I had a sleep study done at Willford Hall, Lackland AFB. Benjamin, thanks for the insight. Being denied (or delayed) takes the fight out of many but no Veteran should ever stop fighting. The VA is saying my COPD is unrelated to the fall. Has anyone ever seen this? chocolate brownies   Your previous content has been restored. ET, Toll free: (844) SLP-WELL               (844-757-9355). I wrote up a free eBook for veterans to download that will help you get a copy of certain files that VA likes to hang on to like your health records, Voc Rehab records, and similar files that are more difficult to request. Brother lewis, try to hang in there, as this is what the government wants us to do, is to die, get frustrated, then they do not have to give us any MONEY & BENEFITS ! Read them all! The Rep for whom failed to file what he told my wife and I he would do. Spousal letter for Sleep Apnea The spousal letter should have a flow to it. A good man. Would appreciate any advice you can give. OTC performs examinations for the VA. Who was leading the VA prior to the current Secretary of The VA. Research: http://www.VA Watchdog.org. This format was borrowed from a NOVA conference on VA disability compensation primarily for Veterans Law attorneys. Stay informed on VA news, scandals and benefits. Take to dr and get a review. Gifts are not tax deductible, they are just gifts. I haven’t worked since and have difficulty sleeping amongst other things. I’m speaking from my heart because I been there and done that. I was honorably discharged in November 1983, and as of January 1, 2013 (exactly 30 years to the day), the VA still claims that my cancer was NOT SERVICE CONNECTED!!! I need a sample nexus letter that a Dr. would provide to confirm a sleep apnea claim. While on active duty there have been numerous time when i went on sick call and com-laint about certain things such as sleep apena, bad feet etc. When get this form I will share with you the form’s # and what specically needs stated.Good luck to all of you, Have A Nice Turkey Day! My claim was approved first time submitting. Yes, the VA provider that provided the opinion that denied the claim stated:  The VA doctor stated, "Moreover the veteran had risk factors of advancing age, males sex, obesity, nasal congestion, and a narrowed airway which either alone or in concert would have predisposed this individual to develop the sleep apnea condition.". Then start the NOD. (function() { Make sure you get it notarized, seek out those who fought with you- if possible I cannot stand facebook but to find people who served with my son prvided me with loads of info, but you have to decide how much is revelant in your case…. If so, I would definitely appreciate it. Presently I have obtained all the evidence I need to submit my claim. Agent Orange was standing in puddles so full, it could be splashed, by stepping in shallow puddles, no perk to the ground. I will, at my next appointment, force the shrink to listen to me about my experience. The more help, the better. Stanley J Jenczyk. I have done extensive research and found many articles that indicate that rhinitis often causes sleep apnea. ask for referrals to see other doctors if you need to. I'm just curious if the VA doc is trying create a scenario that if I do have sleep apnea, then that is what is causing my anxiety and depression not my service connected tinnitus. All Rights Reserved. It sickens me knowing what this country took from me and how terrible they treat the soldier after they screw him or her up. I was almost died Jan 4 2010 with a double anuresym of my aorta one part was repaired with a stint and the other has not been repaired as of yet. Any ways if anyone wants any info. They say that they reviewed my claim and did not review my military Medical files, because no-one knows where they are. ... Could you possibly e-mail me a good sample letter … I was new to this, so I have no where else to turn to. on pension or insight into the magical world of VA please feel free to contact me. of a service-connected disability; and (3) medical nexus evidence establishing a. letter, stating that he has been treating the Veteran for PTSD for several years. I had an appeal for 2 1/2 years and when I submitted the paperwork after my second back paperwork, I went up to 40% retroactive to when I filed my appeal. So we when went to QTC, and I already faxed his evidence that I gathered including the reckless driving speeding tickets, my documented proof of me trying to contact the base before he deployed, I wanted him to talk to somebody”. I hate to hear of so many verterans having to go through so much red tape for help. I am trying to assist him with collecting additional evidence for his disability claim and this is very helpful. Good letter indeed, but it fails to make a connection between OSA and asthama or sinus congestion. They were the ones who loaded and unloaded the canisters of agent orange. The rep told me not to include any of my prepared documents. FYI. Check and see what your doctors are saying about you….. Hi   I am a military mom, my boy served on the USS Enterprise…He came home a wreck. I am a combat veteran of WW2 and VA related for years. I was told that he will be approved. I can give more details upon request. And it is a game to them. Sleep Apnea Nexus Letter Nexus Letter Veteran Secret Codes on DD Form 214. @mstaiadair  IN ….MD and no luck so far ,pardon my spelling,thanks for reply ! Post Sep 16, 2014 #1 2014-09-16T23:41. It is critical that the right doctor who knows how to address all aspects of your claim and knows what the VA requires is in your Nexus Letter… I ended up with a pacemaker/defibrillator implant. Sign up to have the latest news and member-only deals delivered straight to your inbox.

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