As they approach Red Sucker Lake, though, they are pulled over for an inspection and learn that they are over the road's weight limit. In Fairbanks, Ronald starts his first solo run up the Dalton carrying a load of sandbags. A loader arrives to bring in both Darrell and the truck, and the tanker is left for another driver to pick up. Tensions hit a high point between Lisa her spotter Tashi, forcing Lisa to think about saying goodbye to Tashi and forging ahead alone. Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Biography submission guide. Nothing will be spared here, so be prepared. Lisa Kelly and G.W. Additionally, both Molesky and Kromm independently monitor other drivers' standards and behavior, and advise Fairbanks Terminal Manager Lane Keator if there are issues like those that led to Redmon and "Porkchop" being fired. [3] As an undergraduate, he was also awarded a Half Blue for sailing in 1986–87 by the Edinburgh University Sports Union, denoting performance to a high standard. The problem with a terminal disease of any kind, you have your scares. To prove they're the best drivers in the world, the truckers head to India to take on the extreme mountain roads of the Himalayas. Jack checks in at Fairbanks and gets a chilly reception from Lane. As the season comes to a close, the drivers have one last assignment, and it's, Three teams of North American truckers take on South America's Andes Mountains, where they're out to prove they have what it takes to haul any load over any road. The three teams of truckers leave Bolivia in their dust as they make tracks for Peru's deadly Andes Mountains passageways. Dave and Lisa deal with their malfunctioning truck, racing against the clock to make sure they can still deliver their load on time. In Alaska, the approach of an extreme cold front threatens to shut down the Prudhoe oil fields for days. Apart from being a cast member on the series ‘Ice Road Truckers,’ Yemm revealed that he owns a carpet cleaning business in the show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ in 2007. On the perilous journey up, Rick is bullied by local drivers, and Lisa panics while being forced to the edge of a cliff. A reality television personality, as well as a trucker, Rick Yemm was born in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. On a steep uphill turn, he slides badly and spins out; an oncoming truck nearly hits him as he scrambles to chain his tires in the middle of the road. Once they reach Nuiqsut, Jack offloads his fuel quickly; Darrell, though, must deliver his cargo around town and then load some pickup trucks onto his flatbed for the return trip. And at the end of the season two, he even got fired. This Is What It's Like To Explore Ponta Delgada, The Capital Of The Azores, 'No Reservations' Had Rules For Everyone (Including Anthony Bourdain) On Set, Here's How Much Each Cast Member Of 'Alaskan Bush People' Is Worth, Traditional Greenlandic Cuisine Is A Celebration Of Local Seafood, Alaskan Bush People: 10 Pics Of What The Cast Looks Like (Season One Vs. Today), Artichokes: How To Cook (And Eat) One Of The World's Oldest-Known Foods, The Spiciest Snacks Of 2020 Are Sure To Have You Breathing Fire For Weeks, Paris, Los Angeles, New York And Other Major Cities With Must-See Museums (According To Stars), Treasure Troves: The Most Valuable Things Ever Found Underground, Can Food Save The World? Well after nightfall, Phil drives by and picks him up. 3 Some Truckers Claim They Were Given Rigs In Poor Condition

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