She says that before she met him, she had no special interest (positive or negative) in manual labor as a specific turn-on. I’ve recently met someone special, and immediately did our synastry chart (because duh) only to find that my Psyche is conjunct his Eros AND his Moon in Gemini. The last thing you want to do is sap each other’s energy, but it seems almost par for the course that you do. With Sun conjunct Mars in synastry, there is a real physical connection between the two that generally presents itself as sexual attraction and physical chemistry. What is most apparent is that neither of you seems to need to waste time adjusting to your partner’s cycles of activity. As with all sextiles and trines (but especially the trine), the couple should stop to consider the energy and to appreciate it. Acceptance and understanding needs to be worked on in order for the relationship to survive. This is the kind of chemistry in which you simply look at a person and feel turned on. His Moon and Eros are also trine my Venus, adding even more romance to the equation. There is physical attraction between the two of you, no doubt, but sometimes you waste your time getting on each other’s cases. The square and quincunx of the Sun and Mars in synastry is a bit of a challenge. Although your goals don’t always jive, you nevertheless feel supported by your partner. You are also prone to stepping on one another’s toes because your cycles of activity are not in sync. Your overall characteristics and energy levels are very similar. When “ego wars” occur between the two of you, remember that your partner is never going to be what they weren’t born to be. November 7, 2017 miscblakely Leave a comment. When I mentioned that they would be likely to promote each other’s goals, allowing each other to do and to accomplish what they want as individuals without blocking each other, they agreed, but were somewhat surprised. Synastry: Moon – Uranus Aspects Although they had distinctly different hobbies and activities, they had developed routines wherein each was able to carry out these individual endeavors without frustration and annoyance from their partner. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. More often than not, you feel out of sync with each other. Synastry: Venus-Mars Aspects Between Two Charts And with his Moon conjunct my Psyche, that definitely exists in this relationship. Synastry: Moon – Pluto Aspects Between Two Charts Synastry: Mercury-Venus Aspects Your relationship is dynamic and energizing. I’ve recently met someone special, and immediately did our synastry chart (because duh) only to find that my Psyche is conjunct his Eros AND his Moon in Gemini. General notes about Sun-Sun contacts in synastry: With the hard aspects, there is generally a strong reaction to one another, whether it’s attraction or dislike. Psyche softens Eros and his strong sexual needs, seeing right through to his soul. The energy between you is unmistakable. Synastry: Sun – Neptune Aspects The tendency to become highly annoyed with each other is highest with the square. Synastry: Sun – Mercury Aspects Between Two Charts Synastry: Moon – North Node Aspects I recently met a guy who has totally blown my world..nothing similar ever happened to me and I really need some information about our synastry. ( Log Out /  Sun conjunct Sun in synastry: Your overall characteristics and energy levels are very similar. Synastry: Moon – Mercury Aspects Between Two Charts She represents how we support and show dedication in relationships, and how we inspire love in others. Turning it all into a graceful dance can be challenging, but not unheard of. The individuals tend to boost each other’s energy levels, or, at the very least, allow each other to function efficiently without draining energy from each other. The more you accept yourself, the more beneficial and delightful your relationship with one another is. Together, you feel you are going somewhere. Competitiveness can be a real problem. Eros is how we pursue our romantic desires. Confrontations can be stimulating and even invigorating, but too many of them are draining. Your basic aims and approach to life are in harmony, and the mutual respect you feel forms the basis of an excellent friendship or partnership. Synastry Chart Online Calculator, Horoscope compatibility - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. You feel understood, appreciated, recognized, and affirmed by one another. It can easily lean towards a love-hate relationship: you love and respect each other when you are able to complement each other, and you hate each other when you fail to understand and appreciate your differences. Synastry: Saturn – North Node Aspects In a general sense, you endorse one another. For example, one woman whose Sun trines her husband’s Mars admits, after years together, that she is completely infatuated with him. You need to accept that you have different natural rhythms, and you should try to avoid becoming annoyed with each other for these differences. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Synastry: Venus with Ascendant Aspects Between Two Charts Of course, there are challenges in your relationship, but this particular aspect strengthens your overall belief in one another. This is a dangerous combination but the most beautiful thing ive ever seen. Free Synastry Chart Horoscope Astrology Compatibility Calculator 2020. Synastry: Mercury-Pluto Aspects Psyche aspects connect the meaning of the contacted planet with a heightened awareness: with Uranus, she indicates precognition; with Chiron, she indicates abilities in psychic healing; and in Ceres, she can show how the individual can mirror skills in communicating with plants or children. Beware of appearing haughty, judgmental, or self-righteous with each other when really the argument is about differences in basic temperaments. Sun trine Sun in synastry: As noted above, the sextile and trine between Sun and Mars in synastry is a real blessing in any relationship. This way, you don’t feel like you prevent each other from producing or doing the things you want to do. Synastry Chart, Free Astrology Compatibility Online Calculator & Interpretations, Report, Readings. Synastry: Sun – Sun Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Sun – Moon Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Sun – Mercury Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Sun – Venus Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Sun – Mars AspectsSynastry: Sun – Jupiter AspectsSynastry: Sun – Saturn Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Sun – Uranus Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Sun – Neptune AspectsSynastry: Sun – Pluto AspectsSynastry: Sun Conjunct DescendantSynastry: Sun – North Node AspectsSynastry: Sun – Part of Fortune AspectsSynastry: Moon – Moon Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Moon – Mercury Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Moon – Venus Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Moon – Mars AspectsSynastry: Moon – Jupiter Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Moon – Saturn AspectsSynastry: Moon – Uranus AspectsSynastry: Moon – Neptune Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Moon – Pluto Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Moon – Ascendant Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Moon – North Node AspectsSynastry: Mercury-Mercury AspectsSynastry: Mercury-Venus AspectsSynastry: Mercury-Mars AspectsSynastry: Mercury-Jupiter AspectsSynastry: Mercury-Saturn AspectsSynastry: Mercury-Uranus AspectsSynastry: Mercury-Neptune AspectsSynastry: Mercury-Pluto AspectsSynastry: Venus-Venus Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Venus-Mars Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Venus – Jupiter Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Venus-Saturn Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Venus-Uranus Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Venus-Neptune AspectsSynastry: Venus-Pluto Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Venus-North South Node Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Venus with Ascendant Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Mars-Mars AspectsSynastry: Mars-Saturn AspectsSynastry: Saturn – North Node AspectsSynastry: Ascendant – North Node Aspects, THE ASTROLOGY OF LOVE & ATTRACTION: ARTICLES & GUIDES. This is mainly due to the fact that there is little need to explain oneself to each other. Our chirons are conjunct in ojr synastry chart. This is not a lukewarm relationship! When the asteroids make an aspect to the planets, it would be more one-sided. He killed himself last year. When Sun is conjunct Mars in synastry, there is a wonderful feeling of being “in sync” with each other’s natural body rhythms and cycles. Synastry: Moon – Venus Aspects Between Two Charts It is easy for you to be together because you do not have to explain yourselves to one another. Synastry: Sun – Jupiter Aspects As the result of your relationship, you may live out this expression. ( Log Out /  Surely, this is the Sun trine Mars aspect at work! There is a true feeling of progressiveness and energy between the two of you. Whether this is expressed through liberal compliments between the two, or boasting about one’s partner to friends and family, or both, there exists a mutual respect and pride in the relationship.

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