All Six Elements 1 Frostborn 2 Conduit 3 Pyromancer 4 Toxicologist 5 Stoneshaper 6 Tempest In Spellbreak, the player chooses a Class to play as before every match start. Slowed enemies are easy pickings. Apart from its ability to set other moves ablaze, like Toxic Clouds, Tornadoes, and Boulders, the Fireball does a hefty amount of damage for a spell projectile and, when combined with the insane amount of flame puddles it can produce in a short time, makes it the weapon of choice for those who want some… firepower. This is massive, allowing players to double dash, stay invisible for even longer, or fly across half the map. It will improve gameplay 100%. September 3, 2020, and since then numerous gamers bestowed it with a lot of love. Iphone 12 Without a Charger Is Okay, But WTH Still Just 64 GB Storage! Conduit’s Lightning attacks combos nicely with both Ice and Poison which will allow you to easily hit enemies that are slowed by the Ice and Poison attacks with massive Lighting Bolts that benefit from additional effects in addition to just being brutally powerful on its own. This also highlights invisible enemies, so it does offer some advantage, and can be very helpful for new players who are still getting used to camera, The Spellslinger talent is a tricky talent to judge. Overall, this talent is underwhelming. The fire will spread to other connected Toxic Puddles nearby. With an increasing chance to find scrolls ranging from 50% to 150% chance from chests, this can significantly increase the number of scrolls a player finds in any given match. Also Read | How to get Vi SIM card? Lightning Bolt fires a trio of bolts in quick succession that, when held, functions something like a Spellbreak laser-beam. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. On contact with fire Toxic Cloud ignites into a large explosion of Dragonfire that deals 2 ticks of 20 damage. Toxic is a hard-hitting, closer-range Gauntlet that functions something like the shotgun of Spellbreak. When you have a lightning gauntlet, you are in control of any area you can see. Allow us to suggest Frostborn, AKA Ice as class combo that benefits greatly from Tempest’s perks (more on that when we get to the Ice section). It, quite predictably, combines pure splash damage and versatile AoEs to help control the field and spread damage like… well, wildfire. Also removes water puddles, but not Steam Puddles. However, Wind will keep you safe from your own poison. That said, its Wind Shear attack can quickly light someone up if you catch them off guard, and has the added effect of deflecting spells if you’re skillful enough to take advantage of that perk. This adds up very quickly for players who are skilled at exiling opponents in multi-group fights and makes the gameplay feel incredibly good. The Tornado's gravity affects the trajectory of Toxic Spray heavily. Stoneshaper will make you absolutely brutal to take on at close range with the added defense and powerful close-range attacks paired with a Toxic Cloud to obscure where your strikes are coming from in addition to dealing DoT. The spell combos with different elements will assist you in making useful magic attacks on other players which will be your guiding steps towards victory. Harmony is unlocked by leveling the Toxicologist class up to rank 6. The downside of this spell is that it is only active when the player has no armor. Just be aware that Flamewalls can act as lightning rods, redirecting the path of Lightning Strikes. So far, Spellbreak has pulled a ton of twitch viewers into a world of magical mayhem. Indeed, aside from its utter absence of assault rifles and its novel, high-fantasy motif, Spellbreak has a distinctly unique arsenal of weaponry to choose from: Gauntlets. The Spellslinger talent is a tricky talent to judge. Speed it up with Wind, or use Shockwave to make walls of fire, ice, or toxic. In a game with so much of the gameplay depending on the fluid mobility options provided by runes (which is what makes Spellbreak so fun), Runic Fluency is a must-have talent for any playstyle with any class. In this guide, we’re going to rank what we feel are the best elements in Spellbreak and also go over the best Spellbreak class combos for each of these elements that we feel pair nicely together. The Vital Stone talent allows players to be revived on disruption, with the skill being refreshed after using a scroll and health recovery scaling from 10 to 50. The projectiles can also block Lightning Bolts. What makes Ice Lance special is the perspective zoom that occurs when holding the fire button, giving players a distinct advantage at range. Shockwave removes Toxic Puddle from the ground and passes through Toxic Clouds. The high-burst Boulderfall/shockwave combo works as a great opening to an attack, chunking opponents and leaving them at a disadvantage for an extended duel. Fire is the rocket launcher of Spellbreak. The only class this skill really helps is Frostborn with their sniping. Stone’s spell, Shockwave, opens a fissure that rips through the ground, dealing big one-shot damage to whichever unfortunate soul finds themselves in its path. Frost’s long-range capabilities are powerful. This adds up very quickly for players who are skilled at exiling opponents in multi-group fights and, Being able to absorb damage from an attack is a great tool for many players and makes Fortitude a worthwhile talent.

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