Regards. IT IS SOLDERED AT BOTH ENDS AND CANNOT BE DISCONNECTED WITHOUT DESOLDERING IT. Tindarians have access to secret & unreleased features. The instructions were very clear and it is evident that the seller put a good amount of effort into making the kit fit for purpose. I sourced the display from First Components (product no. I had one with a blown fuse and a dead rectifier diode and apart from that it was fine and I used that one for music on my indoor rower. They are very much more complex but I have successfully repaired one and I've written up instructions here. Almost all of our “Evoke Flow Unknown Repairs Bromley” are processed within 3-5 working days while also offering express Audio Hi-Fi Equipment repairs. On Alibaba - Shenzhen Liyuan Huida Technology Co (Jack Wan) had offered some new stocks of higher brightness OLEDs and are known to offer a good service to UK individuals. Pure Evoke 2S, Pure Evoke 1S, Avanti Flow, Evoke Flow radio problems,, Re: Pure Evoke 2S, Pure Evoke 1S, Avanti Flow, Evoke Flow radio problems. All appears very professional and as described of course. This has saved my excellent Pure Evoke Flow radio from the recycling bin because the dark, failed LED screen has now been replaced by a bright blue display. Lastly, folks, I'm sorry if this is getting a bit convoluted or messy. keep up the good work David. Sad to say, the same fate befell my own radio and I have searched in vain for a replacement display for several years. /* 200 square */ Shipped to me here in france. If your display was clearly sold to you as being compatible with the PURE Evoke Flow, you might want to contact your supplier again if you have that problem. Bose Cinemate 520 Control Console Repair in Cheshunt – Herts, Sony CMT-X5CDBB CD Drive Repair in Waltham Cross – Hertfordshire, Bose SoundDock Connector Repair in Newbury – Berkshire, REL Subwoofer T-Series REL Subwoofer Repair in Cleland – North Lanarkshire. In addition, all our technicians are certified and have the expertise to help with any Pure Radio Evoke Flow Unknown repairs and other Audio Hi-Fi Equipment repairs quickly. 172 Orders. You can easily pull the two-pin loudspeaker wire connection off the main board. …specialised in Zino pro Gimbal repair… Almost all of our Hubsan Zino pro Gimbal Repairs in Glasgow are diagnosed and processed within 3-5 working days while also offering express services. It seemed that all the sources for replacement displays had been exhausted, but then I stumbled upon this kit on tindie. Find a local Store near you and request a free shipping label. Tried ebay, got one of the slightly duller displays for 12.50 ,arrived the next day that - and your great instructions did the business! The radio recharged overnight ready for a busy day ahead, seated on my desk. Has your Pure Evoke Flow OLED screen died? Electronic Partners provide local expert non-warranty Audio Hi-Fi Equipment repair services nationwide. Six stars! google_ad_height = 200; (4.00), Communication: I obtained a small reel of 50mm adhesive copper tape from Ebay and stuck it over the black plastic housing. , Very helpful and professional. 3) Once received our PURE experts diagnose your Audio Hi-Fi Equipment, we will proceed and fix your Audio Hi-Fi Equipment DISPLAY once the repair cost is confirmed. i can listen to radio Caroline ect again. Obviously there is a cost but it's more. My Evoke Flow has been returned to its former glory. google_ad_width = 200; Get our pioneering hardware picks in your inbox with Tindie Fetch. Excellent replacement for original display. It's easy to fit (no soldering or adjusting required). Very happy customer. Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock! Imagination’s major customer Apple also pulled the plug, deciding to make its own graphics chips instead, and a bitter trade dispute followed. I hate to throw away usable equipment and thanks to this guide my radio is now back, no longer obsolete. Thank you David for your clever invention. I failed to find any foreign source that would ship a single replacement display (but read on). Professional Sony Audio Hi-Fi Equipment services UK wide. Unless a stash of displays is unearthed from somewhere, it will soon become impossible to get another display once those white ones have been snapped up, so make the most of your Pure Evoke radio while you can. The display is merely stuck with double sided tape around the edges of the display. To re-connect the OLED to the PCB, you must ensure the black plastic latches are STILL OUT by a few millimetres then gently slide the connector ribbon in as far as it will go. My Avanti flow screen was fading and then the unit just died - thought it was the display so got a new one from Jack Wan and fitted it. I contacted Pure re a repair who have told me "parts may not be available" and offered my a new radio for £185. Had spent far too much on a “genuine” display which lasted about six weeks and I couldn’t find another anywhere. Have a look through this thread which may give you some good tips:- … Electronic Partners provide professional non-warranty Audio