Strange. able to advise? Hello. I’ve looked at your recent responses and I’ve got all these things checked. • This full megapack is composed of more than 57,600 logos (club, competitions and all flags). I’ve done according to the installation instructions exactly many times, but still can’t get it to work. It would be helpful to inform about this. really appreciate your work. No, here these are just logos. I’ve tried multiple times at this point. The 7th edition of the TCM Logos Megapack for Football Manager 2020. Hello. I don’t have a solution for you …, When you will update Red Star Belgrade(Crvena Zvezda) logo?it has 3 stars now. Logo of UEFA Conference League does not yet officially exist, so no. Updates only contain new and updated logos. How do i fix this. Thanks again for your time. Im on mac :). And i’m on PC, not Mac, so i don’t know… This nations are on the logopack on your Mac ? Everything else (that I’ve looked at so far) is fine but not the Europa League or Champions’ League. You can use the request page, but this logo will be update for the next Christmas Update. If you have an older version of TCM, then delete it and put the TCM20. I have not installed other graphics packs, just TCM20. No the graphics packs work with any version of the game. (Steam), Hi there, the European club competition logos are not showing. And after getting the man united club logo, how do i put the logo onto the folder? I installed another logo package, it worked. Download the TCM20 Logopack, Megapack and Update of more 57.600 clubs and competitions logos for Football Manager 2020! whatever I did, I couldn’t upload the logos. I don’t have the game on Epic so I don’t know if it works. Check that the logos are present in the downloaded pack (if this is not the case, there was a problem during the download, I invite you to do it again). is a non profit website and only wishes to help the Football Manager players community. Having never personally been on a MAC, the installation instructions come from people on a MAC who have figured out how to install the graphics and saw how little it will work. March! I dont seem to have all the logos at all. After more than 200,000 downloads, if there was a virus it would be known! Hi. For my part (and a majority of the players), there is no problem. Adopt the brilliant TCM20 Logo megapack for Football Manager 2020 by What could be the problem? All PL clubs (except Man Utd) are present in the pack and there is no reason why this should not be displayed. I’m using a Mac so it’s a different path but yea all the rest are working. Europa : 25222 Clubs – 2193 Competitions FC'12 - Kits for FM20 23/09/2020, DF11 - Faces FM21 [147.005 Faces] 12/09/2020, TCM Contributor - Join the Team ! Have you downloaded and installed the Megapack before doing the same with Update 20.1? I was wondering if you could give me some advice, thanks ! in Peru, Real Garcilaza has a new name, Cuzco FC and has a different logo, Hi. Any ideas as to what might be the issue? Either the download went wrong (check the file size compared to what is announced), or tried with 7Zip for example. I don’t understand why its not working. This is a problem related to the MEGA site (which no one has had yet). It’s not working on my game though (Mac), I’ve made a ‘graphics’ folder – and ‘logos’ folder within – put all the folders with French name in there, cleared cache in the game, reloaded everything, and still nothing works…could I send a screenshot or something so someone might help me? Oceania : 396 Clubs – 79 Competitions I tried clearing cache and restarting game several times and still having the same issue. I unfortunately cannot help more. This is the 7th edition of the TCM Logos Megapack for Football Manager. no logo Man United. The watford logo that appears must be the basic one present in the game. Download the TCM20 Logopack, Megapack and Update of more 57.600 clubs and competitions logos for Football Manager 2020! I dowloaded the pack and followed the instructions for mac but the logos do not appear. Is it normal that when I click on Brazilian League, the small logos are yet the wrong ones? Yes, I can find them all in the downloaded file. Hi, hi, i followed the steps for mac but they have not appeared in my game, can you help? After long time I realized the download does not include any clubs in PL or La Liga or many of the bigger clubs Only. Is ınternet download manager a virus?If I download this pack from internet download manager I get virus my pc?Can you answer me, I want to get logo pack my fm2020. Téléchargez le Logopack TCM20, megapack de plus de 43.200 logos de clubs et de compétitions pour Football Manager 2020! You must download and install the Megapack before each Update and in order. I have no explanation for possible removal of logos unfortunately. Any solution to this? If you have logos to make, two possibilities: – If there are only a few logos, go to page requests: But send me a screenshot of your installation folder. :-). jolly fine! Download the TCM20 Logopack, megapack of more than 43.200 logos of clubs and competitions for Football Manager 2020! On previous version of the game (FM19) logopack worked fine. Much appreciated in advance :). I’m just having a