Several weeks a year the Sipsey Complex has Open Woods Weeks to improve access by the public to the Forever Wild Tract and the Sipsey River for fishing and canoeing. In addition to the foresters from the Yale School of Forestry, some of the other men involved in the early development of the Alabama National Forest included John C. Forney, who worked as a Field Title Attorney in land acquisition. 140. Their work project consisted of road construction and maintenance, truck trail and telephone line construction, bridge construction, timber stand improvement, fighting forest fires, and stream improvement. h�b```e``�c`c`��� ̀ �,@Q�K6Xe Ŗ9@%yL� In April of 1932, the club was considering expanding to allow members from other towns. The Southern Tower was located south of Cranal Road in the headwaters of West Fork Caney Creek. 205-471-7724 HUNTING FERAL SWINE PARTNERS INVOLVED. Between May and October of 1917, Loren L. Bishop, the acting Forest Supervisor of the National Forests in Florida, was put in charge of the Alabama Purchase Unit. )� Later, in June of 1933, he would be the Chief of Timber Management for the Cherokee and Alabama National Forests. Black Warrior WMA. Forest Supervisor Lufburrow was securing agreements from landowners along the road to contribute labor for hauling the surfacing material from the rock crusher to the road. For gun hunt days get in a tree on a clear cut, if you can find one, or in the thick stuff. The 1924 map of the Alabama National Forest shows the Forest Supervisor’s Office in Moulton and the Ranger Station in McDowell Cove. Earnest John Mead was appointed Forest Examiner in May of 1918. They developed the Natural Bridge Recreation Area, built the dam that created Brushy Lake, and developed the Sipsey Recreation Area. Sandling worked for the Henderson Land and Development Company, and had intimate knowledge of the purchase area. c: 334-818-1395 Also the Sipsey Wilderness portion is a good bet if you don't mind hiking, dragging and totin'. Horseback riding is allowed on trails specifically designated for horses. Motorized vehicles and bicycles are not allowed inside the Sipsey Wilderness boundaries. The Clarke-McNary authorized the Forest Service to acquire lands beyond the headwaters of navigable streams. Wildlife Management Area Maps and Hunting Permits You can also hunt hogs during any other legal hunting season the BW WMA using guns for that season (ie. Black Warrior Waterdog found on Bankhead National Forest. The ranger station was actually Jack McDowell’s house located in McDowell Cove, several miles south of Landersville and within the national forest. In 1913, foresters from the Yale School of Forestry came to Alabama to explore the possibility of a national forest in the headwaters of these streams in northwestern Alabama. These tracts are known as the Sipsey Complex. Jack McDowell retired from the Forest service on May 1, 1933 at the age of 48. In the northeastern portion of the Bankhead National Forest,the 25-mile Owl Creek Non-Motorized Trail provides an opportunity to see beautiful waterfalls, sandstone cliffs, deep gorges, majestic hardwood trees, wildflowers, and an abundance of birds and animals. Get the Alabama Great Escapes App! 1001 North Street He died on May 2, 1977 in Moulton, Alabama. Email, Conecuh National Forest In 1929, the first timber management plan was written for the Alabama National Forest. They established their offices in Haleyville. From this expansion, another 138,000 acres were purchased and 20,000 acres of public domain land were added to the National Forest. Only in Alabama! There was no deer hunt organized for 1934. Email, Bankhead National Forest Sixteen bucks eight does were killed. (DXUZ@:�X 2L'�4k����yB�9P�O . Camp F-4 had been established by Company 258 on October 29, 1933 by “junior” enrollees from New York and New Jersey who had spent the summer working in Idaho. This was where the post office was located. Note:  Users of the Hurricane Creek Shooting Range should bring their own paper targets. Double Springs, AL 35553 For those wanting to picnic on the Forest, the “National Forest Barbeque Dew Drop Inn” at Rabbit Town sold everything needed for an outing. But according to maps like this one - Talladega, AL 35160 On March 1, 1911, the Weeks Act was passed, allowing the federal government to purchase private land to protect the headwaters of the eastern waterways. Email, Bird Watching in the Bankhead National Forest, Quail Habitat in the Bankhead National Forest, Hunting Feral Swine in the Bankhead National Forest, Fish Habitat Enhancement GPS Coordinate Sites for Alabama Power Company Reservoirs: fishdata, The WFRP website which contains a database of wildlife, fish & rare plant projects on National Forests, The Winston County Natural Resources Council's blog, Help Us Stop the Invasion - Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, To request information, pamphlets, ask questions or submit comments, email the Bankhead National Forest: The plan was signed by Clinton G. Smith, Forest Supervisor of the Cherokee National Forest on March 6, 1929. Company 463 transferred to Camp F-4 at Grayson. McDowell was in charge of the “Alabama District” with an office in Landersville.

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