SpongeBob and Patrick find a houseboat haunted by a crew of ghost pirates and get caught in the feud between them and the Flying Dutchman. Squidward closes the gap in SpongeBob’s teeth, which causes a dramatic and unexpected change in his demeanor. SpongeBob's representing the Krusty Krab in the Fast Food Olympics. • Hot Steel and Slide Licks 1 - Jeremy Wakefield ["Oh, nasty!"] When Squidward gets a purebred snail named Snelle, SpongeBob challenges him in the great snail race. U.S. premiere time (EST): At first, Squidward completely enjoys the fact that SpongeBob's no longer living next to him, but Mr. Krabs is concerned when SpongeBob is taking up too much space in his office and, worse of all, scaring away his customers. It's spring in Bikini Bottom and SpongeBob finds a wild seahorse and decides to keep her. So SpongeBob decides to lend a hand and help the Flying Dutchman learn to scare people again. A sea bunny ravages Squidward's garden, but SpongeBob thinks it's cute. How will SpongeBob ever get home? When a customer orders the one thing that no one has ordered for years, the monster krabby patty, SpongeBob tries to lift it, but old Spat cracks in two. SpongeBob and Patrick are excited because they are going to ride "The Fiery Fist O' Pain." SpongeBob wants to work at the local restaurant, "The Krusty Krab," and with a little help from Patrick, is on his way. The key to the safety deposit box that holds the Krabby Patty secret recipe goes missing. Tom Yasumi SpongeBob fails his boating test, so Patrick decides to give him advice to pass the test with a walkie-talkie in his head to give him all the answers. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! Mr. Krabs complains that his back hurts, so SpongeBob and Patrick buy a new mattress and Squidward tries to take credit for it. SpongeBob and Patrick try to meet the stars of their favorite superhero series, "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy", who currently reside in the local rest home.  ‣ Happy-Go-Lucky - Ernest Tomlinson [Tony and Patrick enter at the Bikini Bottom Bath House] Patrick inducts SpongeBob into his prestigious society of dullards and doofuses. After watching a horror movie, the next day at work SpongeBob thinks that Mr. Krabs is a robot. It's Sunday and Squidward just wants to relax. Then, Squidward tries to pass off SpongeBob's art sculpture as his own, in order to impress a big-shot art collector. Patrick's parents are coming over and Patrick doesn't want to look stupid, so he tells SpongeBob to be stupider than him. SpongeBob enters Gary in a pet show, but when he sees the other pets well-groomed, he decides to gives Gary a makeover. After not getting their paycheck from Mr. Krabs and instead, getting a note that says they're being charged to breathe and other silly things, SpongeBob and Squidward decide to go on strike. They land back in Bikini Bottom, and they think everyone in town are aliens. After Squidward returns from the hospital, SpongeBob and Patrick want to give him his best day ever which includes... jellyfishing! He hypnotizes them to convince people not to eat there anymore, so it's up to SpongeBob to turn them back to normal. Bubble Bass finds himself stranded with Patrick in a mysterious swamp, looking for a lost action figure. One day when Mr. Krabs sees SpongeBob pick up a penny on the street, he becomes obsessed with trying to steal it from him. Squidward threatens to take legal action against Mr. Krabs when he gets hurt on the job. Patrick comes in to tell him he is not being fancy enough and they both shrivel up. SpongeBob gets contaminated by a crusty, itchy, green fungus, called "Ick," which spreads onto everything it touches. Here's where you can watch and stream coverage, The director also teases what a potential Season 2 would be about. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are at the hospital and can't attend a shuffleboarding tournament, so SpongeBob and Patrick fill in for them. Squidward lures a sea bear to the campsite by doing stuff that would allure a sea bear. PNG or JPG. The Krusty Krab crew have a problem on their hands when SpongeBob finds an urchin. Everything Pearl looked at in the mall was so Coral that SpongeBob bought it all - maxing out Mr. Krab's credit card in the process. When his pet amoeba Spot has puppies, Plankton decides to use them in another of his nefarious plot. Mr. Krabs buys Squidward's art, but he has to get the artist out of the picture to make profit. Sandy struggles to build a ship-in-a-bottle before a big contest, so SpongeBob calls in a little extra help. When Mr. Krabs puts in an