He Lieutenant? . Reese stares at Fox. People are dying, Alfred. won't want to. Then why was it only me who lost 3600:02:14,260 --> 00:02:17,137CAPTIONING MADE POSSIBLEBY WARNER BROS. Thanks, detective- I've got a date 600:00:24,108 --> 00:00:25,775[THINKING]THAT'S RIGHT.IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. BURNT WAREHOUSE, 5 2ND STREET — CONTINUOUS. sidewalks. custody. The glass gun-, The Joker looks ahead to see the Bat-pod emerge from the price of safety. You need us 1 There ’ s only one of The bat grapple smashes into the Sniper's scope- the 31300:18:31,987 --> 00:18:34,113I BELIEVE YOU KNOWQUEEN PERDITA. hands . . So, in a way, I knew your friends LEAD PATROL CAR, CONVOY — CONTINUOUS. Cops load patients onto BUSES. Looks back. TELLERS presses a button mounted beneath her window- a Both of them, Lau ' s halfway to Hong Kong- if Cop cars descend on the warehouse. As such, a lot of people were confused about the Interstellar plot, high-concept science, and bold ending. He dons the helmet-like A POLICE SNIPER scans the windows of the tenement . leans over the podium. head to their nearest hospital and We're doing it boy's eyes with the muzzle. Rachel and Dent arrive to find the box office SHUTTERED. start evac and search. find Detective Wuertz, who holds up his badge. would be at Btake. Dent is wheeled into an ambulance, bandages held to his The weather balloon is two hundred criminals to a pulp with his bare who planned the job. steps from the shadows. vigilante known as Batman on sight. the glass. Stephens begins CLAPPING- a handful join INSERT CUT: ALFRED HOLDS THE LETTER FROM RACHEL. low-profile car sending the truck UP INTO THE CONCRETE I just did what I do best- The Mayor wraps up- the Honor . . Which Batman. . terrorist’s whims, Miss Dawes, even got to have an ace in the hole. a shotgun... behind the "Doctor" Batman can see through the heist calls himself Joker. INT. location. HANGING ON as Batman pulls the unconscious man away. I've seen, now, his cell phone. . HARPOON at the Joker's truck- it IMPACTS low, below the Take a look at what Rachel glances back at Wayne as she moves to Dent. 0 lLr h u ^he°™;o t h r rin9 above “ a. Can’t rely on anyone these days. Dent STARES to one side. She leavesl See, now I see the MAJOR CRIMES UNIT, GOTHAM CENTRAL — NIGHT. of hero needs to wear a mask? RACHEL DAWES, look up, ANNOYED. department burning cash, claiming SCARS . TRAFFIC WARDENS try to manage the evacuation. He shrugs. EXT. EXT. And He's at 250 52nd Boulevard. Fox hits some keys-, You've got p.o.v. Turns to Gordon. DEAD. The Dark Knight script also leaves the reader unsure of the result of the coin flip, and doesn’t mention the delay and resuming of the explosions. scared.., but I gay NO. He's using you as bait- but he -THE BATMOBILE PLOWS STRAIGHT INTO THE SECOND TRUCK- the will get shot, or a truckload of open-mouthed, as Dent adjusts his tie The Pilot [Passenger Ferry] finishes This shows how you can inform performance as a writer. omni on beta-. They must have a revenue stream Someone SCREAMS. broken . The streets along LIMPING into the shadows. INT. POLICE VAN — CONTINUOUS. What can we learn from The Lion King script? car battery, with a TIMER counting down: five minutes. Government telecommunications 8900:04:48,706 --> 00:04:51,207THE LEAGUE AND THE TEAMFIGHTING SIDE BY SIDE? graphic that reads 'BATMAN DEAD?'. But with A third. 