30 / 90 After firing several rounds, use the scope to reset the recoil. With a proper lug adaptor, the rifle will also accept a NATO-pattern KCB-77 (made originally by Carl Eickhorn of Solingen, West Germany) or the American M9. "SG" is an abbreviation for Sturmgewehr (assault rifle). Due to its operating principle, the rifle has no mechanical commonality with other SG 550 variants. Counter Strike Online Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. SIG SG 552 However, they did determine that a sample rifle provided by the complainant had been assembled with a receiver that had once been used in a fully automatic version of the rifle and declared the entire model line prohibited, with possible confiscation for destruction. Even though it mostly resembles the SG 552, the SG 553 has one key advantage, the recoil spring is now wrapped around the piston rod as in the SG 550/551 models, which address several reliability issues encountered in the SG 552 and also allows the usage of the standard SG 550/551 charging handle. Affiliation 34 Using the scope also reduces the weapon's rate of fire. The bayonet has an overall length of 310 mm and a muzzle ring diameter of 22 mm. A pistol variant of the SIG556. The trigger pull is approximately 35 N (7.9 lbf). Highest rate of fire of all weapons except submachine guns. The SG 550 series rifles have a 540 mm (21.3 in) long sight radius and are equipped with iron sights adjustable for both windage and elevation. For designated marksman use, the SG 550 is equipped with a Kern 4x24 telescopic sight on a quick-detachable mount. The firearm is fed by lightweight 20-round box magazines, 30-, 10- and 5-round magazines are also available. SIGP556 pistol variants with 10 in barrels are also available. It's usually used by special forces during close-quarter battle. The SG 550 has a side-folding skeletonized buttstock (folds to the right side of the receiver) and a lightweight aluminium bipod that folds into grooves in the lower handguard. It has a 2x scope which accentuates its long range accuracy, much like a Hunting Rifle or a Sniper Rifle, but not nearly to the same degree as either of these weapons. 23 A version of the rifle with an integral receiver-mounted Picatinny rail is also offered; in this configuration the weapon is fitted with flip-up emergency battle sights—a rear aperture sight which folds down into a recess in the rail and a folding front blade. 스위스의 SIG 사에서 설계, 스위스 암즈에서 제조/판매하는 [2] 5.56mm 돌격소총이다. Rate of Fire The final 'frame' of its reloading animation is not quite correctly placed as the 'idle' has, this occurs to its 'draw' animation too, albeit not as visibly. 376 (no scope)244 (scope) The lower stock can be replaced with an SG 550 series lower receiver to turn it into a fully automatic short barreled rifle often mistaken for the SG 553. The G&G is by fare the better, my only grip with it is the quality of the motor. Using the scope also reduces the weapon's rate of fire. The rifled barrel has 6 right-hand grooves and the Swiss Army specification 254 mm (1:10 in) rifling twist rate is optimized for Swiss military GP 90 ammunition. The rotary bolt locking mechanism consists of two steel locking lugs that engage locking recesses in the breech, and is identical to that used in the SG 540. At long range, the. The full-sized SG 550/551 will accept SIG's 40 mm GL 5040/5140 grenade launcher (Swiss military designation: 40 mm Gewehraufsatz 97), which is mounted under the barrel via an eccentric latch and replaces the lower handguard. The bolt and carrier, along with most other components internal to the receiver undergo a phosphating process. Overview Speed reduction The SG552 is a shorten-barrel variant of Swiss army's standard service rifle, the SG550. The gas block integrates an adjustable gas regulator, the front sight with a flip-up night sight post, and the bayonet lug on the flash suppressor. The SG 551 cannot be used with a bayonet or fire rifle grenades. Upon investigation and examination by the RCMP, this was proven not to be the case since the rifles were purpose-built semi-automatic versions. It has a gas-actuated piston-driven long-stroke operating system derived from the SIG SG 540 series of rifles, which uses burnt powder gases vented through a port in the barrel to power the weapon's moving parts. To address this, the SG 552 was updated, resulting in the SG 553. It has a shorter 226 mm (8.9 in) barrel (with an open, 3-prong flash suppressor) and gas tube, ventilated handguards and a redesigned bolt carrier group that was integrated with the piston rod to form a single moving assembly. 50 EOTech and Aimpoint sights, flashlight, laser, suppressor and transparent mag, Can be fitted with attachments that convert it to a SIG SG 550 or SIG SG 551, added in Season 2 update, With polymer magazine and M68 Aimpoint red dot scope, ACOG scope; incorrectly fires in full-auto, SIG556 HOLO with green furniture; incorrectly fires in automatic and 3-round burst modes, railed handguard, without stock, with sight, added in Lifeline DLC (2014), SIG556xi SWAT depicted with full-auto lower, Heavily modified 556 Classic, fitted with, 556xi Russian fitted with GLM, EOTech 556 and AN/PEQ-15, With SG 550 series lower receiver and Aimpoint sight. Externally, it can be distinguished from its predecessor by its charging handle (flat black plastic) like on the SG 550 and SG 551. The SG 551 comes in several specialized variants designed for use with security and special forces. The SG552 in real life is used by the law enforcements instead of the Terrorists. The stock, pistol grip, and handguards are made of a high-strength polymer, and are produced in either green or black colour options.

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