The nose will be short with a gentle curve and the cat's body well-rounded with a padded look and medium-to-short legs. When Susie had kittens, two of them were born with folded ears, and one was acquired by William Ross, a neighbouring farmer and cat-fancier. My Wife's Lovers, 1891, Carl Kahler. The permissible colors in the breed, in most organizations' breed standards, encompass the entire range of cat coat-pattern variations. All Folds are born with straight, unfolded ears, and those with the Fold gene will begin to show the fold usually within about 21 days. [12] Recommended guidelines include: The short novel The Cat Who Went to Paris by Peter Gethers features "the most famous Scottish Fold" according to Grace Sutton of The Cat Fanciers' Association. It was also found in a human patient with metatropic dysplasia. [2] These animals like to be outdoors and enjoy outdoor games and activities very much. In 2016 the genetic mutation responsible for the folded ears and the OCD was identified. J Med Genet, 47 (2010), pp. [11] A cat with folded ears may have either one (heterozygous) or two copies (homozygous) of the fold gene (Fd). This condition also affects heterozygous Folds, but usually to a much lesser extent and at a later age. Other associations register them as a separate Exotic Longhair breed. Through social media, people are putting popular feline breeds up for sale, and charging as high as Dh5,000 for Scottish Fold cats. Although these health issues are common, many Persians do not exhibit any of these problems. The first documented ancestors of the Persian were imported from Khorasan, Iran, into Italy in 1620 by Pietro della Valle, and from Angora (now Ankara), Ottoman Empire (Turkey), into France by Nicholas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc at around the same time. [56] The disease is autosomal dominant and DNA screening is the preferred method of eliminating the gene in the breed. 2009",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Recognized by the cat … [9] Not all cat fanciers agreed with the distinction of the two types, and in the 1903 work The Book of the Cat, Francis Simpson states that "the distinctions, apparently with hardly any difference, between Angoras and Persians are of so fine a nature that I must be pardoned if I ignore the class of cat commonly called Angora". Accessed 26 September 2017. The report states that there is not enough information to justify banning Scottish Fold matings but enough to justify a level of concern. Cat breed remains popular through social media and celebrity influence despite inbred health conditions. Because of this there are suggestions by some breeders to avoid mating Folds with straight-eared Scottish Folds but only use British Shorthairs (BSH) as outcross. The late 19th-century oil portrait is called My Wife's Lovers, and it once belonged to a wealthy philanthropist who commissioned an artist to paint her vast assortment of Turkish Angoras and Persians. [57], Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a common heart disease in all cats. [62] Even without the condition, the flat face of the Persian can make picking up food difficult, so much so that specially shaped kibble have been created by pet food companies to cater to the Persian. An offer of free X-rays was presented to 300 breeders to find a Fold cat with healthy hind legs but it was never taken up. The Scottish Fold is a breed of domestic cat with a natural dominant-gene mutation that affects cartilage throughout the body, causing the ears to "fold", bending forward and down towards the front of the head, which gives the cat what is often described as an "owl-like" appearance. The head is domed at the top, and the neck very short. Reported incidence rate in Persians is 6.5%. [24][25], The CFA set up the registration for Himalayans in a way that breeders would be able to discern a Persian with Himalayan ancestry just by looking at the pedigree registration number. This website stores cookies on your computer. The Fold's entire body structure, especially the head and face, is generally rounded, and the eyes large and round. Many online posts include appealing close-up pictures of Scottish Fold cats highlighting their large eyes and often described as “cute,” and “sweet.”. This condition causes their ears to fold forward and downwards, giving them a ‘teddy-bear-like’ appearance and making them one of the most popular breeds among their feline friends. In the UK, the breed was recognized as the Colorpoint Longhair. These cookies are used to improve your experience and provide more personalized service to you. It has even inherited much of the Persian's health problems. The term peke-face has been used to refer to the ultra-typed Persian but it is properly used only to refer to red and red tabby Persians bearing the mutation. Unfortunately, the Persian cat often suffers from the polycystic disease, so you are often breeding a known genetic mutation with a likely mutation, and the British Blue is well known for genetic heart disease,” said Elliott. [59], Early onset progressive retinal atrophy is a degenerative eye disease, with an autosomal recessive mode of inheritance in the Persian. This was to make it easy for breeders who do not want Himalayan blood in their breeding lines to avoid individuals who, while not necessarily exhibiting the colorpoint pattern, may be carrying the point coloration gene recessively. Before DNA screening was available, ultrasound was done. This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 03:43. The generic terms are "toy" and "teacup" Persians (terms borrowed from the dog fancy), but the individual lines are often called "palm-sized", "pocket", "mini" and "pixie", due to their relatively small size. All information to be reported/submitted to the BSAC to allow information to be collated to give an overall picture of FOCD in Scottish Folds in NZ. [47] Malformed tear ducts cause epiphora, an overflow of tears onto the face, which is common but primarily cosmetic. [33], The breed standards of various cat fancier organizations may treat the Himalayan and Exotic Shorthair (or simply Exotic) as variants of the Persian, or as separate breeds. Silver and golden Persians are recognized, as such, by CFA. FiFe stated that they will not consider recognizing Scottish Folds if breeders will not allow their breed to be scrutinized.[24]. A cat with normal ears should have two copies of the normal gene (fd). The kittens that do not develop folded ears are known as Straights. Various TICA and CFA coat categorizations come with specific eye-color requirements. TICA-recognized tabby patterns include classic, mackerel, marbled, spotted, and ticked (in two genetic forms), while other patterns include shaded, chinchilla, and two tabbie-tortie variations, golden, and grizzled. There is suspicion that some non-fold litters are genetically heterozygous folds but because of very low expression of the gene, appear to be straight-eared. Gudrun Ravetz, president of the British Veterinary Association, also described the cat breed as “cute”, when speaking to the BBC. [62] Blue smoke Persians are predisposed to Chédiak–Higashi syndrome. The Himalayan stood as a separate breed in the US until 1984, when the CFA merged it with the Persian, to the objection of the breed councils of both breeds. [28], A number of breeders produce small-stature Persian cats under a variety of names. “With Scottish Fold cats, the bones and cartilage do not form properly and as a result they have the overly large head, short face and jaw. ", "2003 Breed Council Ballot Proposals and Results", "2006 Breed Council Ballot Proposals and Results", Bi-Color and Calico Persians: Past, Present and Future, Breed Profile: Persian – Solid Color Division, "CFA ANNUAL AND EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETINGS JUNE 23–27, 2004", "Dwarf, Midget and Miniature Cats – Purebreds (Including 'Teacup Cats')", "Think Twice Before you Buy A Teacup Persian Cat", Difference Between Chinchilla Rodent and Chinchilla Cat, "Palmarès du chat de race en France: Les données 2008 du LOOF", "Uniform Color Descriptions and Glossary of Terms", "Mortality of Life-Insured Swedish Cats during 1999—2006: Age, Breed, Sex, and Diagnosis", "Longevity and mortality of cats attending primary care veterinary practices in England", Aspects of Reproduction and Kitten Mortality in the Devon Rex cat And a Review of the Literature, "Brachycephalic feline noses: CT and anatomical study of the relationship between head conformation and the nasolacrimal drainage system", "Inbred pedigree cats suffering from life-threatening diseases and deformities", Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Advice for Breeders, "Early-onset, autosomal recessive, progressive retinal atrophy in Persian cats", "What You Need to Know Before Bringing Home a Persian Cat", "Sotheby's Is Auctioning Off What Might Be the World's Largest Cat Painting", "Carl Kahler My Wife's Lovers Auction | Architectural Digest", "U.S.

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