A great read if you are interested in the topic and like essays. The object was “to pry John Q. The White Album Summary & Study Guide includes comprehensive information and analysis to The piece is only on one level about governors’ residences; woven throughout is a discussion of "touchy and evanescent and finally inadmissible questions of taste, and ultimately of class.". Each of these sections contains a number of essays relevant to the theme, and we see emerging the prevalence for Didion to understand the nature of California (also her home state) and its impact of Hollywood on the American psyche and in turn, the rest of the world. “To watch a bike movie,” Miss Didion writes, “is finally to apprehend the extent to which the toleration of small irritations is no longer a trait much admired in America, the extent to which a nonexistent frustration threshold is seen not as psychopathic but as a ‘right.’ Kill, maim, rape—the reason is always the same: somebody is ‘hassling’ me.”. In this collection of essays by Joan Didion entitled "The White Album", the reader is taken on a crash tour of the late Sixties and early Seventies, as seen though the eyes of the reporter Didion. As critic Michiko Kakutani stated, "California belongs to Joan Didion."[1]. Neither the unpopularity nor the danger of the Diamond Lane experiment discouraged its proponents, for the ultimate purpose was not to make driving easier or safer, but to produce less driving. Subscribe. The impression conveyed is one of a city and nation pervaded by paranoia and detachment. Her interview with Huey Newton recounts her largely unsuccessful effort to discover, behind the rhetoric and the issues, Huey Newton; to discover, that is, a sense of self-doubt. With a title echoing the unofficial title of an album that the Beatles recorded in 1968, The White Album comprises mainly essays previously published in some form in various magazines, with each essay showing Didion’s insight, precise diction, and ability to create powerful images. Particularly in Didion's analysis of Hollywood and the Mall we can see clearly the foundations of our own contemporary western culture, with its own predominant consumerism. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. She can still find her own perfect pitch for long stretches, and she has an almost embarrassingly sharp ear and unblinking eye for the Californian inanity. It includes, among other bizarre artifacts and personalities, reportage on the dark journeys and impulses of the Manson family, a visit to a Black Panther Party press conference, the story of John Paul Getty's museum, a meditation on the romance of water in an arid landscape, and reflections on the swirl and confusion that marked this era. When she arrives in Bogot� in 1973, she names the movies playing at the cinemas from the early and mid-1960’s, and a book from 1964 on the paperback stands. The second part, “California Republic,” consists of seven shorter essays. Through all of these essays Didion also presents herself up for the examination of the reader in a uniquely post-modern style of her times. It felt like travelling backwards in time and Didion confirms her feeling by naming specific films and books; her opinions are all the more believable given the details she shares. With commanding sureness of mood and language, Didion exposes the realities and dreams of an age of self-discovery whose spiritual center was California. Public out of his car,” to eliminate individual mobility. This seems to me, even today, a very important and accurate assessment of not only what happened within various egalitarian movements in the last half of the 20th century, but a shift that occurred on whole societal, generational levels in America. "Last but one" is completely routine English, meaning penultimate, second-last ("last" in either sense, i.e. The adult world of California can be divided into two broad groups: those who try to control nature for the benefit of man and those who try to control man for the benefit of nature. eNotes.com will help you with any book or any question.

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