(But tell me your side of it—I'm listening! I can proudly say that I had that and while it lasted, it was the best thing that I had going for me in life. (Please come home soon. To experience new emotions. I came to the conclusion that no one is at fault. Copied! I hadn’t thought about you for several days, I haven’t talked to you for several weeks and I haven’t missed you like I used to for several months. One day, we were so happy, full of life and planning the rest of our lives, always by each other’s side, feeling like nothing could break us but now, it was like we never existed. You were no longer the person I knew. © 1996-2020 WriteExpress Corporation. If you are looking for answers or something to empower you, you will certainly find it in her articles. And that hit hard. We were so in sync and no one would ever see one without the other. I am aware that it will be hard to replace you, so I won’t try. (Let's reconsider our goals. How many times have we decided to 'kiss and make up' only to find ourselves battling the same demons once again? God has a way of taking things and people from us when they no longer serve a purpose in our life. Losing somebody who meant a great deal to you and suddenly having to live as if they were never there is difficult to say the least. I will never be able to forget the day when I started realizing something seemed off. ), Has someone come between us? I left you behind and escaped. To create more memories. Please know that I do love you, and a part of me always will. Whatever happens, I wish you well. And as difficult as it was to grasp this and come to terms with it, I had to make myself believe this in order to keep my sanity. And it took a long time but I managed to. Of which you must try to escape. A few days ago, I started to make a two-column list: your issues and mine. I think we have both done everything we could and pursued every option available to try to keep this relationship together, but nothing has helped. We had some really great talks about what needed to change, but nothing did. Having somebody who will stand by you, sometimes all the way back from high school, through college and to today, when you are finding yourself and figuring yourself out is something never to take for granted. Until it was over. ), Sorry we didn't agree. ), I'll do whatever it takes. I will always miss you a little, I will always be nostalgic of our complicity and of the regrets of what could have been, but I move on without you. I will never forget the feeling of knowing somebody loved me that much and asked for nothing in return except my friendship. So I'm done this time, Jake. Having a true, genuine friend nowadays is one of the most precious things one can have. But it does’t hurt as it used to. I will not be coming back. ), Tell me what I did wrong. It should be clear to both of us by now that we are fighting a losing battle. You took too many chances, played with fire, almost lost yourself on the way. So this is why it’s so difficult for me to write this letter to you. You may no longer be a part of my life and I may never fully understand or accept it but I will always look back on our time with a smile on my face. There has been so many doubts between us, so many tears, disagreements, and most of all so many regrets. Except if you decide so, but I know you won’t. You would cater to my every need and I was left in awe of how patient and considerate you were, knowing that I was not easy to be around. Of deleting any sensation, save impatience and hope. No solution will please everyone or solve all our problems. That our paths run parallel to each other and their chances of crossing again are thin. But it was all too real. I often think about those times, when it was just you and me against the world, overcoming every obstacle together and always landing on our feet. Read also : Sad love letter after a breakup. For us both. I love you and part of me will always love you… but I’m letting you go. This letter is probably long overdue, but I put it off because I loved you, I wanted things to work out, and I didn't want to hurt you. ), We need to slow down. Friendship break-ups are something that is on a whole other spectrum of emotions. ), You mean everything to me. If you want to send love notes to your loved ones, you can download free love letter templates from our main website and bring a smile on your beloved partner’s face, making them feel beautiful! Tagged:Personal Love Letter. Break-ups are incredibly painful, no matter what kind of a break-up it is. And I WILL move on. You have a lot of great qualities that will serve you well in the future. ), I'm falling for you. We still come back to the same thing: neither one of us can bend on the issues that are really important to us, and there are just too many crucial things that we can't see eye to eye on. If it was that good, how could it have ended so abruptly and inexplicably? When you come home and find this letter you will also see that I have packed my things and my drawers are empty. Time alone possesses the power to help you move on, to heal your wounds and heartaches, to turn your back on what must be forsaken, to forget. To imagine my life differently. A heartfelt letter to my ex. This brings me to one of the hardest decisions of my life--I've got to move on. You started distancing yourself from me. Unfortunately, the years have chipped away at our once perfect relationship and there is nothing left to hold on to. Please don't try to contact me. (This relationship is worth saving! You seem to have forgotten me, maybe not quite, maybe not completely, but enough for me not to feel waited for anymore. ), That was a stupid thing I said/did. Categories. We are the way we are: headstrong, passionate, stubborn--was it your dad who called it "bullheaded"?

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