Unlike the general population in those days, contemporary readers know how each of these gatherings, little or small, ordinary or special, might spread the deadly contagion and end. If the campground is open, a donation of $5 per night per person is required, along with a landing fee of $5 per person. One week later there was a similar sudden outbreak in the Aviation School and among the Naval Radio men at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. of Congress) Vice President Thomas R. Marshall draws draft number 53, A second, smaller headline was startling: “Post Office Hit By Grip Malady: Eight Carriers and Two Clerks Victims of Prevailing Distemper,” 54  the first article reporting a flu outbreak in Gloucester, published 10 days after Labor Day, a week after the community sing, and two days after Letter Carrier Sherman T. Walen’s failing health was listed in the East Gloucester column. The State Emergency Hospital Post installed on the grounds of Addison Gilbert Hospital was also known as: a military hospital camp, field hospital, state hospital, hospital camp, state military hospital, tent emergency hospital, out door hospital, and portable hospital. Another Vaughan, Dr. Warren T. Vaughan– who wrote in 1920 about the Boston outbreak in the Navy mentioned above– was “one of a board of officers appointed to investigate” a milder advent that “had broken out among troops stationed” in the army base at Camp Sevier, South Carolina. At the time Germany was still loudly boasting that we couldn’t get an army over there in time to make any difference. First Customers At Little Red Rooster In The Former Minglewood Tavern Space, Ghosts in Gloucester - The Mysterious Noises in Gould's Court 1884 Boston Globe, Boston Globe: Gloucester in today's Sunday paper, I hit my weight goal in less time than expected using the Lose it! Newburyport resident, Fred E. Smith, was the Managing Editor. An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Even at this time of war and battle all around, the journalists shared memorable small moments. Pleasant returned to Worcester and Watertown, and back to Somerville from Chapel Street. The wonderful success of the out-door treatment, the wonderful organization of the local unit and its many details is being set up as a model for other communities to follow. During 24 hour period from yesterday noon there were three deaths. 56. Concurrent disinfection- The discharges from the mouth, throat, nose (illegible)causative organism is short-lived outside of the host. For convalescents not yet ready to go home and any lodging necessary for nurses, the site was ideal. When the military hospital post was established he was a natural appointment. Subscribe to Deadline Breaking News Alerts and keep your inbox happy. See October 4th 1918 for Some Good News when the state guards initiated a collection for toys for the Red Cross childcare and children’s hospital (with help from the local Woolworth’s) and the doctors daring house call on a stormy night to the Lightkeeper’s family on Thacher Island. He explained how difficult pandemics were to predict. Education as regards the danger of promiscuous coughing and pitting. Moorings are free on a first come, first served basis. All five will eventually be found on this page. The death list fell to 3. In August of 1918, Navy sailors shoreside were hospitalized in Boston with a flu so contagious that dozens at a time were admitted, and 1200 died by early October. “Community Sing Filled City Hall: Voices Raised High in Patriotic SongThe Community Sing at City hall…combined with the addresses by Dr. M. M. Graham, district service manager of the United States Shipping Board and Corporal Fran A.H. Street, a returned soldier who was twice wounded and later gassed while serving with the Canadian forces, attracted an audience which filled City Hall. Local businesses donated food and treats to the base camp. She was the second in her family to succumb. Spectacular wildy waves after the March 6th storm. Andrews busy cofounding the American Field service, for example. The city spread lime on “bad spots and catch basins” throughout the city. Like many Snowies, she was tolerant of people, but I think she was especially unperturbed by humans. First washing her face, she tip-dipped and then dunked. Self Portrait with Spanish Flu (seated on bed) oil over crayon fetched 1,688,000 GBP at Sotheby’s auction in 2006. About 13% of Gloucester’s total population would show up at the polls to register.46, Two days later, the first article about a lethal flu in Massachusetts  was published in the Gloucester Daily Times on September 6, 1918 with the state surgeon general’s warning. We want to hear from you! Some of the best art created in the midst of war and the “Spanish Influenza” pandemic came from syndicated artists like Clare Briggs, W.E. The funeral will be strictly private, owing to illness in the family.”57. “Slaughtered by Influenza: Here lies confidence in our military medical authorities.” was from Zurich. Carleton H. Parsons, senior officer of the local state guard units; instructing him to present to the local authorities the offer of the state to send to Gloucester a military hospital unit to cope with the situation.”