Follow us on these websites: Beginner's Fish, Baby Fish Search    Home / All Fish | Buy African Cichlids. Great prices and great fish! My Favorites RED PETROS COMING. Ron has been breeding beautiful African cichlids for 25 years. Premium Fish, Free Lake Victoria and Other East Africa : Astatotilapia latifasciata Lake Kyoga ''Zebra'' 1.5-2'' Newsletter     Fedex Overnight Shipping $39.95 Shipped Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. $29.95. Powered by Shopify, Sciaenochromis Fryeri - Electric Blue Ahli, Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi - Eureka Peacock. Buy fish from our expert breeder network and read our guide to breeding cichlids. TNT-CICHLIDS we are largest supplier of African Cichlids and we guarentee the lowest prices contact us by phone or text 267-879-1410 or email sales@TNT-CICHLIDS.COM, Petro Trewvassae $70Zaire Kitumbas $150Zaire Mobas $150Bathybates Ferox $90, Cyps Kitumba $50Tropheus murago green $45Tropheus maswa $50Tropheus Tanzanian $42, Tropheus kirschfleck (bulu point) $40Gnlathocromis permaxallirus $75Kilesa $60Benth.Tricoti $75, Foai sibwesa $75All fish sold in trios. Store There is no limit on this offer. There are several species of Mbunas for sale in this store. Shipping. DryGoods, OVERNIGHT SHIPPING Buy African cichlids for sale from Lake Tanganyika and Malawi at Tropheus are 3-4” Fronts are 5-7”, TNT-CICHLIDS.COM Wild Tanganyika Cichlids, ​WE ARE A DIRECT IMPORTER AND EXPORTER OF LAKE TANGANYIKA CICHLIDS. African Cichlids For Sale TNT-CICHLIDS we are largest supplier of African Cichlids and we guarentee the lowest prices contact us by phone or text 267-879-1410 or email sales@TNT-CICHLIDS.COM SHIPPING WIILL START IN APRIL RED PETROS COMING, Copyright 2013. Buy 6 and Save Ordering     You will receive two FREE 3" African Cichlids for every eight 3" African Cichlids that you order. $19.95. is usually $36.99. Rare Fish Most Popular Newsletter Mobile     Pseudotropheus Demasoni - Demason's Cichlid, Super Red Ancistrus Bristlenose Plecostomus, Blue-Eyed Lemon, Long Fin Ancistrus Bristlenose Plecostomus, Laetacara Araguaiae - Araguaia Dwarf Acara, unsexed, 1.5-2", Lamprologus Ocellatus - Gold, Medium 1-2", Zebra Plecostomus Catfish L-46 - PRE ORDER, Placidochromis Electra - Deep Water Haplichromis. on Orders totaling $169.99 before taxes and shipping charges. TNT-CICHLIDS.COM All rights reserved. Cyphotilapia Frontosa - Burundi 6 Stripe, COMING SOON! Daytona Beach, FL, 32124. Ron's Cichlids is owned and operated by Ron Demers. We offer a risk-free arrive alive guarantee. Cool Fish 2-3 day Priority Mail shipping $15.00 Shipped Tuesday and Wednesday . New Arrivals Delivery     Fish for Sale. Fish ! Our Blog QUICK VIEW. Spotcheek Cichlid - Thorichthys Ellioti, COMING SOON. EMAIL, WE ARE A DIRECT IMPORTER AND EXPORTER OF LAKE TANGANYIKA CICHLIDS. Stock your freshwater aquarium with live frontosa, calvus, leleupi, peacocks, haplochromis, and mbuna delivered alive guaranteed. About     Blue-Eyed Lemon, Long Fin Ancistrus Bristlenose Plecostomus. QUICK VIEW ... SALE. We will not be shipping the week of 8/30! FREE SHIPPING  Apps     Origin: Red Zebras are Mbunas, which is a large family of Cichlid fish that originally lived only in Lake Malawi in East Africa. WYSIWYG F.A.Q. Aquarium Info, Search Site Info All Products 1 of 1 SOLD OUT. QUICK VIEW. Petros are 5-7”. Freshwater Fish Website Designed By Gilco Digital •  About Our Fish Featured Today Email: When you have selected 8 African Cichlids and go to the Cart page, you will be able to select your 2 FREE African Cichlids from the sliding window at the top of the page. Shipping     But now they live in aquariums all over the world. Copyright © 2020 • Visit our online store and shop from a huge a selection of African Cichlids. Telephone: 386-253-0054. Super Red Ancistrus Bristlenose Plecostomus. Ordering Ron is an aquarist, a breeder, a fish-food chef and cichlid lover. Address: 3131 West International Speedway Blvd.

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