The research questions addressed by researchers will typically involve identifying a “gap” in previous research – what Alvesson and Sandberg (2011, p.247) describe as the “gap-spotting” technique. The result would be to trivialize a phenomenon that is anything but trivial. For example, while some authors claim to make major contributions, others emphasize the limited scope of their work by humbly stating that they “hope” to make a contribution to the literature (Lincoln and Guba, 1985). 30Burawoy discusses the division of labor in sociology by addressing two questions. A.B. MY TARGET JOURNAL REJECTED MY RESEARCH PAPER: WHAT SHOULD I DO? We know that you are very kind-hearted and helpful person, So we thought you could help us with the current situation. In this situation, we have formed a fund under the leadership of our charitable trust to collect fund to help them with their treatment. I suspect it means different things in different fields of study. The third point is that the values of research stakeholders influence what counts as a contribution. According to him, in order for a piece of research to count as a contribution, it must be recognized as such by a given audience or community. For this purpose, our organization had taken the initiative ______________________ (explain the measures you want to take). in the exploration of hitherto unexplored or neglected perspectives. From an evolutionary standpoint, originality involves solving, at least partially and temporarily, one of the enigmas posed by the paradigm subscribed to by the researcher (Kuhn, 1970). As a reader of an earlier version of this paper remarked, performance pressure has a different effect on different people. Certain types of research contributions are favored by the growing institutionalization of rankings – i.e. You might also want to visit our French Edition. An observed revision of stock prices associated with the release of the income report would thus provide evidence that the information reflected in income numbers is useful.”, “Scientific education makes use of no equivalent for the art museum or the library of classics, and the result is a sometimes drastic distortion in the scientist’s perception of his discipline’s past. Here, for example, I posit that the library holding the relevant manuscript has indicated that the name of the collection (lengthy though it is) should not be abbreviated. However, for most researchers, the idea of making a contribution to research is a priority in their professional and personal lives. Should research be limited to playing an instrumental role, emphasizing the means of achieving certain ends, but without reflecting on the ends? More focus is needed for our purposes, however, given that Whitley’s view is very general. However, from a longer-term perspective, it may help to raise awareness among practitioners of the importance of tailoring their practices to society’s prevailing values (Gendron and Bédard, 2001). […] Academic freedom is violated, not ensured, when the university merely bends to the will of outside forces and, in effect, ratifies the existing distribution of power in the society by simply meeting the demands that are articulated by the institutions that are in a position both to articulate their needs and to support the work that answers to them.”. Although I struggled on the first read, I was intrigued by some of the ideas put forward by the authors. […] He comes to see it as leading in a straight line to the discipline’s present vantage. Examples of author contribution statements . 54What this suggests is a sixth and final observation. In other words, the idea that the “contribution” of a piece of research varies in time and space seems well-founded. Any evidence of apparent stability is the result of an inter-subjective agreement between various parties – an agreement that may only be ephemeral, as shown by Kuhn (1970) in his historical analysis of the field of physics. Might it be that our fascination with journal rankings is a matter of myth construction, while ironically the rhetoric of knowledge production activities typically is about deconstructing myth by going beyond common sense (see, for example, Kerlinger, 1986)? The reader should directly be addressed in the letter. In such cases, it may be necessary to adapt our quality criteria to provide a fair assessment of the “contribution” made by the paper. It is filled with articles from 500+ journals and chapters from 10 000+ books. 52The pressure to perform is now central to academic life. Even proponents of the evolutionary approach acknowledge that an influential theory that is widely held to be true may be found to be invalidated in the process of being repeatedly tested and challenged (Popper 1959; Lakatos 1970). For reasons of space, I will not examine the historical factors that contributed to the emergence of contribution as a central purpose of academic research. To better understand how contribution is articulated in the literature, I will draw on studies in management and sociology. Differentiation assumes that the same object of study can be studied in many different ways and that examining it from a single perspective will never be enough to exhaust the object’s contributory potential to the advancement of knowledge. We identify you as socially responsible and potent citizen who can help us out of the situation by contributing generously to it. If the study in question is well conducted, the “gap” will be (at least partially) filled. Studying British Naval Ships MS VII.2.77 has proved extremely costly and I am most thankful for the Western University Doctoral Fellowship that has provided financial support for the larger project from which this paper grew. In other words, the challenge is to strike a balance between established standards and originality. Academic careers and entire areas of intellectual activity are made and broken by the effect of research contributions. They are the ones who list the attributes of the, “Even scholars, whose business is the creation of new theories and knowledge, commonly react negatively (and sometimes with personal anger) to those new theories and evidence. How wrong these people are. conceived of the presented idea. Needless to say that these people belong to the BPL sections and find it very difficult for their treatment on account of financial difficulty. Although authors often write acknowledgements hastily, the Acknowledgements section is an important part of a research paper. A contribution to research may be represented as solid evidence or as a mere possibility or hypothesis. 8When I first read Ball and Brown (1968) for a class attended in my early days as a PhD student, my teacher made no bones about his admiration for their work and the key figure presented in their paper. These observations relate to accounting research, but can also be applied to other disciplines, notably management research. When I first experienced her gaze in December 2010, I must confess that I was somewhat disconcerted by the size of the painting and by the striking contrast with the number of visitors wanting to see it. You can, however, turn off the cookies in your browser settings. Is it legitimate for a researcher to examine or question the social relevance of a body such as the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)? Could it be that its contribution is not innate but that it must be “learned” in order to be appreciated? • Expressing respect and appreciation in an appropriate fashion for each and every contribution and avoiding artificial or excessive flattery. As the argument unfolds, I will make six main observations about the conceptual and practical dimensions of contribution. However, as noted by Berland et al. Many of them find it effective as well. 35A further complicating factor is the nature of the strategies adopted by actors in undertaking research. 11The second article I wish to discuss is Burchell et al. 2In short, the concept of contribution has many different connotations. Second, what is sociology for? The figure shows that stock prices vary, to some extent, with the release of the income report, therefore pointing to a relationship between a company’s annual net income and stock price variability (Watts and Zimmerman, 1986). As noted by a reader of this paper, the danger is that some people in the accounting research community will choose to go along with the rating and ranking system and to comply with the rules of the game without worrying about the consequences.

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