I glass bedded the action and made sure the barrel was completely free-floating. Originally it was throwing its shots all over the place. 3 suggested retail price was $165, and you could buy them brand new all day long for $139. I tried a few new things with these tests. 1 had more figured walnut (in the 1970s, and maybe today, too), the No. Velocities range between 2400 and 2900 feet per second (sometimes a little more, depending on the load). I hadn’t tried the light Speer bullets and I wanted to see how they compared to an old favorite, the 45-grain Sierra Hornet bullet. 1 back in the day. I’d previously read that some shooters had better results using small pistol primers instead of small rifle primers, so tried that and it seems to be the case for me, too. The scope on my rifle is an inexpensive Bushnell straight 4X and it’s quite a bit more clear at 100 yards (it’s just a little bit out of focus at 50 yards). It had a 23-inch barrel. I bet you are going to find that 13.0 Grains Hodgon Lil -Gun and Serria 45 Grain soft points ''Hornet Bullets'' are the way to go. If you would like to inquire about availability please call and we'll provide current inventory status. Reloading; Rifles.22 Hornet; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Not that I’m planning to sell anything. I installed a Leupold 6.5 – 20X scope in EAW mounts. There was an immediate improvement in its shooting! The No. The Ruger’s action is called a falling block because, well, it is. Pistol, with a 14” barrel. The following loads were developed in an Anschutz Exemplar The No. They were inexpensive (just $10 a box), so I bought all three. Reloading. That’s okay; it will make mine more valuable. Winchester SR primers in Winchester brass. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your business and patience, neither of which we take for granted. Find out more and read about our GDPR & Privacy Policy. UK RFD 36/2491 Norfolk | Copyright 2020 | Hosted by Designtec Limited, We strive to maintain our inventory to meet the demand for our products and normally ship within two business days, however at times we get large orders that require all of our available inventory resulting in a back-order status. My dad and I cut a 45 Grain ballastic tip and 40 Grain hornet bullet in half and we found that Hornet Bullets have a thinner jacket and sounds like they expand better at Hornet velocities 2500 fps to 2900 FPS It all came together a week or two ago, and the result was a hundred rounds of reloaded .22 Hornet ammo in various load configurations. Velocities range between 2400 and 2900 feet per second (sometimes a little more, depending on the load). The following data was developed in an ANSCHUTZ single shot target rifle. The following data was developed in an ANSCHUTZ single shot … 1 rifles with iron sights had fancier sights and a cool quarter rib, the No. I also wanted to try a propellant that I had purchased previously (Lil Gun) and compare it to my favorite Hornet propellant (Winchester 296). The No. Inspired by Wotkyns's work with the then-new cartridge, Townsend Whelen and a couple of his Army buddies, G. A. Woody and Al Woodworth, decided to convert three Model 1922 Springfield rifles to handle it. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. All shots groups are 5 shots at 100 yards. As mentioned above, the Lil Gun propellant and 33-grain Speer bullets were two of the variables, and both did well.

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