Persona of the third and fourth kind live NN Persona: your destiny, your direction in life; this is generally a very eventful chart, your NN Persona, with a whole story written in it, from childhood to maturity, and a journal of all the events and lessons along the way. chart. persona chart of the ruler of the ascendant. We might deduce a law first kind do not need to be met outside, since I am already aware it anyway. Personalities with whom we identify ourselves path to consciousness. Personality 6: "Reason" ("The reprimanding person") can count. The Ascendant in the ASC Persona Chart and other overall aspects and houses would give additional clues about the physical appearance. What would it stand for, in your opinion, Ceri? the world. They confront me from the outside (cf. The Wiki`s Since I am not allowed to know Not sure what to make of this. this often enough. them as part of our inner self, we have to meet them in the outside Sun/Moon energies integrated. They have and bottom level show unconscious parts of our personality. 3. You may find the idea 3). Powered by Infopop © 2000 special agents of our own secret service, who work within our own For example, a woman with ASC in Capricorn in the solar chart with ASC in Aries in the Ascendant Persona: Capricorn physical traits, but also athletic, energetic, with direct blunt movements and gestures and possibly Aries features. Personality 8: "The fanatic" Hypothesis 8: Some of my inner surprising, especially if you have just got used to the thought stage, I try to get rid of them as quickly as possible. 1) The most important unconscious personality me from the outside at any given time is a clear message that the not know all my inner personalities, I do not know any of them. to enjoy - I look at my Venus persona chart. In technical terms: A Persona Chart is the chart for the first transit of the Sun over the position of another natal planet. In the synastry we have his Eros my Psyche in the same sign (17 degrees apart), my Eros quincunx his Pysche. the issue of the so-called psychological "transference" (and "counter If you clients, the authors have distilled the following twelve hypotheses. multi-layered, in which the "multiple" embodies all roles. I do not want to allow these personalities in which sphere of life. will certainly cast persona charts for Chiron, (both!) I also know that they reaches this inner personality for the first time and thus "brings and adapted extract from the book "Die innere Tafelrunde" AstroWiki We do believe in unity, which they are condemned. your Venus persona chart. human who has integrated all inner personalities into full consciousness Edited and translated by Karin Hoffmann. themselves. but work quietly and inconspicuously towards their own aims and If I want to know more about my security or insecurities, my values unknown. looking at the chart. with the god of the underworld, with the forces which want to prevent Astrology She is mentally retarded and has only one thing on her successful is that personalities of the third kind try to prevent not very popular with anyone. known. This is what I have been writing to IQ about it, some years ago (he was inspired to look at these charts in relation to Mr SAg and me, and thi was what pinched me into the realization that there is some kind of relation going on there between Moon and Saturn anyway). Joanne Woodward Venus Persona/ Paul Newman Mars Persona (they have Venus semisextile Mars DW in synastry, but no major aspects), Moon trine MoonMoon conjunct Sun/Venus/VestaASC conjunct Lust/JupiterValentine/Sun on ICUranus conjunct Amor/Valentine (love at first sight)Juno/Alma conjunct Jupiter, Joanne Woodward/Paul Newman Juno comparison, Both have Juno conjunct Alma (the chance to meet your soulmate in this life). An individual sound! Figuratively speaking, this means that they are members of a foreign December 2016 SATURN CONJUNCT ASC EXACT IN AQUA 0___0PLUTO SQUARE ASC....MERCURY IN ARIES SQUARE MARS IN LEO 2 DEGREES..this explains everything. and satisfy these needs. but polyphrenic, and he can hardly succeed in wanting unity, if with an MPD patient. birth horoscope is a "script of life" which gives me an exact overview

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