William says he’s sorry for what Nico did to her, but he’s also meaning that he’s sorry for what Noora’s ex boyfriend did to her, and that he understands why she’s rejected him. I had to go back and check my Subtext and Culture series, because surely I would have written something about this, since it’s obviously subtext, the characters are obviously not meaning what they’re saying?Ironically, I didn’t write a word about it! When Noora rebuffs him again, he gets super confused because Noora is sending him some mixed signals, but he backs off completely. Since Noora doesn’t want this either, she diverts the conversation with a joke about his name.What’s actually going on in this scene is that William is asking Noora for her consent to have sex, because his expectation is that this is something you do after making out and sleeping together. your series about examining the episodes is really intrresting!! Cookies help us deliver our Services. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Your posts about subtext and culture have been so helpful, and whenever I watch one of the episodes now I have your post open and cross reference everything. You ask for it, you respect the answer you get, and if you don’t, you’re simply a villain. ), Omgg i live im California and I just want to know is there i way i can watch skam im the us with English subs like the france one and the norway one like is there a website or anything ive been serching And i cant find anything please let me know~bri~. https://skamenglishsubs.tumblr.com/post/177482822690/i-couldnt-find-the-complete-episode-9-of-druck, https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6ljpfh. Here you can find subtitles for the most popular TV Shows and TV series. Instead, he rejects her, and when he tells her to respect him, he’s actually telling her to please trust him and please tell him what’s actually going on. No it’s the same 1-8 episodes that was on the supportbirb.de website (but I hope that they will upload the last 2 episodes too), episode 9: https://skamenglishsubs.tumblr.com/post/177482822690/i-couldnt-find-the-complete-episode-9-of-druck (it’s only available on tumblr, it won’t appear in the dailymotion search because it’s a private video), episode 10: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6ljpfh. And from Noora’s facial expression, we can see that she finally understands that it’s serious, and that she has to tell him. I found it strange the first time watching, especially as the students aren't separated by school year. In British schools, Jonas, Sana and Magnus would be the school year below Eva, Isak and Noora as they are born after August 31st. English is my first language and off the top of my head, the only non-English phrase I may use is like "c'est la vie", Funnily enough, the one foreign thing characters of every single remake has said is the Italian “ciao”.But yes, everyone learns English as their second language, English-speaking media is everywhere. Subtitles are available in multiple languages. it's the same blog that I've posted but it's no longer available from that link. And then, in S2E10, the heavens open themselves, and the backstory is finally revealed in all its ugliness. 25. is this a new source or is it the same shitty quality with muffled audio the other? Here’s the first piece of dialogue in S2E6. Thank you!By using a VPN, you can view the entire series with Norwegian subtitles on the official NRK website here: https://tv.nrk.no/serie/skam/sesong/1. Hi there. Hi! We use cardamom a lot in Indian dishes and I absolutely hate it. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. fhsh.src = "//freehostedscripts.net/ocount.php?site="+fhs_id_h+"&name=&a=1"; Close. Skam France Saison 1 en replay . Because for all the talk about what horrible fuckboys the Penetrators are, William and the rest of them actually respect consent 100%. Given her description of her parents, it’s also very likely that she either never really told them about it, or that she did, and didn’t get the support she needed from them. The KARDEMOMME!! Because finally, he got the truth out of Noora, knowing from the start that the “waiting until marriage” excuse was a lie. William and Noora finally got together after the And Syria!-party in S2E5, and this is the morning after. And finally, to close off this subplot within the season, Noora explicitly gives William her consent to have sex, so they do. She wants to hold off on having sex with William until she’s sure she can trust that she’s not some one-night-stand to him, some conquest that he will abandon once they’ve had sex, just like her one and only previous boyfriend did.Eva reacts with concern, because having sex at thirteen is really unusual. TV Series "Skam" and its adaptations! S2: here (all; in chronological order), (LOGOLESS / TO DOWNLOAD): fhs.src = "//freehostedscripts.net/ocounter.php?site="+fhs_id+"&e1=&e2=&r="+ref+"&wh="+w_h+"&a=1&pn="+pn+""; I’ve watched this with headphones and it seems fine. I have two questions about Norwegian words used in S03E10 (at the pre-Christmas party): What word Isak used in the sentence „Personal assistant and boyfriend”, it doesn´t sound like kjæreste at all. This in turn confuses Noora, because she doesn’t understand why he’s stopping all of a sudden. FULL EPISODES:(English subtitles + italian, portuguese, etc. Jonas and Eva are ‘99ers, this girl is a ‘00, so Jonas and Eva are the same age, and this girl is one whole year younger.

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