problems with the national federation logos not showing up. It’s seems the problem is only happening on Perugia, the Italian Club. To insert it into the game, you first need the logo (with the name of the club ID you gave me), as well as modify the config.xml file. I got this message and cant unzip. Hello. Have tried three times to download the logopack, nd have gotten an error messeage each time. I suppose that the ID then used is a random ID and if it is not the case, it is complicated for me to add all the reserves without knowing the ID except by going to seek one by one in the editor . I’ve check in the Angeleterre folder, West Ham is in, but doesnt work in game (Doesnt pop up during career start selection screen, the logo was the default logo set by the game. Are the logos save bound? anyone else experiencing problems with For the USSR and Yugoslavia files, these are new files indeed on old clubs of these two old nations. You can go check in the folder you have downloaded and install (Europe -> Angleterre) to see if the logos are present. I can never see. (Twitter) Anyone? Football Manager 2020 Downloads Logopacks TCM20 Logopack - 20.2 update out now! I’ve got a issue after the latest game update and there are multiple leagues that were reset to the Fm-logos. I have even added additional logos of my own for a revamped Scottish Football Structure I am in progress of building, edited associated config files etc and they all work fine. Indeed, this is not normal. There must have been a problem during the download, it will have to start again. The logo file itself is there in the correct folder, and all of the other China team logos are loading fine, so I’m not sure what the issue is. Would you like to participate in the development of TCM Logopack for Football Manager ? normal logos work fine, but small logos don’t and I can’t figure out why, Hi. Have you installed other graphics packs that work? Does this include the kits too as seen in some of your screenshots? Hello there, it seems that my West Ham logo went missing. Download the TCM20 Logopack, megapack of more than 43.200 logos of clubs and competitions for Football Manager 2020! Please help, C:\Users\User\Downloads\megapack-tcm20.rar: Unsupported archive format. Indeed this is not normal. Any ideas? Then follow the installation method on this page. Logo are on Logopack (Europe->Angleterre->Clubs->normal) ? Follow one of the three download links and there will be no worries. And the Megapack is not available on MediaFire, Mega must work. I don’t knwo why some nations don’t work. Thanks in advance. There are no other solutions. C:\Users\User\Downloads\megapack-tcm20.rar: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged, can you answer me why all other countries have logo but no one from PL has? This is happening for both the Megapack and the updates. Manage other club -> Issue does not occur ! Why is my download not in file format, but like a document? Africa : 2503 Clubs – 198 Competitions I’m using pc. The English logos work for the vast majority of people, myself included. Look on folder : Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\graphics\Logos\Europe\Angleterre So you have to delete everything (for old logos) and install well the Megapack first and the updates in order then. After more than 1.8 Million downloads for previous versions, we want to offer more! Check here : Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\graphics\Logos\Others\Competitions Internationales, Hello :) Thanks everyone for such a massive amount of work, much appreciated! Therefore, thanks for respecting these few rules. I don’t know how it works with Epic, but it must be the same installation path: “Documents \ Sports Interactive \ Football Manager 2020” Hi. TCM14 to TCM20 ! Want to know how to get real logos in FM 2020, its very simple with the help of our friends, TCM Logos. Lastly, yeah, i would want the Manchester United Logo please. I’m on Mac. Screenshot for your reference: We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. There is no reason it shouldn’t work. TCM20 : Alon, Armamaddon, Chavez, Ekrem, ElCatracho, Franzvinci01, Fronti, Jayden, Kartvel, Kristo, Loukas, Maestro, Makiawelli_leg, Marcos, MrBankzy, Nuno Santos, Oriole01, Pazzoman, Rafael, Rivanov, Rob, Spix22, Thewes, Tuckius, Unknown47, V-Toll, Vince-Taiwan, Weiry. Probably a story with licenses, but I have no solutions. I have tried to reinstall the whole logo pack but the problem was not fixed. Adopt the brilliant TCM20 Logo megapack for Football Manager 2020 by Old TCM : Alfredo, AndreaLAZIOultras, ArturM, BaCplayer, Basa, bdavies26, Borell, Brendan, Broeren, cdmafra, Chavez, claytonpadula, Cleuber, Diogo Paiva, Domi, Einherjer83, Eray1914, Frimimout, Gamma022, Heval, Hrvoje, JesperBN, Julian, Kamil, Kostas_Panachaiki, Loic, Lucas, Mahdi (Mój Football Manager), Marcos, MatheusMux, Mátyás, MZ17, Necjeff (DF11 Faces), nxtfuture, Pappeldrache, Patres10 (FMSlovakia – FC12 Kits), Patrick, Paul_13, Pedro, Pierre-Jean, Ramoscu (FMSZN), RBRND, Rein, Renato, Rmorgan93, Segmann, Sh@rk, Spartacus23, Stathis, Steinbolt, STeRODeF, Tapioca, Theodor (@e_spurs_norway), Torbin, Walleski, Wutzwz.

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