Thank you! Higher twists result in a more durable carpet. Revealed. I have a choice between two carpets. Do you want to save hundreds on your next carpet purchase? The only difference being durability matters much more in carpet. But remember that there are other factors that impact durability. really mean or how to apply it to homeowners who have unique and varied family But stick with me. You can see why on my carpet materials comparison page, which is a good supplement with this page. Where can I find the Best Your options are a tough call, but B is definitely the better carpet. scenario. Local Carpet Dealer Samples Don’t Show Specs! What carpet padding should I buy? One Yeah the Purrfection seems like the better carpet from that info. The weight of the back also doesn’t mean much as far as durability. of Carpet do I need to buy? Take a look at my own special Carpet Durability Rating It’s determined by the carpet manufacturer, and it’s usually a 1-5 rating system. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'carpetcaptain_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_6',164,'0','0']));Don’t worry, there won’t be a quiz. Twist level – 6.8 The Pile height – .61     – After vigorous industry standard wear, simulating 20,000 foot traffic, the worn carpet is compared to an unworn piece to determine how the piece has changed. I’ll cover the exact face weight, density, twist level  and durability rating you need for your home. They didn’t go into specifics but said it based on an industry standard test using a mechanical drum (basically beating the carpet with a machine to see how much it wears). The height of the carpet fibers will increase the face weight, but it doesn’t improve the durability (if anything, it leads to carpet breaking down sooner). Width: 12 ft Anderson Tuftex Mera: Privacy I think the PAR Rating System is We are ok spending a little on the higher side for better quality carpet. I would like to know which one would be most durable for moderate level foot traffic. If they have a “new and improved” stain protection that gives them added profits, they’ll likely give carpets with the new stain protection the best grade whether it works well or not. People aren’t walking on your t-shirts all day. Many shoppers overlook twist level. These questions are the tip of the iceberg! Twist the braid once or twice, and it’s going to be loose and fall apart. If it isn’t listed, you can calculate it. Why Q&A, ©2020 100% Continuous Filament Nylon These are three real-life factors that need to be considered when choosing the right carpet for you! Thank You! Grade of Carpet you need. I think there is a Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It doesn’t take into account how “tall” the carpet is. I Buy New Carpet or Have My Old Face weight is the weight (in ounces) per square yard of carpet. STAINMASTER® PetProtect® The higher the twist level, the better. We’re choosing between two carpets as well. know what the PAR rating system is, what it means and how to apply it towards I believe that’s polyester, so I’m not a huge fan. PAR Hi Captain. carpet choice. What grade of Carpet should I buy? It gives you some useful information, but there are better ways to determine how durable your carpet is. Fiber – Nylon. What are your thoughts on those Dreamweaver styles? One is named ‘The Durable Carpet’ and one is called ‘The Misleading Carpet.’ You look at the face weight of each. How would you know unless you understand exactly & Worst Places to Buy New Carpet. Carpet Style Should I Select? Carpet Buying Information For Homeowners. Finding a great installer can be a lot of work, but HomeAdvisor is a company that will do the work for you. Howdy, I just wanted to let you know I have added you to my Google bookmarks because of your fantastic site layout ;). durable enough for your home? If you want to go through the work, you can convert face weight to density by multiplying the face weight by 36 and then dividing by the pile height. Face weight – 56 oz We do our best to provide unbiased, honest, and up-to-date information to help you with your carpet purchase. What Grade If it’s tightly twisted, it will hold together throughout the day (I have a feeling I somehow blew my cover that I don’t know much about braiding hair in this last paragraph, but hopefully the analogy still made sense). Anderson Tuftex Purrfection: Face weight measures how much the fiber/yarn of the carpet weighs. Fuzz? The most important reason to throw this rating out the window is you can make a better “wear rating” of your own. Total w… About Carpet made with Sorona® (Smartstrand® by Mohawk), Don’t Choose the Wrong Carpet! Density – 2,754 While I’m sure they go through a lot of trouble and expense to provide this rating system, I personally think it falls short of being a trustworthy gauge for consumers. The product we are replacing I now know is made of 100% Smartstrand which apparently is not nylon. We’ll also discuss which specifications are most important when buying carpet, and the specifications that can mislead you into a bad purchase. | How To Buy New Carpet… Wisely! Where can I find the best deal on the right carpet. And I’ll give you ranges that indicate poor, acceptable, and best durability. ‘The Misleading Carpet’ has a 40 oz face weight, and ‘The Durable Carpet’ has a 35oz face weight.

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