Percy was his first child since before the pact after WWII. Of course, it helped that Athena was partially aware of Sally since she wanted to be a writer and finish graduating high school. He didn't flirt with them. Athena had to admire someone who wanted to learn, and Sally Jackson herself was a smart lady. He didn't just ask, He would say something like “they there gorgeous, do you know where my darling sister is?” Never just a simple question. He looked as weakened at he had all those years ago. "My lady, I feel slightly protective of this . Send to Friend. The best part? . Now Zeus was pointing his master bolt at the younger god. Zoe felt a sudden weight on her legs. I was trapped. Second. "Well," Demeter said, "I guess it`s worth a shot.". She needed to make sure nothing like this would, Ares had never really liked his siblings much, but this was, Thalia, I need you to prepare a cot in my tent. She was going to protect him from Zeus. Protective Poseidon (Percy Jackson) Poseidon may not understand his kid but he is supportive; Percy is defensive about their gender; They don't like being misgendered; Smol Percy Jackson; Some Annabeth Chase Bashing; Percy pointing out flaws; Percy can see what gods really look like; but they would burn if they were exposed to a gods divine form As she was pondering this, she missed Percy crawling over to her. Percy could see several gods sitting around the marble table that graced the center of the open building. He was terrified, Artemis squeezed his shoulder gently. Even a bit would have been enough.. It was going to be a long day. Thalia went to fetch Artemis. After a few seconds, his lips turned up in a smirk, before he turned around and started talking to Thanatos. She gently pulled him into her lap and ran her fingers through his hair in what she hoped was a soothing manner.. Fates it had been years since anything of this scale had happened. “..How….father he….He snapped it… how..?” Words stumbled out of his mouth before he could stop them. But still . He hardly even looked up from the ground. Stupid little mongrel. Artemis stared at the boy, a little lost in her thoughts. None of his kids had ever attended Camp Half-Blood. . No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed. I'm sure you've all heard that there's a new 'rogue god' correct? She entered the tent, Artemis and Thalia were speaking, she only heard a few words. She found it amusing that a son of Poseidon was named after a son of Zeus. That just made Zoe frown unhappily. Percy had to admit that the place was peaceful in its own way, beautiful in others. You're my brother, and you were hurt. He let out a small, worried smile at his newborn son, Perseus Jackson. as well as She groaned and lay backwards, sprawling her legs and arms out onto the floor. And if you need to talk i'm always here.” Apollo nods, then smiles gently. Just the need to protect. Annabeth frowned. At the same time, she felt a little disturbed at his reaction, and wondered for the state of his mental health. He picked Percy up and held him in his arms. Already, Poseidon could tell how much Percy would look like him. He sang and played music less, and almost every council member was concerned. Hopefully Percy wouldn't be incinerated. You asked. He was wearing his usual outfit of a Hawaiian shirt, Bermuda shorts, and his fishing hat over his messy hair. The sun god had pissed off Dear Old Dad a few to many times over the years and Zeus isn’t exactly one for talking things out. “He also started roasting me in greek fire endlessly. No, child, my name is Zoe.". Artemis spent a few months trying to help him recover, but it was like she was speaking to a statue for a few weeks. The council voted,  Aphrodite, and Dionysus Athena and Aphrodite shimmered into existence on their thrones, while Hades just kind of appeared. "I sincerely hope you are not afraid of a baby.". about the greatest heroes of all time! Artemis explains. His form shimmered to one of someone 11 or 12 years old.

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