Ensuite, suivez Amyro dans la grotte et allez lui parler (quêtes « La voie du savoir commun » et « Le peuple de Saheila », qui ne pourra progresser qu'à partir du chapitre 4). Après vous être échappé de Fort joie durant la mission "L'évasion" et achevé la quête "L'elfe emprisonné", partez au nord de la Côte de la Faucheuse durant le quatrième chapitre de Divinity : Original Sin 2 afin d'atteindre le Camp elfique (image1). to get that guy out of the barrel in the fish warehouse. Once we reach dry land, we should keep watch for tribal elves - they will want to know that Saheila was sent to Fort Joy. You will hear them. By selecting her, however, and then using Sneak I was able to move around as Saheila while keeping the rest of my squad out of sight. 0. Travel to Elf Encampment at Reaper's Coast (south to the sawmill), and inform the elves there. But this is the part that pissed me of, I got out, and Saheila instantly entered combat... as an AI... even though the enemies were in the minefield/trap area and there was no line of sight on them. Or elle est trop importante pour son peuple pour qu’Amyro la laisse faire. We found a group of tribal elves in the Cullwood forest. En participant au rituel, vous débloquerez la quête secondaire "Le rite funéraire" pour laquelle il vous sera fortement conseillé d'avoir un Elfe dans votre groupe. Related points of interest. We left departed from Reaper's Coast without finding any tribal elves. Later she can be found in Act 4 in Arx near the Cathedral of Lucian, but she holds no quests there. Is Saheila suppose to be killed in this fight? Okay, so i'm a little pissed of right now. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I tried to sneak her out the back entrance and made it about 2/3 of the way before getting spotted. You may also be interested in something from the list below. | Contact us. 33.2. Saheila, even though she's attached to my character, doesn't 'waypoint' with everyone else; she remains inside the mill. Now, having successfully helped Saheila escape, I can go speak with her at the elven camp. So, I thought I could just sneak her all the way out of the sawmill playing as her alone. Increase the power. 4 Attempts now, and the 2 archers, Roost, and his dogs just ignore me to kill her. If you decide to help The Mother Tree, you must kill The Shadow Prince. I then selected Sebille, since she was still out of sight and out of combat. Okay, so i'm a little pissed of right now. Well that's why it was totally worth killing everyone in the map, not only i managed to reach level 18 on driftoowd act but it felt great killing the merchants in driftwood square, so damn annoying, Go back, kill em all and take their stuff!! Scion Killed Tree. Vous devez être connecté pour écrire un commentaire. Remember, that weight is important in Divinity Original Sin 2 so, in the beginning, you should only steal books/small items. I spent ages trying to get them out, but the fact there were two of them made it incredibly hard - I would've attacked the guards, but my characters are lvl 12's and they are lvl 14's + there are more of them. She can help them to survive persecution, the Voidwoken, and any other threats that they face. Failing this will result in the party becoming hostile towards Sahelia. but after i got source from her, can i kill her? Oh boy, i'm going to exterminate the entire ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ elven race over this. Amyro told us that the tribal elves on the mainland need to be informed of Saheila's fate. Just do not kill her :), well if i attack elves she becomes red, so it might be a problem if i find her in Arx and she suddenly attacks me, nvm i killed all the elves and she became yellow, nice, even on dialogue she is happy haha. She will offer her training after you complete, "I know you come for me again. The Imprisoned Elf. Man, I get it, that end situation sucks with her getting into the thick of it. Tous droits réservés © 2020 WarLegend.net | Mentions Légales | Politique de Confidentialité. Saheila first appears in the Caverns in Act 1. However, stories like this are awesome in their own right. The Elves at the camp are burying one of their fallen (Burial Rites), if your character is an elf, s/he can complete the quest with ease. I know I only have to wait. I've tried and it doesn't work. You sure? Does saheila have any purpose in Arx? Puis parlez à Saheila pour terminer la quête « L'elfe emprisonné » et obtenir votre récompense au choix. Notre politique de confidentialité. Amyro told us that the tribal elves on the mainland need to be informed of Saheila's fate. Using Sneak and her 'Cloak and Dagger' ability- which allows her to Teleport without exiting Sneak- I was able to move Sebille into position right next to Saheila because everyone else in the Mill had already entered combat, so their vision cones were static and easy to Teleport around. Parlez à Saheila, qui se trouve dans la grotte des elfes au sud de Fort Joie. From Lohar, we learned that Saheila is alive and on Reaper's Coast. We should try to locate her amongst her tribe. Unsure where to find her afterwards though. She will briefly appear in Act 3 outside the mother tree entrance if Sebille is in the party. Chapter II - Fort Joy. Once I got Saheila outside the Mill and away from enemies, it was easy enough to have her Flee Combat and simply run away until 'The Elven Seer' quest updated with her successful escape from the Mill. After killing her, a pack of totems and 3 dryads you can do just that. 3. Spy Master Dead. they are so extreme. Petite vidéo en mode Metal Gear, sur Divinity : Original Sin 2. She mourned Sebille's unwillingness to root into the new Mother Tree, and told her that she must claim the powers of Divinity … Attention, si Lohse est dans votre équipe, elle engagera une conversation avec elle. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Throw the stolen item on the ground -after stealing an item you must find it IMMEDIATELY in thief's equipment and THROW it on the ground. Then, I simply had to get Sebille away from the enemies engaged in combat and then have her Flee From Combat as well. I want to kill the elves in driftwood but i can't do it without killing saheila so i wonder if it's fine to kill her here unless she has a purprose in Arx besides appearing at the docks, You can always choose not to kill Saheila? I know you do. All rights reserved. Now, let me put this forward. Whenever I talk to Saheila, the demon thing inside of me takes over and attacks Saheila. If you have a game save and not going to get the achievement: For the kill-them-all approach, like Core One said if you are NOT going for the achievement, a thing you can do if you have the Teleportation skill is (this is assuming you have either archers or wizards) teleport yourself to the tops of the towers outside the mill's gates. Group: Chapter 2 - Escape from Reaper's Eye Starting Map: Fort Joy. If anyone is still looking for a non-fighting solution, I just went into sneak, got as far as I could to the main entrance, which was actually pretty close, and then just ran in combat and used some teleportation to speed up the process.

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