The 555 also features a Turkish walnut stock and forend, shell extractors, a manual tang safety, chrome-lined barrels and a single, selective mechanical trigger. When fired real firearms recoil – deal with it. google_ad_client = "pub-8715503169513452"; A July 31, 2014 press release from Savage Arms announced the new, entry-level, Stevens Model 555 O/U shotguns, stating: "Stevens, by Savage Arms, has introduced a fast-handling, stylish over-and-under shotgun that carries a price tag below $700. google_color_border = "000000"; length of pull for smaller-framed shooters. and assembly, it is close. Copyright Since then, the company listened to experts and customers to develop the Silver Reserve II. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our. The enhanced grade features auto ejectors, an imperial walnut stock and fore-end, and a silver, scroll-engraved filigree ornament receiver. It is a good thing we were not shooting three inch magnum shells at the time! Review Savage Stevens 555 Silver 28ga O/U. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Unfortunately, double triggers are not an option. The supplied choke tubes mount flush with the end of the barrel. toasty. Often, The frames are gauge-specific, which is important — no cutting corners by putting close gauges on larger frames. end of the year and after years, is not important to many folks. Savage/Stevens Model 555 Lightweight is the byword when it comes to the Savage/Stevens model 555 over/under because the receiver is not steel but high-strength aluminum alloy — but with a strength-enhancing steel insert at … cones, and chokes. year is the Browning Cynergy. Hmmm, for me I didn’t think it was nose heavy for that reason – I figure all shotguns with 26, 28 or 30 inch barrels are nose heavy and the reason is physics: hang a pair of 28″ tubes off a lead receiver and guess what….it will feel a bit “nose heavy”. google_ad_height = 15; O/U shotguns don't create themselves. Curious what the general opinions of the Silver reserve 2 are. Now this is totally different to the precision  rifle world where while a nice Accuracy INternational or Sako TRG is always appreciated no one is really going to look down their nose at a Remington 700 or Savage 12 that someone brings to the range. A Look at the Stevens 555E and previous shotgun models. I was able to check into a Tristar Setter imported from turkey sitting on the shelf at walmart for $357, which looks to be an very close (if not nearly identical) gun to the Gen 2 silver reserves. Unlock additional features, and fewer ads while browsing. the authority for high quality gunsmithing and shooting discussion. The initial run had the basic grade and the enhanced grade, with 12, 20, and 28 gauges available, as well as the .410. No one with a conscience could highly It was the basic grade 12-gauge 555. })(); The Shot well in the field and for skeet; only replaced it because I … . Bird Hunting Articles, Bird Hunting Gear, Latest in Upland Hunting, Shotguns. The manual tang safety works smoothly. and so forth. google_ad_format = "728x90_as"; Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I use the 555 for Training gun dogs all the time, nice light 28 that puts the birds down well. No one with a conscience could highly recommend the Stevens 555, the Mossberg Silver Reserve II, or the Stoeger Condor and I certainly cannot. Smaller gauges on the Stephens 55 weight around 5.5 lbs and even the largest gauge weighs just 6 lbs. The Brazilian get a decent O/U, you need a steel receiver. All rights reserved. After the event, I had to research the line of Stevens 555s to see exactly what I was looking at — and how much I would have to spend to get one in my safe. character, and to see how well it performs when it counts. Hmmm, Oh well, different sports……and on with my thoughts……. Copyright © 2017-2019 / Northwoods Collective, LLC. google_ad_width = 300; The receiver If you want a durable O/U, stay far away from aluminum alloy receivers. I took the first few shots at clays myself and the Stevens broke them just fine. 2015 by Randy Wakeman. /* TopLink */ heading south into a extremely downgraded shotgun, consider that the Beretta Stevens 555 Vs Mossberg Silver Reserve And 458 Socom Vs Cinder Block On Stevens 555 Vs Mossberg Silver Reserve And 458 Socom Vs Cinder Block Sale . To Post Apr 08, 2015 #1 2015-04-08T21:46. Most of them are clubs. Simple and easy to use. ). Create a free website or blog at of thermal expansion. Meanwhile, the Mossberg weighs 7.5 lbs. My first look at the Stevens 555 over/under shotgun was at a media event in northern Minnesota.There were a lot of guns available to tinker with, including several semi-auto shotguns.Being a double-barrel fanatic, I immediately gravitated towards the new over/under from Stevens. The plain extractors elevate both fired and unfired shells when the gun is opened, but do not eject fired hulls. two rounds, will spend $6500 a year on just ammo and range fees, perhaps The Turkish made Stevens 555 O/U is much too light for a 12 gauge with three inch chambers, weighing in at only one ounce over six pounds on my digital scale. Actually, you can find plain receiver Browning Cynergy Satin Field My brother in law bought a used Mossberg Silver reserve 20ga and is a nice handling shot gun looks good and shoots nice for me any way. The Stevens 555 came out in 2014, replacing the heavy Stevens 512. The furniture is Turkish walnut and it has a nice grain to it and the checkering is neatly done and The metalwork is finished in a warm and traditional satin black oxide that was evenly applied and without blemish. the original SKB is as well, and many models (along with parts and Granted, I’m used to heavier 12-gauges and old SxS 16-gauges, but I found myself nearly over-swinging on the first pair of birds that flushed. The 555 is lighter, but the CZ seems to get better reviews. Stevens Model 555 Over/Under 12 Gauge Shotgun.

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