open kitchen, SpongeBob gets stage fright and has to invent a new persona. Does he now have some rare snail-related disease? SpongeBob and Patrick play Hide and Seek but SpongeBob is unable to find Patrick. Photos. Plankton is shocked to learn that he actually has a regular customer at the Chum Bucket, who loves to eat there. Plankton’s giant Chum Bucket glove runs wild in town, but SpongeBob has a handy friend to help them out. Eventually, SpongeBob is tired of him when Squidward is stealing his job and his employee-of-the-month fame. While at a jellyfishing fan convention, SpongeBob meets Kevin C. Cucumber, who gives him a chance to see if he can join his club, The Jellyspotters. To pay off the damage she caused, Mrs. Will SpongeBob and Patrick be able to survive the entire winter? U.S. viewers (millions): SpongeBob and all of Bikini Bottom face catastrophe—until a most unexpected hero rises to take center stage. The video goes over the basics of being an employee, such as: good hygiene, clean work area, being a good employee, and dealing with the customer. SpongeBob attempts to keep Bubble Buddy's son out of danger. Squidward packs his bags after his house gets infested, but a different kind of pest waits at his hotel. Patchy and some of SpongeBob's biggest fans wash up on the island above Bikini Bottom to celebrate SpongeBob Appreciation Day. When SpongeBob draws himself, it comes to life and causes chaos around Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob is going to have the best day ever. ‣ ? Patrick has a "snail" of his own for the race, which is a rock. However, they accidentally release Man Ray from a prison made of frozen tartar sauce. He asks SpongeBob to go in his shell and imitate him for the reunion. But what happens when Patrick makes SpongeBob lose a Noodle Student Star? Puff gets fired from her boating school job due to her lack of passing Spongebob. After his period of extreme embarrassment Scooter tells Spongebob that it was hilarious. Squidward decides to take the day off, but then keeps on worrying about what could happen to SpongeBob who's alone at the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob wants to be the first sponge that dives to the surface of the ocean. Next Plankton freezes the Krusty Krab in an attempt to get rid of its customers. When customers bring pets into the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs soon realizes pets are more profitable than owners. Mr. Krabs wants to challenge the 2% (about 7 people) of Bikini Bottom people who have never been in the Krusty Krab. It turns out that the stops Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, and Patrick go to are lame. Plankton tries to replace Karen with some new computer inventions after being tired of her criticism. More Shell Games (S12E29) is the twenty-ninth episode of season twelve of "SpongeBob SquarePants" released on Sat Mar 07, 2020. At the snail race, Gary is in bad shape and SpongeBob hollers at Gary to get up, while Snelle heads straight to the finish line. Puff finally chose SpongeBob to be hall monitor of the day! So Gary runs away to downtown Bikini Bottom where he is taken in by a kindly old woman who confuses him with one of her many deceased pets. As SpongeBob spends more time with his new pals, he spends less time with his best buddy Patrick and jeopardizes their friendship. But everyone prefers the dummy over the real thing! SpongeBob tries to impress a world-renowned chef named Jim, who once worked at the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs and Plankton circulate petitions to see which restaurant will get bulldozed by the city. The challenge is to find out all of the customers' names. SpongeBob can’t stop biting his nails, but he also can’t figure out why! Karen quickly learns that kids grow up too fast after her new child arrives in the mail. Plankton poses as a wish-granting genie in his latest scheme to get the secret formula. SpongeBob has a hard essay. But Patrick isn't happy with jellyfishing anymore. Patrick Star Squidward Tentacles SpongeBob SquarePants (cameo) Larry the Lobster (cameo) Screwhead guy (debut) Manicure guy (debut) Mohawk guy (debut) Spikes guy (debut) Mel(debut) Tony (debut) Lady … SpongeBob invents the "Krusty Dog," much to his immediately subsequent regret. Why is this section hidden? The Flying Dutchman takes up residence at SpongeBob's house where he proceeds to scare, startle and surprise SpongeBob around the clock. SpongeBob and Patrick get hooked on the latest fad, flying your own brain like a tiny drone.

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