As the ‘highest’ actually ‘living’ tissue of the body, the scalp reflects CONTACT WITH HIGHER TRUTHS. Just SKIN. Chronic bitterness. Sometimes we are being sent one ‘message’ verbally, and quite another on a silent, emotional level. No other part of our anatomy is so crucial to our DIRECTION OF WALKING as the Ankles are. Burn symptoms vary depending on how deep the skin damage is. Jaundice: Internal and  external prejudice. According to statistics, atopic dermatitis occurs in 7.3 percent of adults in the U.S. belly, will be in danger", Thigh A great need to control. I wonder is there anyone else out there who shares this symptom? – Heart Attack: Squeezing all the joy out of the heart in  favor of money or position. Root  beliefs being destroyed. : conflict of submission to a separation, etc. Sleep may become erratic, restless; also, we can wake up tired and with a sore body. Dermis: Hypoglycemia: Overwhelmed by  the burdens in life. Nothing to move forward to. Seeing  red. Emotions sometimes take extreme proportions and intensities, whatever they may be, from sadness to anger, from despair and discouragement to the most alive enthusiasm and explosive joy. Belief in aging. Years of controlling emotions. Resisting change. If anyone knows, please share. Insanity: Fleeing from the  family. The conflict of self in relation to a body part considered ugly, unsightly. Elimination: Burning skin spiritual meaning. However, burning in the … Afraid to let go. All rights reserved. Psoriasis: Fear of being  hurt. I this article cover pretty much my past experiences and present one, I wonder when my full amazing transformation will complete, is amazing!!! When consciousness is in a state of harmony, the disease has no reason for being and does not appear. The holistic recommendation is for a thorough re-evaluation of your COMMITMENTS in life; from career to family, relationships to recreation.. seeking areas of commitment that are no longer SUPPORTABLE as a ‘happy FLOW’ in your life. There Refusing to accept responsibility for  our own feelings. Every single sign, apart from the dreams, I have experienced. ‘BOWING TO THE GREATER GOOD.’ Life often puts us in situations where, in order to serve what we see as the Greater Good (such as the needs of the family, company or society) we must ‘bend the knee’ and BUCKLE-DOWN to our ‘duty.’ Such situations can trigger a sympathetic response in the form of pain, nerve abnormalities or other problems with the Knees. Remorse. Constipation: Incomplete  releasing. Anytime we are having difficult with our own INNER ‘sweetness’ as a person, we may experience a sympathetic response in the form of blood-sugar imbalances including hypoglycemia and diabetes. are three types of conflicts of separation: 1) Experiences backing up. Sores: Unexpressed anger that  settles in. – Thumb: Represents intellect and worry. Worry about not being good enough. [Read more about the meaning of Ascension]. The Metaphysical Explanations Of Specific Physical Aches, Pains And Sicknesses, Physical Pains And Their Metaphysical Meanings, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International, Metaphysical Explanations Of Specific Physical Aches, DECLASSIFIED: CIA Explains Consciousness, The Matrix, Meditation, Holograms, Telepathy, Paul Dobree-Carey: Beyond Light Language – In5D Podcast, Spirituality Quotes From Psychologist Carl Jung, Change Your Reality With A Walk Of Gratitude. Make sure to put your sage bundle out completely after every use.Setting off smoke alarms is common. Guilt. Not saying it can’t be enlightenment, but if you experience a state of being similar to the description, I am strongly suggesting to talk about it to someone like a therapist or at least a down to earth spiritual friend. A blow to the feminine ego. Blacking out. Fear of the new. The Not feeling good enough. Revenge. ‘Seeing is Believing!’ We sometimes have to see and admit facts that we would prefer NOT to have to admit. PERSONAL ‘SWEETNESS.’ One of the primary nutrients of the body is Blood Sugar.. the most immediately-useable nutrient sent into the blood after digestion. A belief that sex is bad. Or do you ‘bounce’ between ‘sweet’ and SOUR or BITTER as a personality? Inner crying. Whether the Law, our Spouse, Family, Traditions, Divine Authority or ‘destiny’ these Rulers literally DRIVE US to obey their wishes through deep psychological influences which govern the secretions of our endocrine or ductless gland system (most of which are located in the brain and torso;) leading to such problems as abnormal weight-conditions, energy-crises such as exhaustion or insomnia, and fluctuations in the body-temperature and other metabolic changes. Escaping  something or someone. Strain, burdens, incorrect creative expression. – Plantar Warts: Anger at the very basis of your  understanding. "I wash the shame" My experience has proved me so, and it is what I want to transmit in this book for those who are willing to take responsibility for their healing and want to use it as a guide; that to overcome the disease we must UNDERSTAND the message of the symptoms because HEALING is primarily KNOWING OURSELVES.

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