i can't find any answer key or place to find the answers. Since my goal was to improve my comprehension as quickly as possible, I just made extensive use of Anki to become more familiar with the new grammar/vocabulary while using the reading and listening activities to … Posted by. Thank you so much for the valuable input. 319k. [studyjapanese.net]_Tobira_Power_Up_Your_Kanji_800.pdf ... ... Sign in Finishing genki 2 soon and also thinking about the next step. Good luck! Last, check what's online on the Tobira site. I’d estimate that students who master the Tobira material would test up to a “B2” on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages scale; have a shot at a S2+/R2+ on the Interagency Language Roundtable scale; and do very well on the N3 level of the new Japanese Language Proficiency Test. As far as the Sou Matome is concerned, the grammar points had no explanations at all, the vocabulary both in the "Goi" book and the "Kanji" book was translated not exactly but roughly and there weren't enough practice exercises to fully comprehend the learned material. Making the most of of "Tobira"? I think I'll go to the bookstore today and see if I can track them down for new review material for the website. very very interesting thank you very much. I just got my Tobira Textbook and already read through the "How to use Tobira" part. I'm not sure if N4-N3 is the right time to fully dive into native material, but it should be almost mandatory supplement to an intermediate level textbook, that's for sure.

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