Hi-Fi Equipment repairs nationwide for all brands and models such as Pure Radio Evoke Flow. Only basic tools are needed but a lot of ‘sympathy’ and some dexterity when handling delicate parts is also required: allow yourself half an hour of quality time and work carefully, don’t rush things and you should be fine. Notify me of follow-up comments via email. Brilliant. Received product within 10 days (Netherlands), well packaged, with included 2 longer screws for re-installing with clear instruction where to apply them. Update 31st March 2018 - AJSDyno display no longer sold. Click here to find your radio and all the available parts. Fully tested before shipping, for easy and reliable installation. The cost to fix a Audio Hi-Fi Equipment start for most models at £22. Hello. Thanks!Here's the link:, [The item may have ended on Ebay - check the seller's other items. Whether your Pure Radio Evoke Flow developed some problems or is not working at all, we’re here to help. Any advice in solving this new problem would be greatly appreciated. google_ad_width = 120; I bought this screen from ebay for £25..., My radio had been in the cupboard for 12 months. Its a pity you have no more screens as several members of my family have the same radio and are starting to loose their brightness. Main board resting on the worktop, display PCB arrowedThe OLED display ribbon in situ, note pins 1-22 markedThe OLED display connects using a flexible printed circuit board ribbon. This list does not yet contain any links. 13/6/2019 - A reader has posted instructions on replacing the (same) OLED on an Evoke 1S Marshall in the reader comments, please scroll through them to the end. My pure connect was brought back to life. google_ad_slot = "6256085704"; I had given up ever getting the screen working again on my trusty old evoke flow. Even though there was a delay on certain parts they answered all my questions and when the parts arrived they carried out an effective repair giving priority to my phone because of the delayed parts. The silver ribbon on my unit was soldered in but didn't need to be removed so no problem. I was pleasantly surprised to source one-offs via Alibaba, though the ordering system is a bit convoluted. Again, please David's advice in our Comments. Welcome to Pure Spares. LEGACY LINK : Replacement Evoke Flow OLED Display from AJSDyno. Remove 6 x Philips screws holding in the rear panel [click to see]... and swing the panel out, as if it's hinged on the left hand sideThe rear panel can be gently prised out with a plastic spudger or similar tool, swinging it gently out from the right and allow it to rest on the worktop. We look for the most active & best members of the Tindie community, and invite them to join. Clear instructions are provided, even a novice can fit this. Unfortunately the black plastic ribbon clamp somehow ‘pinged’ out from the board altogether. Display now bright and brilliant! Much appreciated! Search for eg 'copper foil EMI tape' on eBay, there's plenty of choice for adhesive copper screening tape in every size. and work carried out was good and did extra touches not quoted or charged for. Now I can use my Thrustmaster sim wheel as if it was brand new again! Showing how the connector latches must be disengaged before disconnecting the ribbonDO NOT PULL THE RIBBON OUT! Quote was fair. Next was a learning curve to figure out how to fit the new part, so here’s my photo sequence and instructions to help those wanting to replace their displays with minimum fuss. So glad I found this! It had finally faded to nothing about 5 years ago, and I stopped using it last year as t was getting harder guessing where the channels had moved to. We'll let you know when the seller adds shipping rates for your country. Well it's on the way - I've ordered one of these from China for about $27.00, also as suggested by other buyers so I'll see what they look like. Back to brightness as new. I 'm very satisfied. 22pin yellow white Pure Evoke F4 Oasis Avanti Flow radio 9919301000 RiTdisplay 3121193010-03 full bright oled lcd display screen 1. You'll know it's right when the bare copper conductors on the end of the flexible ribbon disappear into the housing, after which it can't go any further. [click to see], PURE Evoke 1S (early version) – replacing the OLED display, Garland Bros. Ltd. – gone but not forgotten, The Ambra PC - an IBM clone made by... IBM, PURE Avanti Flow – replacing the OLED display, Stripboard/ Veroboard and layout software, Library of constructional projects and reprints - Alan Winstanley, Dreamweaver CS4 cannot synchronise: file being used by another process, Celebrating the Ambra PC – the computer that so nearly broke the mould, How to get rid of spider mite on greenhouse crops and houseplants, Wooden (Euro) 1800mm fence panels hints and tips. Free Estimate . Really easy to install! Can’t say I was worried, no shop and sending off. (You can choose to leave this connected if you have the dexterity to work around it, but you may find it slips out accidentally anyway.).

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