Listen to this episode from Grinder's Verdict on Spotify. As for me, i'll have to cool it with certain games until changes are in place. Discord :, It's an abyss that takes content down a hatch of an ocean of applications that endlessly appear out of thin air, inspiring the uneducated to educate the lesser uneducated with lack of education. Result of me watching a livestream with someone playing Overwatch, which made me want to rant about how much people complain. S2E03 - Parents Are Not Saints (The Disappearance of Maddie McCann). Day 23 - Michael Travesser, Ignorant Reincarnate. Dressed as business men, as care takers, as teachers, as parents. Many time i'd watch those iconic TV shows and then play out what I saw and try to replicate the moves and whatnot in my entrance hall. Yet, we're doing the worst that can possibly be done. See you tomorrow! On this episode you will hear me discuss opinons on the matter, how I cope with some of them and A LOT of experiences that I went through and still go through. But with popularity, comes mediocrity so give it a listen and find out what I think about this whole thing! I love the Internet and it is a great phenomenon but it is killing our humanity due to its comfortability. daily podcast that I am going to be publishing with random thoughts and such that could possibly be interesting to someone out there in this vast world of the internet! To give them some air time without judgement. I've been doing this for a bit now and rarely get any interaction with the listeners so if you listen to the Grinder's Verdict then please shoot me an e-mail at Due to this, this application has been linked to being connected to many negative things going on in the world, however I doubt that and on this episode you can hear my thoughts upon watching a lot of content surrounding the app and using it myself. So, in March of 2019 I decided to take a big step in my life and give up smoking, a practice I did for over 14 years and try vaping. Best of luck to you, you'll need it. Penguinz0 - ; Reach out to me for either suggestions, complaints or overall scheduling a conversation. Those that don't look behind the curtains. Find the McKamey Manor and schedule a tour at :, S2E04 - Humanity is Disgusting (Notre Dame Verdict). People hate to be told the truth, because it hurts... but well, DUH! Smile? Become a Redditor. Someone who only listens to music thinks they can legitimately criticize musicians as if they know music for years. Pretty much. I believe that with practice comes perfect so doing something like this is incredibly helpful to build confidence. Don't throw money away, yes it's yours and you do whatever you want with it, but you are feeding something very negative! Check out Dead Witches here :  Sex is a good thing in life, however when it becomes a product of marketing schemes it becomes something that's not as good as we think. Listen to the episode! Cause I sure as hell am not! It's hopefully getting there, but it's not perfect! Popular social media platforms are promoting sexual content in an unhealthy manner, due to its popularity amongst multiple demographics. This one game had one, if not the best voice acting i've ever heard in my life. As I upload this, game has been updated, dealing with some of the issues I had with it. It'sAGundam - I'd love to hear what you think about my opinion! Thank you. Avoid at all costs. But there's certain things we shouldn't mention or criticize... An intensive view of the latest breaking news regarding one of the most used communication platforms online at the moment, read from an article from Toms Guide. Thank you. I am hoping to help someone out there with the same conditions become better at coping with it and if possible, completely get rid of it. Interesting, is it not? supernatural. Care to join next time? See you tomorrow! NOTE : This episode was recorded when the game had no updates to the things I mention or any sort of news on them either. What you can listen to here is a (hopefully!) Hopefully this episode leads to a roller coaster of emotions, providing reflection and inspiration. Surviving Life - ; We all change at some point in time. Though there's a difference that makes paranormal content entertaining and those that do it for the ease of content creating due to how commonly people are attracted to the supernatural, and that... my friends, is unacceptable! Find out my thoughts on it in the 20th episode of the Grinder's Verdict podcast! See you tomorrow! me Check it out! What a title huh? Anyway, tweet me your thoughts after giving this a listen @grindersverdict. Ronald Ulysses "Ron" Swanson is a fictional character portrayed by Nick Offerman in the NBC comedy-drama Parks and Recreation. Here is something that has put me through multiple struggles throughout my life. Asking for a friend. Also some updates on my own mental health and a few minutes of Overwatch talk. Ha! Not ALL of them though. Ron from Surviving Life covers the horrors of the deep web in documentary videos for YouTube, among other platforms, in an attempt to help raise awareness to the dangers of internet usage.

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