The police show him some photo arrays. This person told me that what Jon told the police, quote, "It's not true." We presume he was showing them where he and Adnan parked the day they went to Best Buy to smoke weed. Others also saw Lee after school that day. Bergdahl was angry about the battalion commander's misplaced priorities. [97][98][99], Parodies of Serial have targeted the show's style, its fans' obsessive tendencies, Koenig's curiosity and uncertainties, the charts and graphics posted on the show's website, and the podcast's sponsor MailChimp (especially the meme "MailKimp"). Privacy Policy | Terms of Use. When Koenig questions people about what bothers them about Bergdahl's case, most say that it has become so political. They don't mention the studies—I started looking into this—that talk about how, when eyewitnesses pick out someone as the perpetrator in a police lineup, they identify innocent people more than 30 percent of the time, 30 percent. As a result of this anger, the Republican congress changed the legal wording on Gitmo foreign transfer language, creating a stricter standard as a direct result of the Bergdahl trade, and the administration not telling Congress the truth. They weren't close friends, but they definitely knew each other, and had been cool with each other. Like, weren't you terrified? No fruit. Well. What if it was like a relative who was the victim of it? Charles' fiance, Ieshia, was driving. He needed someone who took risks. He was facing this way. And it's time for them to speak up. This past Friday, Da'Von Holmes was indicted on 13 felony counts for the homicide of Aavielle Wakefield on—. Defense attorney Cristina Gutierrez argued that someone else did it, and police did not look beyond Syed. The prosecution had a cell phone expert on the stand named Abraham Waranowitz who testified that all of this data was reliable. The show began at what felt like the end of Syed's story. Yusuf said the podcast had indirectly reconnected the family to his estranged brother Tanveer for the first time in the 15 years since the murder. Do you know where the body is?” “No. In their motion, they say that, at first, the landscaper had told police he hadn't seen the shooter. He a good dude, and he a judge, now. (Mia!) So if it was this other guy, I asked Charles, why did he think people started calling in anonymous tips about Da'Von? Already, one witness had been shot and killed in his driveway just before he was supposed to come to court. I like Da'Von, but I want to make clear that this isn't one of those cases where the honor student gets profiled by the cops because he was wearing a hoodie and lives near Kinsman. Da'Von had told me he didn't know the Wakefield family. I wasn't there. Hey. From This American Life and WBEZ Chicago, it's Serial, one courthouse told week-by-week. You know, somebody got the same type of car, they just burst the conversation. She told me gang members had come in the courtroom, sat in the back, trying to get in RJ's head. You're naming to me individual people who you think were there, and know the same story you're telling me. So what exactly did they have on Da'Von Holmes? But Cleveland police justice, or Justice Center justice, no way. Infatuated was the word he used. Repeat it in batches, as if he's skipping a mental stone. They want you at work so, girl, go do your job He'd been in contact with Charles Wakefield, Aavielle's father, he said. I'd been waiting to contact Mr. Wakefield until, I don't know, I had more information, I guess. Of course there'll be money somewhere.' He gon' skrrt and hit the dab like Wiz Khalifa After talking to Yasser, the police went on to obtain a subpoena to get Adnan’s phone records as well as his phone. He was completely shooken up. Da'Von said Shaughnessey believed him that he didn't commit this crime. [74], One critic asserted that Koenig presented the story of a murder involving two minority teenagers and their cultures through a lens of white privilege, "a white interpreter 'stomping through communities that she does not understand' ". I'm going to be on the run. Right. Editing on this episode from Ira Glass. Aavielle's shooting came at the end of a hideous month for Cleveland. You on every level, you’re the leader, ooh [64] Reddit hosts a Serial subreddit site. I guess they never miss, huh? He just didn't shoot. [5], Introducing a PBS NewsHour segment about Serial, Judy Woodruff noted that it is "an unexpected phenomenon", and Hari Sreenivasan mentioned it has "five million downloads on iTunes, far more than any other podcast in history". Promoters of this theory use the fact that prosecutor Kevin Urick helped Wilds acquire a pro bono lawyer, who then had him sign a plea deal, as its basis. Keep your head up. Our theme song is by Nick Thorburn and remixed by Adam Dorn. Anyway. According to Jen, Jay left but they planned to meet up later. Please check it out on our website at So I was really passing their information to the detectives, not my own information, and that was also a good deed. The other theme of the first episode, which then carried on throughout the season, is the fact that so much of the case relies on teenagers remembering what they did on one specific day, weeks before they were interviewed by police. So what happened? Da'Von has abiding respect for his mother. State's Exhibit 351 is an autopsy photograph of adorable little Major Howard's dead body. I gotta tell somebody. Charles feels as though he can't directly ask anyone to come forward and speak to the police. And I was making the plate, and my mom said, what the police doing here like that? But he didn't shoot. General Michael Flynn, formerly head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, says authoritatively people died on missions to find Bergdahl. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use, Play Season One: Episode 04: Inconsistencies.

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