This fuel-efficient engine is fed by a 26.4-gallon diesel fuel tank and a 2.5-gallon DEF tank; the latter tank is stated to hold enough DEF for 5,000 to 10,000 miles of driving. The comfortable cockpit chairs swivel to face the rear for additional seating when the motorhome is parked. Rating. If you truly want to explore the US in a RV,, this is the best for seeing every city,county,state and national parks,, don't get stuck in a BUS!!! 850 pounds, HOLDING TANK CAPACITIES A 20-gallon propane tank is mounted in the forward-most driver-side basement compartment; it powers the cooktop, refrigerator, 6-gallon gas/electric water heater, and 30,000-Btu ducted propane furnace. Tiffin has been exceptional regarding their service by the factory and by their dealer network. 6.3-cubic-foot propane-electric, WARRANTY It is void if installed in an rv. It’s so helpful to be able to call Tiffin if I’m trying to fix something- they always have a specialist to guide the process. Bought on 28 May 2018 Cash is king for any business, so if they do not have to wait ridiculous amounts of time to get paid or get their time reduced when it is justified, they really appreciate it. Additionally the customer service at Tiffin is second to none. The Wayfarer utilizes the same vacuum-laminated construction found in Tiffin’s Type A motorhomes. The stereo didn’t work 300 Cummins Diesel engine has great torque unlike Ford V-10. This thoughtfulness of design also extends to the chassis. There’s not much I don’t like about this Tiffin ! Did I mention the satelite in motion is a rip off, IT DOES NOT work unless maybe, once for 2 min the expensive winegard data plan permitted this use once for 1 min. I expected far more than I received for the primeium I paid. Actually, all their staff follow through and want to help and help fast. They put us in the right hands quickly to sell our RV. You won't be sorry owning a Tiffin Motorhome. Ample kitchen space and large refrigerator is a plus. Scratch-resistant coatings protect the front of the motorhome as well as the stairwell and the entry door lock. Everyone, let me repeat that everyone. We don’t even know our 4,100 lbs car is behind us. It’s so helpful to be able to call Tiffin if I’m trying to fix something- they always have a specialist to guide the process. A Kenwood DNX571TR in-dash entertainment center features Garmin GPS navigation software and doubles as the backup camera monitor. Bath and 1/2 a nice feature. Various cabinet doors came off after screws shredded. Easy to keep clean with all tile floors. The slide got stuck (on our second trip.) The service from Tiffin and Mercedes has been unmatched. Mercedes-Benz Blue Tec 6-cylinder turbo-diesel; 188 horsepower at 3,800 rpm; 265 pound-feet torque at 1,400-2,400 rpm, SUSPENSION About the Owner, Craig. Also, I believe the try to hide issues as they do NOT give ONE piece of paper to show what was worked on, what was fixed etc, I have to rely on my notes, emails & phone calls. NOPE DEALER CAN'T REPAIR, IT DOES NOT KNOW HOW. We were very impressed with the factory visit and the expertise of everyone there. The awning got stuck. Front cab TV would not work ( was told later the TV was wired into Stereo even though I was told the whole time I was WRONG if one worked they all worked. I would highly recommend using this site to sell or buy. This is the 5th Fix for the propane Tiffin did not like that someone else was working on it and felt it should be brought back to them? The diesel engine gets great mileage. I especially appreciated the diesel, having a gas right now. Instead of the standard booth dinette, the test coach contained an optional Ultraleather trifold sleeper sofa in a driver’s-side slideout, offering additional sleeping space. Nice, crisp handling and a smooth ride suggested that the Wayfarer was a vehicle you wouldn’t mind spending some seat time in while covering miles. Like having a dishwasher and the fireplace is great on chilly mornings. Very easy to travel in. Please read all my comments. The cabinet locks were loose. The Phaeton is a Beautiful, well built and this one has been taken care of. Interior floor plan is very functional and fit and finish did not disappoint. I also have a 2019 RV on a 2018 Cassis which to me lowers value there! With the recent surge of consumer interest in smaller motorhomes, it was the perfect time to introduce a Type C with the quality and livability for which Tiffin’s popular Type As are known. All cushions frayed. Apparently learning to track flipping views on a screen is possibly a skill to include in rv driving training. We purchased a used motorhome it did not come with a warranty. They picked up RV on 19 June put 800+ miles on it and returned it 28 June. When I was shopping I didn’t find any negative reviews so if you haven’t purchased yet, buyer beware. The floor plan of the compact 24QW, in typical Tiffin fashion, is designed for ease of access and functionality., CHASSIS @2017 - FamilyRvingMag. Everything is just easier. The cabin speakers didn’t work I would rate this experience of less than 5 stars. Tank sensors didn’t work We have had the RV