. (illegible). Another 100 tents for the state guard, plus any necessary for administration and operations, were erected. Another soldier from Manchester, Private Wade Revere Brooks, joined the Marines. Strople of Co. M, Haskins Hospital, Rockport, Fourth year medical students did “fine work”, 15 nurses from the State Guard; Mrs. Raymond Calpin, 5-15 nurses from the State Department of Health (one named: Mrs. Augusta Weeks who stayed through the end), Red Cross R.N. Thacher Island ist eine knapp einen Kilometer östlich von Cape Ann gelegene Insel im Bundesstaat Massachusetts der Vereinigten Staaten, die zum Stadtgebiet von Rockport gehört. At the three week mark since the first deaths were reported, Gloucester recorded 137 deaths by flu. With so many ill neighbors, the column required a sub-heading:  “Spanish Influenza Prevalent Here” and included the first obituary to mention Spanish Influenza as the cause of death. Parking kiosks are located around town and will accept flexible parking times with cash or credit card. “Tom Thought They all had Spanish Flu.”, I don’t know if Allman had the flu personally but he did battle that punishing schedule. If you have time for just one day, make it October 11, 1918, **author note: Face masks 9flu masks) DIY sewing pattern instructions,  September 30, 1918**, Thank you to everyone for your very kind comments for this series. He had been practicing in China for 20 years. There was no mention of the disease striking Fort Devens, or any other camp or military branch. The medical and military personnel, public officials and volunteers who performed heroically during this pandemic have not been memorialized in Gloucester. Poet John Crowe Ransom published “Sickness” in Poems of God, 1919. (Lib. No_Favorite. The owl often casts a pellet, and goes poop, shortly before heading out to hunt. Although the island may be viewed from the shore on Marmion Way, the best way to see the island is by visiting there. The political cartoons were at times stunningly direct, even international examples printed in the U.S. papers. Screenwriters: Charlie Wachtel, David Rabinowitz. Hospitals are full, but arrangements can be made for outside facilities. Mr. Long offered the committee every assistance and relief that could be given to handle the situation…In the opinion of state officials and leading physicians the out-door method of treating the disease is the most effective and successful. Though the Fort was targeted for clean up, East Gloucester was the epicenter. Besides the naval bases in Boston, Fort Devens in Ayer, Massachusetts, was another military epicenter with fierce contagion and fast deaths; an estimated 15,000 men were infected by the flu and more than 800 died. Due to COVID-19, the campground will be closed to visitors for the summer of 2020. Although she was on staff, there was no article or mention on the front page of the paper, just the obituary. The selection includes full article reproductions. Athlete, crew sick, from report 10/2/1918, Sch. We look forward to seeing you in the Spring of 2021. Hill was commissioned for a few syndicated series with different publishers. Natalie Hammond, and history of large philanthropy in Gloucester, I did not see John Hays Hammond family in this time frame, maybe later? Owls symbolize wisdom and intelligence, and the characters they are given in popular culture and literature strengthen our associations. 49. Enjoy five strips to get a sense of his brilliant art, humor and commentary all from 1918. Captain returned to ill family: his sister in law died, brother and their kids sick at hospital; also his sister and brother-in-law), Sch. Mrs. Parsons has just returned from a visit (illegible) the guest of Mrs. Jewell , of Boston, in Stratham, N.H. Great War, Great Flu. The Navy yards in Boston and vicinity were among America’s busiest for transportation of troops and supplies. Cape Ann is beautiful and these can be seen for miles. Miss Blanch Gilbert of East Main Street was stricken Tuesday and Dr. Arthur S. Torrey took to his bed today with the same trouble that has stricken a large number of his patients. Again, thank you to Scott Weidensaul from ProjectSNOWstorm for script advice. Others continued the Duffs strip for nearly a decade. Sixty-four acres of natural beauty at the edge of the great Atlantic are accessible by launch on Wednesdays and Saturdays in season, if you. ], The Gloucester post office was located at the corner of Main & Pleasant Streets in 1918 (photo ©c ryan)55, Post Office staff City Directory, 1917. Launch fees are the same for both Thacher Island trips and Straitsmouth Island trips. The generation fighting in WWI grew up captivated by Winsor McKay’s elaborate and glorious comic strip. Day and night the men have worked to put the hospital in shape and to look out for the sick ones. The school board had to scramble and assemble to vote for closure as the action preceded procedure. At the post office where the disease surged, nine staff still struggled and cases in East Gloucester surged. Major Thomson estimated 800 cases of infection, a marked decrease. I think not . Mayor Stoddart urged fresh air and ventilation. You have about 1.5 hours on the island if you take the launch, which is plenty of time to walk around and go up the lighthouse. The spread of the virulent flu was aptly described as a “pandemic”. Once or twice a day an owl casts, or regurgitates, a pellet, which is a mass of undigested parts of the bird’s food. Chester Brigham of Haskell Street, agent for the Metropolitan Insurance Company, was out yesterday, after a severe attack of the grip. Before any travel ban could be imposed, a contingent of replacement troops departed Devens for Camp Upton, Long Island, the Army’s debarkation point for France, and took influenza with them.” 23 It’s no wonder Vaughan didn’t dwell on this savage disease.

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