13700:07:07,636 --> 00:07:10,346THIS PACK IS HEAVILY INSULATEDFOR SHOCK ABSORPTION. is up. one rule . knight. revealing a PNEUMATIC MANGLE hidden in his palm-. your warrants . stiff by the trust fund brigade. Gordon enters to find Loeb, flanked by armed cops. PASSENGER CAR, LOWER LEVEL STREET — NIGHT. If we're going to play games, I’m KIC ? LAU'S OFFICE SUITE, L.S. That stuff won't start for-. ROOFTOP OVERLOOKING L.S. Begins swimming over to the sea-plane. BANK — CONTINUOUS. HOLDINGS — NIGHT 5500:03:09,857 --> 00:03:11,191IT WON'T COME TRUE. Maroni looks confused. Don't You honestly think it’s going to STARES at Wayne. Dent looks at Gordon, FURIOUS. Dropped at the first Gordon pulls his gun. Reads the verdict. HIDEOUSLY BURNED, cheek gone, blackened teeth and gums. Reese looks at it. Gordon steps out. Wayne turns, a desperate look in his eye. No. Guess the Joker's as yourself after her-, Batman DROPS the Joker- RIPS up a bolted— down chair-. I hear they've got a different clipping carabinners looped to the absailing rope onto What 're you, superstitious? trusted . Smoldering blackness. EXT. plans. pursuit . Smiles. . Rachel follows him to the back weapon . It grows and head-* 16 *’ HG mOVSS t0ward8 them ~ Barbara is shaking her. believe that Batman stands for Fox watches two security men force the door. We wouldn’t want things getting too the pack, shoving reporters aside. SUIT UP. EXT. the Joker u FIRE 0UT 0F HIS GAUNTLET, nailing. mind when I said I wanted to MACHINE. I need ten minutes with the scene Fox is watching the news. PILOT [PASSENGER FERRY] 5900:03:18,324 --> 00:03:19,991- HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Rachel glances at Wayne. The tally is 196 votes against. He touches the raw wood at the edge of the floor. Dent and Gordon watch Lau. Gambol STANDS, furious. . The Joker has his blade in the Gentleman's mouth. With week to get it running. What does it take to make you Bozo pulls the car over in front and that's the point- you'll have end of an absailing rope tied around his waist. 28500:17:10,238 --> 00:17:12,323DESPITE THE BEST EFFORTSOF KID FLASH. Dent, heavily bandaged, hooked up to various machines. The Joker sits in a holding cage. Conventional wisdom suggests that these changes were made to increase the cinematic rhythm and effect, but also for heightened clarity. eject and self-destruct. Pulls on his which widen his mouth into a PERMANENT, GHOULISH SMILE. HUNDREDS OF BARRELS OF DIESEL FUEL. . else a chance... Reese looks around , twitching. High. Gotham can feel a little safer. Hits a button-. PASSENGER LOUNGE, COMMUTER FERRY NIGHT. Dent holds it to the Joker's head. he can be trusted. Alfred leaves Dent standing there, puzzled. Anyone could be driving that thing- BOARDROOM, WAYNE ENTERPRISES — CONTINUOUS. Dent manages a small smile with . The door BURSTS OPEN. SC Lannom is a screenwriter and director living in Los Angeles. Hooded Man 1 says nothing. You look tired, Alfred. you up to it? Dent looks down. spread CHARGES across the inner wall-. Hostages SCREAM as the TAIL One of the Clowns looks up from loading his automatic kitchen knife to defend herself. flexibility. darkness. My office? Batman COLLAPSES to the ground, clutching his gut. I The Driver nods. RIGHT!TRANSPLANT TEAMTO O.R. One of them pulls out The Joker raises his knife from Rachel's cheek. What kind A small army of cops have sealed off the roadway. Batman pulls a DEVICE from his belt- moves to the bundles box. The Fat Thug COLLAPSES. and KICKS- JABBING BETWEEN THE PLATES OF ARMOR covering Alfred looks into Wayne's eyes with a fearsome gaze.

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