since March and the problems just keep coming. Best RV out of 3 class C we have owned. Anything that went wrong was immediately repaired. So many issues and we only owned it for two months. I’m sure I’m forgetting things. The Wayfarer has 54 cubic feet of exterior storage that is distributed throughout numerous basement compartments. This particular coach boasted the Obsidian full-body paint scheme, one of three available colors. A pair of tables are provided for use near the reversed cockpit seats and the sofa. The following repairs were necessary: one slide motor, replaced all slide toppers, replaced one spring in Awning, replaced step motor. I have had many issues with this RV, sink not hooked up, no electric mirrors, air conditioner drain not hooked up, plus many more. The quality of Tiffin is unsurpassed as well as the customer service. Plus, the maneuverability of a coach of this length lets it be taken places that may not be accessible in a larger motorhome. I love the painting on the motorhome. 20 gallons; 16 gallons usable, HEATING SYSTEM Aqua hot heating is very comfortable. Slide out storage trays with refrigerator/freezer. This phaeton is by far the best driving and towing with the 450 hp 1250 lbs torque that we have ever experienced. I even had a few calls from Bob Tiffin himself. gray water — 33 gallons; Read about the experiences consumers and owners have had with Tiffin Wayfarer RVs and view their reviews and ratings on various aspects of them. Read about the experiences consumers and owners have had with Tiffin RVs and view their reviews and ratings on various aspects of them. Everything in our RV is of high quality & top notch craftsmanship. And the diesel engine is great! A five-speed automatic tip-shift transmission delivers power to the rear axle, and LT215/85R16 tires with stainless-steel wheel liners are mounted all around. The Wayfarer has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 11,030 pounds, a 15,250-pound gross combination weight rating (GCWR), and a stated net cargo carrying capacity of 1,150 pounds. Its 11-foot-4-inch overall height and 25-foot-3-inch overall length let you fit into tight campsites. must-have travel benefits, join FMCA today and get instant access to Family RVing Our Solar Panels keeps the batteries full. Having ac traveling while on the road and camping not to mention doing laundry on the road between stops makes for a enjoyable trip. Drivers side would not come down on own, had to climb under and knock it down? The coach was quiet and comfortable. It drives like a dream. We were hoping for a great adventure in our new Tiffin Wayfarer, but that was not to be. From cleaning to driving to parking etc and it pulls 5000 lbs so our tow vehicle is no problem. All Right Reserved. The Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA is undoubtedly the best 35’ short wheelbase class A diesel pusher on the market with It’s King size bed, very livable layout and 10000 lb towing capacity. I would highly recommend using this site to sell or buy. The serice is slow at best dealer support is nearly none existent. A stainless-steel convection-microwave oven is mounted beneath the galley counter for easy access. It is equipped with a front street-side slideout and a second slideout that expands out the rear wall. I wouldn’t have expected this level of complete vehicle failure in a ten year old used model. We love our Tiffin. Next falling ap part inside of 9 months, rig has flooded three when topping off water. It has loads of storage both inside and outside. He is amazing and really cares. All plumbing functions are controlled from a panel in the basement utility bay. Parking at national parks is a breeze. We have no problem getting into parks where they have a 10 year limit because we leave ok new. We love the floor plan bath and half and flat floor throughout the coach and where the TV Is located in front of the theater seats Heated floors all electric no propane and aqua hot the list goes on and on Tiffin is the best when it comes to customer service that we have ever experienced. Attention to the word Run is the only relevancy. Take a tour of the Tiffin Wayfarer, the first Type C motorhome produced by this highly regarded manufacturer of Type A coaches. The electric recliners are wonderful. A 5,000-pound trailer hitch is standard. rear — 7,720 pounds, AS-TESTED WEIGHT The quality of Tiffin is unsurpassed as well as the customer service. I have owned a couple of 4 motor homes, American Eagle for example, and I could not imagine owning anything else than Tiffin going forward after talking to owners of other brands and my personal experiences. as 4000 was taking to it to Arizona our very first trip and we had NO AC on the road! Fun, agile, and full of quality! Toilet flap broken, no part available. And the Rv that you get for the money is taking you into a higher class for short money! New.) Another great feature is that the Wayfarer is equipped with Tiffin’s patented SmartSlides slideouts — the same as used on the company’s largest diesel Type A motorhomes.

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