Thank G-D! CJ Pearson, a 16-year-old conservative activist who is not affiliated with any extremist groups, says that “the role [Instagram] will play in 2020 is being slept on right now. Instagram is. My Explore page was littered with posts containing hashtags such as #PedoVore, #TheGreatAwakening, #WWG1WGA, #QAnon, #Spygate, #Pizzagate, and #TheStorm. It’s not just bad, it’s #offthechain They are... Mark and Karen get prepped for Flatoberfest 2020 in Greenville South Carolina! Following these pages resulted in suggestions for pages dedicated to promoting QAnon, chemtrails, Pizzagate, and anti-vaccination rhetoric. She says she was honorably discharged due to a medical condition. A post from @unclesamsmisguidedchildren, which has more than 559,000 followers, implies that John Podesta is partially responsible for the New Zealand shooting. “I was just noticing a lack in younger people being interested in QAnon, so I figured I would put it out there that there was at least one young person in the movement,” he told me via Instagram direct message. But recently, content from those pages has gotten too extremist for him. @q_redpillworld17, for instance, which requested to follow me after I followed @the_typical_liberal, has posted several videos and images claiming proof that the New Zealand shooting was a “false flag”; one post compares the mosque’s blood-spattered carpet with another image, implying that the carpets don’t match so the shooting was staged. Published: 07:32 EST, 18 May 2020 | Updated: 16:15 EST, 18 May 2020. There are lots of creators who openly promote it and believe in it,” he says. Part of this is due to its reputation among older users, who generally use it to post personal photos, follow aspirational accounts, and keep in touch with friends. When Alex, now a high-school senior, saw an Instagram account he followed post about something called QAnon back in 2017, he’d never heard of the viral conspiracy theory before. “I try to follow both sides just to see what everyone’s thinking,” he said. “It has the best of all platforms.”, Next up: Instagram. A report commissioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee declared that “Instagram was perhaps the most effective platform for the Internet Research Agency” to spread misinformation. So he did what your average teenager would do: He followed several accounts related to it on Instagram, searched for information on YouTube, and read up on it on forums. Another meme on the page brags that the administrator was “antisemetic before it was cool.” The caption of another post claims that “vaccines make us all sick and your kids autistic. Since 2016, social-media companies have come under fire for allowing white supremacy and other extremist ideologies to spread. Lewis, a prominent member of the Flat Earth movement, recently uploaded footage of the encounter online, where it went viral even after she deleted it. “It’s easy, on Instagram, to attach certain hashtags to certain memes and get high visibility.”, Indeed, 344,000 Instagram posts currently include the hashtag #QAnon; 262,00 include the hashtag #WWG1WGA, a QAnon conspiracy phrase; 166,000 include the hashtag #Pizzagate. A post made four days ago includes a video promoting the conspiracy that more than 22 Islamic terror camps operate in the United States and are likely responsible for the shooting in Parkland, Florida. Submit a letter to the editor or write to Mark also gives his conference speech and BONUS rant about how he was left off the official t-shirt. The right has an advantage in that they’ve organized a huge network of meme accounts on the platform that reach millions of young people across the web who will be casting their first vote come 2020.”. Lewis filmed herself as she spoke to a Gelson's shop assistant, who tells her in the video that she can't enter the store without wearing a mask, but the supermarket would 'happily provide one' for her. According to Albright, this has stunted research efforts focused on the spread of misinformation and extremism. “I know where they’re getting it.”. He responds that he is happy to have a job. And Pearson says he wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of those kids are already familiar with conspiracies such as QAnon. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, Joe FAILS to land early knock-out blows as President holds the Sunshine State, Texas and Ohio - with other early targets of North Carolina, Georgia and Texas neck and neck - but Biden is reported to have FLIPPED Arizona. Research this for yourself and get the word out or you are part of the problem.”. View the profiles of people named Shelley Lewis. @mommy_underground, which Instagram itself suggested I follow, features a post falsely claiming that a new bill would “engrave Planned Parenthood’s abortion number” onto the back of all student-ID cards for girls over the age of 12. She then addresses the original shop assistant who is wiping down shopping trolleys outside the store while dancing to music, stating that he appears 'chipper'. It doesn’t care about demographics. ), In December, Wired reported that Instagram had become the “go-to” social network for the Internet Research Agency, a Russian troll farm notorious for meddling in U.S. elections. @activate_justice, another page that requested to follow my account, is littered with Kek memes and shared a screenshot of a YouTube video declaring that it has been “confirmed: Hillary died” and that Nancy Pelosi has been arrested. “There’s mainstream Insta pages that believe in QAnon. In the second segment, we speak with Shelley Lewis and Wendell Walton from Los Angeles to talk about their recent interviews, debates, and 2020 documentary! These posts do not technically violate Instagram’s terms of service, but Lewis says these groups are using the platform “to rebrand themselves as less violent than they actually are” and to attract young users to their extremist movements. The 'chipper' Gelson's employee pictured, left, and store manager Ben, right. Reserved. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The comments below have not been moderated. He was excellent!'. A California woman has been branded a 'covidiot' after accusing supermarket staff of discriminating against her for not letting her in the shop without a mask. Lewis adds: 'I'm glad you guys think it's OK to infringe on people's rights here.'. Flat Earth 2020, making the world great again. “I noticed this whole network of personalities and pages because they all shout each other out,” he said. Many teenagers, however, use the platform differently—not only to connect with friends, but to explore their identity, and often to consume information about current events. Four of them are still up, and on Tuesday, another was surfaced at the top of my feed. Then I pulled another you-know-who mention network (graph) from Instagram. Will this be the last conference or will it be a super spreader event because masks are not required! But the post piqued his interest, and he wanted to know more. He says he would be unable to carry out similar research today due to the recent API restrictions. The same regulation has not been established for customers, although individual companies have set their own policies regarding protective gear. “It’s important to have The Typical Liberal and DC Draino to expose the [media’s] lies, so we can formulate our own opinions,” Jack told me. Sign up now and get: © TRUTH FREQUENCY (TM) All Rights Reserved, Two weeks until Flat Earth conference 2020. As of Tuesday afternoon, three of the top 12 Instagram posts featuring the hashtag #vaccines were promoting anti-vaccine messages—after Facebook announced last week that it would diminish the reach of anti-vaccine information on Facebook and Instagram. Flatoberfest in Greenville South Carolina. secret plot by the “deep state” to take down Donald Trump. Twitter user and DNC member Khary Penebaker shared the video, with the caption: 'Karen gets upset that a store won't let her shop without a protective facemask. A sign displayed outside the supermarket states that masks or face coverings are required to enter the store.

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