", This seems to be one of Willy Wonka's guiding principles in. Warhammer 40,000: a universe guided solely by Rule of Cool and GRIMDARK, with the Imperium being the essence of Humanity Fuck Yeah. You might have Missing Parent Syndrome because it would be weird to have parents with you on a road trip across the country. The models are amazing... Ive only painted a few of my army but they are so detailed... good stuff. ...remind us of the pictures clever children sometimes draw "out of their own head," where you will see a modern villa on the right, two knights in helmets fighting in the foreground, and a tiger grinning in a jungle on the left, the several objects being brought together because the artist thinks each pretty, and perhaps still more because he remembers seeing them in other pictures. Edit: just my opinion though, Y'Know what, I straight love that idea xD thanks for the input :D. A center for all things Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, and more! The tricked-out Nerd Herder has hidden passenger-side controls, a remote control, a hidden central console, handcuffs that come out of the steering wheel to detain prisoners, and a driver's seat that can be ejected out the door. RYNOCIRATOR. The F-117 is painted black, supposedly for stealth. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RuleOfCool. Parkour and Freerunning, when performed by professionals. I really havent had the same feel from any other tabletop model. I got really excited, then found out that due to complications I wont be playing warmachine at my local game shop. Why would giant alien robots have ninjas, you ask? Page 1 of 2 - Rule of Cool vs Useful on Table - posted in x HERETIC ASTARTES x: Just a genuine curiosity for the players in this forum. wolves, to henchmen, and even a freaking Tyrannosaurs Rex. This applies to the audience in general; there will naturally be a different threshold for each individual. The ridiculous lengths that it goes to (. Prowl is an alien ninja robot. The cat can also do the aforementioned missile surf while the main character, The trope is lampshaded by the developers in the remake, It is finally worth noting that Platinum devs were behind several games that warranted entries on this page before Platinum games was created, namely, The inclusion of raptor-riding banditos alone proves the point here, but if that doesn't convince you, there's also Dracula, who happens to have a. Supposedly the director had a dream about a showdown between a medieval knight and a modern soldier, and decided to write a movie around it. Go ahead. Hell yes. The act of taking Luke Skywalker's prop lightsaber and. Floating trains are cool.". A lot of science (especially medical science) worked this way for most of history, regardless of what reality had to say on the subject. An, Basically, all forms of combat featured in.

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