I put the Short Reset Trigger in it and wow, what a difference, hard to make this better but it did! It just feel the best in my hand. I’m a natural lefty, but was raised shooting right handed. I sent in a M11-A1 on their dime because the DA trigger was heavier than advertised and they performed a free trigger job and sent it back. the 226 i tried was dripping crud and it still worked with the generic range loads that were provided with it. I was reading the list of “upgrades” from the USN issued P226 and was shaking my head in disbelieve. absolutely – rule #4. only redeeming quality of the article is the myriad of informative comments and replies.. most of which seem to be from folks well experienced with the platform – thanks for clearing up the article’s oversights. Additionally, how many confrontations, shooting incidents occur when one of the involved people’s whereabouts is unknown. Light in beneficial in almost every other situation and circumstance. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. – Phosphate coated interior components (as specified in the Navy contract). I personally like the trigger, I also have a p220 (.45) with the srt and I can’t feel much of a difference at all. Which I am quite fond of. the SRT fixed the issue and it’s fabulous now. Now that I have on that looks so sweet I can’t decide if I want to shoot it or not. My original SIG pistols were not equipped with the short reset trigger and I loved shooting them. Stick with the classic P-series guns from Sig and you won’t have reliability problems. It would pretty much incapacitate a BG! There are designs that transcend time. As one might guess, reset is significantly shorter and with the lighter main spring both the DA and SA pull is lighter but not to light for a defensive weapon. It was “Russian tulammo” really hard (almost impossible) loading into my mags and after my last round, the slide wouldn’t catch the lock (once or twice?) Stick to “modern warfare”, “blackops” and “world of warcraft” with your other friends. BUY THE ELITE DARK…front serrations, SRT, SIG NITE (my 40 had adjustable and aluminum grips, the 9 did not) and all the GREAT standards on the 226…AND WITH THE JOY OF THE BEAVERTAIL! I was off to Desert Storm when author was an infant [if even born yet] and I don’t even have many guns I can refer to that way.. including the m1911 I qualified with and carried or the many m9’s that followed. Sig Sauer P226 Navy 9MM MK25 MK-25 - $979.99 w/code "WELCOME20" Item Number MK25 Caliber 9mm Action Type DA/SA Trigger Pull DA 10.0 lbs Trigger Pull SA 4.4 lbs Overall Length 7.7 in Overall Height 5.5 in Overall Width 1.5 in Barrel Length 4.4 in Sight Radius 6.3. As far as having no safety, you quickly learn to take a weapon off safe the second you draw from a holster. Now, due to three right hand wrist surgeries, I’m pretty much now reliant to shooting left handed, which fortunately I can do very good. It makes holster selection annoying, but not impossible. this from an enthusiast only legal to buy a handgun for 4 years at best? Nothing like lighting up your kid whild in the process of IDing. Only one light as I rotate which gun sleeps next to me. 6 0 20. Its a functional gun that shoots well and is amazingly reliable — except when you use the crappy jam-tastic ProMag 30 round magazines. I've moved to Canada and I was not able to import my Legion so I just bought a new P226 and I chose the Mk25 because I wanted an all-black P226. Anyway that W.German made pistol is till running only the mags have been rebuilt. They stick out more, but saves having to experiment with different front sights. . My first handgun was a p-226 used former duty gun. Ratings (Out of Five Stars): JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Specifications: SIG SAUER Short Reset Trigger (SRT) upgrade kit for P226 / P227 / P229 / P228. the old red headed step child treatment. First and foremost is the chunky external extractor on the slide, which is less prone to breaking than the original skinny extractor. If it was slightly smaller and lighter then it would be my EDC, but I knew exactly what I was buying when I bought it. Light and laser together (the laser dot is centered in the beam.). They have been good to me 3 times and not 1 time. After talking to CS, I decided to go the enhanced action route, but it’s going to cost me this time. Would you mind send me a picture of your gun. Browse by individual sku to find the right product for you. That is all well and good but I only want one because at has that cool anchor on the slide. If the problem persists, contact customer support. The railed P226 chambered in 9mm and engraved with an anchor on … The first pistol I ever hot was 4 years ago at the local range. For DA/SA models only. Glocks from the factory are far from having “hair triggers”. On the MK25, though, there are some cutouts in the back of the trigger. There is a reason why this gun was the official sidearm for the Navy SEALs for more than 20 years. Go work for Guns ‘n Ammo for a few years then come back. That means the first double action pull takes MILES and then the reset for each single action round after that is still quite long. Does it come with a bipod so you can put even more junk on it? Even my latest P226, a West German 1987 manufacture, has been running like a Swiss clock despite being older than I am (yep, you read that right). It is my end of the world gun. Like the 1911 handgun. I wont keep a “fixed” gun. empty 1. This is the gun I train with. I have a couple other Sigs and don’t really have much issue with them being made for right hand. Besides the trigger issue I mentioned, there’s nothing wrong with this gun. Fix it or give me my money back. Unfortunately after a few cleanings it starts to easily peel off. The SRT will only set you back $50 and the consensus is that its easy to do by yourself, but it really should have been included. This one, for example, has already seen some heavy wear and didn’t even come from SIG cleaned up from the last reviewer to use it.

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