He would destroy the Pharaoh of Egypt and usurp his throne. To promote the game's launch, Shaq released his second studio rap album, Shaq Fu: Da Return, which peaked at #67 in the US' Billboard 200 chart and #19 in Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart; those who pre-ordered or purchased the console versions of the game in its initial launch also had gotten a Promotional CD featuring the track "Stand and Deliver". Sett Ra, when struck with a high attack toward his head, would drop to his knees as his head caught fire. Shaq-Fu is a 2D fighting game released for the Genesis and Super NES on October 28, 1994. The body of Sett Ra would then dissolve, the wraps falling to the ground and the smoldering shoulder armor tumbling forward. One of the multiple rev… Beast, when struck in a certain way, would have his skin dissolve away revealing a skeleton which crumbles to the ground. One who possesses strength, spirituality, courage, agility, intelligence and unsurpassed skill in martial arts. [6] Mean Machines Sega Magazine gave the Genesis version 79%. In Episode 17, Eddie and friends got a Game Genie, and used it to make Shaq throw basketball jerseys instead of his Shaq-uriken, a cheat not possible with the Game Genie. He slumbered for a millennium, bound by the wrappings of a mummy. Both the Game Boy and Game Gear versions lack a tournament mode and in-game voices. For Shaq-Fu on the Genesis, Game Script by Janors 2. aMMMMM M7 WMiMMM a MMMMMMMMM XM M 8MMMMMMMMMM XMMMMM88aWMXM 2MBMMMMMMi:2 0MMWWW@@@WMMMS @MWaXi. The Amiga version contains the same content as the Genesis version (it keeps the text "Licensed by Sega Enterprises, LTD" left over from that version on the title screen), though the backgrounds have no animation. Ahmet barely escaped from the palace to the Great Desert, where his grandfather, Leotsu the Wise, dwelt as a monk and hermit. ", "Games_Master_Issue_023__1994_11__Future_Publishing__GB__300dpi_", Shaquille O'Neal Presents His Superfriends, Vol. The finishing moves were not gory as those depicted in the fatalities of Mortal Kombat, but were considerably more violent when performed against monster-type characters in the game, rather than humans. The Game Gear Version has Bonus Levels in story mode similar to the SNES/Genesis version. "[13] The same year, Electronic Gaming Monthly ranked it number 10 on their "Top 10 Worst Games of All Time".[14]. [2] They reviewed the Genesis version as superior to the SNES version due to its additional characters and improved controls, and concluded that the game is "fun once you get used to the small, fast sprites. Genesis-exclusive character Auroch would turn to stone and explode if struck with a mid-range attack. Long ago and far away, in a place called The Second World, there ruled the heartless sorcerer Sett Ra. The Genesis version of Shaq Fu has five more playable characters (Auroch, Colonel, Diesel, Leotsu, and Nezu) and three more stages (The Lab, The Wasteland, and Yasko Mines) than the Super NES version, thus the Genesis version has a longer story mode. Only Shaq knows. Shaq Fu received mixed reviews at the time of its release.

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